The Perks Of Being Sick

The Perks Of Being Sick

“How being sick taught me acceptance”

The last couple of weeks have been so crazy with so much to do. I feel like there is not enough time in the day to complete everything. Of course, I get sick when things start to get busy in my life. Why couldn’t this happen when nothing was going on? I was so annoyed and frustrated. The first day I tried to act like I wasn’t sick. I worked, ran errands and went to the gym. Well that didn’t work out so well because I go even more sick and felt even more frustrated. At this point, I realized I need to just accept what is. I don’t feel well and that’s okay. I can’t do anything about it so I just need to accept it. In life we have such a hard time with acceptance. We are constantly trying to fight a situation or resist it. What if we just said, “Yeah, this is shitty but I can’t do anything about it so I accept this situation for what it is.”

Acceptance is really difficult for me. My “little self” thinks it can solve anything and force anything to be the way I want it to be but this isn’t true. Through acceptance we find peace and the thoughtful actions we need to make best of a situation. I understand having a cold is not that big of a deal but whether it is a serious situation or a not so serious situation, I think acceptance can be practiced.

When I did just embrace being sick, I was able to enjoy it. I allowed myself to rest, watch TV and eat whatever I wanted. Instead of making myself work, I made myself rest. So far, those were the best days of 2014.

Hopefully my little experience can be of use to someone who has a hard time accepting unwanted situations. Remember, whatever resists persists and whatever you fight, strengthens.

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  1. ConfusedGirlLA says:

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  2. aysha allahverdiyeva says:

    hi i followed your advise, watched a few vids you are great i will keep
    watching, the music in the background sound familiar.

  3. MamaKatTV says:

    Lisa really has gone down hill for me too, what DID happen? She used to be
    my favorite! And Brandi is off her rocker as well. I liked her in the
    beginning, but now I’m thinking girlfriend might actually have a drinking
    problem. She’s crazy!

  4. Clem MacKenna says:

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    you because your video popped up as a suggested on mine. My video about the
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