Checking In From The Amalfi Coast Italy

Just wanted to check in from Italy and wish you a Happy New Year. I will be sharing all of my travel videos in the next couple of weeks.

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Visit Belgium: More Than Meets The Eye

Belgium was the second stop on my euro trip. Belgium is perhaps the world’s most misunderstood nation, with three official languages, and an intense regional rivalry between the Flemish-speaking north and the French-speaking south. Regardless, the Belgium’s do two things better than anyone else in the world: Beer and Chocolate.

Come with me while I take you to some of the greatest cities in this country, Brussels, Bruges and Ghent. Here we take a deeper look into the cultural and emotional aspect of the country.

My Favorite Hotel In Belgium:

Hotel Made In Louise:
Made In Louise is a boutique hotel in a historic early 20th century building on a quiet street. It is where grace and charm are a way of life. It is close to all the attractions and the staff is incredibly helpful and kind. I felt as if I was staying with family. I loved working from my cozy room with a beautiful view of the garden. Discover this unique and relaxing environment.

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Amsterdam: Self Expression

Amsterdam was the first stop on my 6 week tour through Europe. Picturesque canals, world-class museums and amazing restaurants. Amsterdam is one destination that combines a little bit of everything. Biking in this city was on my bucket list and “I did it”. It was also one of the scariest experiences of my life. There are thousands of speed bikers, cars and metros all needing to get somewhere. It’s a must do but please proceed with caution 😉 . Below is a list of everything I did and highly recommend:

The Student Hotel Amsterdam:
I had the most amazing stay at this hotel. They have everything from an espresso machine in your room to a Ted Talk space downtown stairs. This hotel also features amazing art and a trendy restaurant/ bar. It is a great space for artists and anyone needing some inspiration.They also have bikes you can rent and it’s close to everything.

Heineken Experience:
Wow…this was incredible. It was an interactive tour through Heineken’s history in their former brewery. Our tour guide was knowledgeable, friendly and very funny. We had a beer and cheese pairing in a quaint private room. If you’re in Amsterdam you have to see this at least once!  It was informative and I learned a lot about the history of the company.  The beauty of this tour is how interactive it is- the pouring your own pint, designing your own bottle, green screen photo opportunities and interactive games. This is a must do.

Van Gogh Museum:
I believe we are all artists in our own way and therefore, we should all visit the Vincent Van Gogh Museum. You can rent a portable guide that beautifully explains the life, love and evolution of Van Gogh’s work. What a wonderful character.

Anne Frank:
The Anne Frank house is a must see while in Amsterdam. She was a young woman that made such a big impact on the world. This is a great reminder of the evil that exists in the world and still proceeds today. We need to end genocide around the world.

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Confused Girl Photo Shoot

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Today, I’m taking you with me on one of our photo shoots. We are introducing new products to our collection and working through all the obstacles that arise. It’s definitely a day in the life of an entrepreneur. #girlboss

Here are some of the new products we have launched:

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What To Do When Caught In A Love Triangle; Players Be Playin’!

What To Do When Caught In A Love Triangle; Players Be Playin’!


On a secret shopping gig at the mall, I unexpectedly got caught in a love triangle. Players will play and crazies be crazy!

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Legalization of Weed in Seattle (TV Spot)

Legalization of Weed in Seattle

The people of Seattle share their thoughts on the legalization of Weed.

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How to Reject Peer Pressure & Embrace Paris

How to Reject Peer Pressure & Embrace Paris
Last week I went to Europe for my sister’s wedding. The wedding was on the Amalfi Coast, which is so incredibly beautiful. The only annoying thing about the event was this question I was asked all night long, “Giovanna, when are you going to get married?”  Don’t you people have anything better to talk about? I kept responding with, “I’m actually feeling good about my life’s direction right now”. Then they would respond, “Well, we just want you to be happy.” Excuse me, but when was marriage the key to happiness? Don’t get me wrong, there are many married couples that are happy but if they are truly happy, they were happy with themselves before they got married. If you are looking for marriage to complete you, then you better keep looking because it isn’t the answer. I’m sorry everyone, I refuse to look at marriage as a life goal.  It has to be something that just naturally happens when the time and person is right.

This brings me to my thoughts on peer pressure, societal pressure, etc. Even though we live in a free country where people are able to live their lives the way they want, we still feel the pressure of society pulling us to conform to its traditional norm. Listen, I’m not trying to be a great rebel, I’m just trying to do what is true to who I am.  Life isn’t a one size fits all. When people just do things out of fear or a desire to be acceptable, they loose their freedom and quite frankly, they might as well be locked behind bars.

After the wedding, I went to Paris with a friend and had a great time. She had lived there before so I did the cite seeing stuff in the morning by myself.  Waking up early, grabbing coffee and venturing around Paris was so peaceful and fun for me.  One morning, I stumbled across the love bridge. It’s the bridge that has all the locks on it. I decided that I was not going to be excluded from the love bridge because I’m starting to really love someone. That someone, is me.

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Strange Emotional Attachment & Big Sister Talk

Strange Emotional Attachment & Big Sister Talk with Confused Girl

I don’t really feel like writing much this week. So I will just say this, it has been two months of me doing “new things” in an attempt to figure out my life. I have bungee jumped, salsa danced, bought a wig, quit a job, been on television and volunteered to be a Big Sister.  It has been a wild ride so far. I started this because I was really lost and had no idea of what else to do. Now, I am feeling less lost in my life. This crazy blog is actually helping.  All the things I’ve done have contributed in some way to finding my path.  I’m not sure I have found it yet but I feel I’m getting warmer.
In my video this week, I talk about the emotional attachment I have formed to my orchid. I know it sounds nuts but I’m really sad that it seems to be dying. After I bought the orchid, my life started to have more clarity. I guess the superstitious me believes, if the plant dies, the good stuff will vanish with it. Stepping away from the situation and looking at it objectively, it makes sense we get scared that bad things will happen when we start feeling good. Life is always going to be a combination of happiness and suffering. Maybe the problem lies in the fact that we think having problems is a problem? Maybe they are just learning lessons that make us stronger? Maybe they are blessings in disguise? I’m not sure but I think these are questions worth asking.
One thing is for certain becoming a “Big Sister” is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  It has allowed me to get out of my self -centered little world and see life in a whole new way. At moments, I have thought, “am I really helping her? I’m not sure what to do. ” But as our friendship has grown, I am realizing that by helping her, I have been helping myself. I’ve discovered parts of myself that I haven’t tapped into before.
“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ―Charles Dickens

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Italian Family Drama

Ask Confused Girl “Italian Family Drama”


Family in Long Island is unhappy with son’s fiance.

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