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The Perks Of Being Sick

The Perks Of Being Sick

“How being sick taught me acceptance”

The last couple of weeks have been so crazy with so much to do. I feel like there is not enough time in the day to complete everything. Of course, I get sick when things start to get busy in my life. Why couldn’t this happen when nothing was going on? I was so annoyed and frustrated. The first day I tried to act like I wasn’t sick. I worked, ran errands and went to the gym. Well that didn’t work out so well because I go even more sick and felt even more frustrated. At this point, I realized I need to just accept what is. I don’t feel well and that’s okay. I can’t do anything about it so I just need to accept it. In life we have such a hard time with acceptance. We are constantly trying to fight a situation or resist it. What if we just said, “Yeah, this is shitty but I can’t do anything about it so I accept this situation for what it is.”

Acceptance is really difficult for me. My “little self” thinks it can solve anything and force anything to be the way I want it to be but this isn’t true. Through acceptance we find peace and the thoughtful actions we need to make best of a situation. I understand having a cold is not that big of a deal but whether it is a serious situation or a not so serious situation, I think acceptance can be practiced.

When I did just embrace being sick, I was able to enjoy it. I allowed myself to rest, watch TV and eat whatever I wanted. Instead of making myself work, I made myself rest. So far, those were the best days of 2014.

Hopefully my little experience can be of use to someone who has a hard time accepting unwanted situations. Remember, whatever resists persists and whatever you fight, strengthens.

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Disasters in Paradise

Disasters in Paradise

Shit Happens! Especially when on vacation!

I decided to do something different this year. Instead of going home and doing the same old Christmas, I went to Colorado with a friend of mine. Her family has a beautiful home in Denver and a condo in Keystone. So we decided to do a night in Denver then go to the mountains for a couple days.

When I got to LAX airport, I was in good spirits, excited about my trip. After waiting an hour at my gate, they announced someone on the previous flight had flushed something nondisposable down the toilet. Now, because of some Holiday Hoodlum our flight was delayed for 3 hours. However, I refused to let this get me down. I had a plan to get some much needed sleep on the flight. I guess God had another plan because there was a baby sitting in-front of me that decided to scream its little head off the entire flight. I love babies but there really needs to be something done about screaming kids on flights. Sound proof baby rooms????

It’s times like these that everyone needs to know how to get to their happy little place in their head. I found mine and stayed their until landing. The next day I started to feel sick and my friend had to take me to Urgent Care. Yeah, Christmas day in Urgent Care. Surprisingly there wasn’t anybody in there so I got my antibiotics and was out in a jiffy. See…there’s always something to be grateful for 🙂

With drugs in hand, we decided to continue our trip to the mountains. I ended up having one of the best days ever. We were laughing the entire way and ended up tubing down the mountain for hours. That evening we went to a local pub and kicked it with a bunch of rustic ski bums. So random and ridiculous.

What I learned is that disasters actually add character to your experiences. The disaster itself is just an illusion. It’s your reaction to the disaster that  counts. In my case, it was little annoyances but I could have let them get to me. Instead, I decided to laugh it off and move forward. It’s okay if things don’t go exactly as planned. Embrace it! They always make for better stories anyway.

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How To Avoid Being A Christmas A**hole

How To Avoid Being A Christmas A**hole


Lets be honest. The Holidays can really bring out the fool in some people. Myself included. I discuss 3 different types of xmas assholes and how to avoid being one of them!

For this weeks item from Confused Girl Activewear, take a look at this adorable Spirit Hoodie! Not only will it keep you warm during these cold winter months, but it’ll keep your grounded with the profound “I AM SPIRIT” message embroidered in gold on the back.

What To Do When Caught In A Love Triangle; Players Be Playin’!

What To Do When Caught In A Love Triangle; Players Be Playin’!


On a secret shopping gig at the mall, I unexpectedly got caught in a love triangle. Players will play and crazies be crazy!

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Ask Confused Girl “Facebook Stalking”

Ask Confused Girl “Facebook Stalking” Episode 5

Claire is stalking her ex boyfriend on facebook and needs advice on how to stop!

Time for our Confused Girl Activewear item of the week! I want you all to take a look at these AMAZING Joy Capri leggings I designed with all of you in mind! These adorable leggings incorporate so many different stones that really showcase all of the beautiful things that come from Mother Nature.

Ego & Eckhart Tolle with Confused Girl

Ego & Eckhart Tolle with Confused Girl


My thoughts on the Ego  in Eckhart Tolle’s book. “A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose”. There is so much more to talk about when it comes to this novel. It is really helping me get to my next step. I’m sure I will do a few more videos on this as I continue to read the book. 🙂

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Ask Confused Girl “Halloween Costumes”

Ask Confused Girl “Halloween Costumes” Episode 4


Michelle (17 years old) from San Francisco needs advice on Halloween costumes and friends. Please leave your comments!

Take a look at our item of the week from my Confused Girl Activewear line! When you’re not dressing up in fun costumes for halloween, slip into something more comfortable with these adorable Forgiveness Shorts! I designed these with the Rhodonite crystal in mind which are known for their capacity to bring emotional healing and to release blocked energy from within the heart chakra. They have a strong heart based energy which helps with relationship problems by stimulating acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love towards others.

How to Reject Peer Pressure & Embrace Paris

How to Reject Peer Pressure & Embrace Paris
Last week I went to Europe for my sister’s wedding. The wedding was on the Amalfi Coast, which is so incredibly beautiful. The only annoying thing about the event was this question I was asked all night long, “Giovanna, when are you going to get married?”  Don’t you people have anything better to talk about? I kept responding with, “I’m actually feeling good about my life’s direction right now”. Then they would respond, “Well, we just want you to be happy.” Excuse me, but when was marriage the key to happiness? Don’t get me wrong, there are many married couples that are happy but if they are truly happy, they were happy with themselves before they got married. If you are looking for marriage to complete you, then you better keep looking because it isn’t the answer. I’m sorry everyone, I refuse to look at marriage as a life goal.  It has to be something that just naturally happens when the time and person is right.

This brings me to my thoughts on peer pressure, societal pressure, etc. Even though we live in a free country where people are able to live their lives the way they want, we still feel the pressure of society pulling us to conform to its traditional norm. Listen, I’m not trying to be a great rebel, I’m just trying to do what is true to who I am.  Life isn’t a one size fits all. When people just do things out of fear or a desire to be acceptable, they loose their freedom and quite frankly, they might as well be locked behind bars.

After the wedding, I went to Paris with a friend and had a great time. She had lived there before so I did the cite seeing stuff in the morning by myself.  Waking up early, grabbing coffee and venturing around Paris was so peaceful and fun for me.  One morning, I stumbled across the love bridge. It’s the bridge that has all the locks on it. I decided that I was not going to be excluded from the love bridge because I’m starting to really love someone. That someone, is me.

Check out my Confused Girl activewear item of the week! Take a look at these adorable Strength Leggings inspired by Brazilian PINK AGATE GEODE CRYSTAL. Agate is a stone of strength. Energetically, it is considered to give strength in both battle and physically. It is associated with the crown chakra.

Anger Management and Boxing

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”― Mark Twain

Thank you Mr. Twain! I know this to be true because I can feel it. But how do I get rid of it?  That is the “million dollar” question of the week. How do I get rid of my anger and frustration? We all get angry. Sometimes its for small things, sometimes its for big things and sometimes it’s a bunch of things all piled together. For me, it was a bunch of small things that happened one right after another. I got two parking tickets, a girl hit my car and is now lying about it and certain people in my life are just getting on my nerves. I was exhausted this week and so done with it all. I didn’t even want to get out of bed because I didn’t want to deal with the annoyance of life.

It got to the point where I was angry for being angry. I thought, this is getting a little ridiculous. Lets do something proactive about this situation. I decided to take a boxing class at “Boxing City” in Marina Del Rey.  At this point, I had accepted the feeling of anger and was ready to punch my way out of it. That is exactly what I did. For an hour, I punched the hell out of a punching bag. This was incredibly therapeutic and a great release of negative energy.  I’m not going to lie, my angry feelings didn’t just magically disappear but they faded dramatically. Now that anger didn’t consume me, I was able to gain back some perspective. It was this perspective that allowed me to start seeing and appreciating all the good again.

If you believe in the “Law of Attraction,” you might like this.  Now that those angry feelings are gone, I’m feeling really positive. So while I was writing this, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, called me and said that my rental car is going to be a brand new Jaguar while my car is getting fixed.

“Good things happen when you get your priorities straight.”- Scott Caan

Need some cute activewear to wear when you try out boxing??? Check out my line of Confused Girl clothing! Hold your hair back while you hit that punching bag with my adorable Balance Headband! The pattern on this headband is an image taken from a beautiful ABSTRACT PINK MARBLE STONE with BLUE accents. Marble provides “good common sense” in matters of the home, heart and one’s self.  It also provides protection, stability and structure both in the physical and emotional mind.

Drunk Texting

Ask Confused Girl “Drunk Texting”


Stephanie in San Diego sends an angry drunk text to a guy she is dating! He doesn’t want to see her anymore. What should she do now?

Make sure you stop over and check out my line of Confused Girl Activewear! The item of the week this week are these adorable Clarity Capri Leggings! The pattern on this capri is an image taken from a beautiful Ametrine crystal which is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine. It embodies the energy of both stones to enhance mental and spiritual clarity, while uniting masculine and feminine energies – a powerful energetic vibration!

Rugrats & Seattle with Confused Girl

Rugrats & Seattle with Confused Girl (Week 12)

Check out my Confused Girl Activewear item of the week! This week I want you all to take a look at this adorable Intuition Cropped Tank Top! Not only is it super soft and comfy, but it’s also a great reminder to always follow your gut and trust your intuition – she never lies!