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“You are imperfect & inventively flawed. And you are beautiful.” -Giovanna Silvestre

Hi Everyone,

emily-255My name is Giovanna Silvestre and I am the founder of the brand “Confused Girl”. “Confused Girl” started as a blog 4 years ago. I was lost at the time and wanted to share my feelings with others. I figured, I can’t be the only confused one out there. It’s funny how we feel we’re the only ones when every human being has either been there, is still there or is going to be there again! My blog took a life of it’s own and put me on a spiritual journey to find my true nature. Along this journey I met a healer who had a profound effect on me. He had a collection of crystals and told me to pick two to take home. I had these crystals in my room and felt so much joy when I walked past them. One day I was meditating and I had a vision of creating a line of women’s activewear that was inspired by these crystals. So with no money and an idea, I started the journey. I had no idea how I was going to make it happen but I knew I had to do it. Now, two years later, we have been featured on VH1, Yoga Digest, Yoga Magazine, Silicon Beach Magazine and on the cover of LA Yoga. We are in select stores in LA and expanding.


How do we create the designs? I take high resolution photos of crystals that inspire me and work with an art team to print them onto fabric. Each pair of leggings represents a different stone. The healing crystals balance yin/yang energy and cultivate courage, creativity and healing. Our leggings are 4 way stretch, breathable and made in L.A. We pride ourselves in using the best quality fabric on the market. The leggings are great for working out or going out.

Why “Confused Girl”?

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People ask me, “Why the name “Confused Girl”?”. My answer is simple, “It is really easy to accept yourself when you are feeling good and your life is the way you want it. But it isn’t so easy to accept yourself when things are tough and you are confused. We shame ourselves in times we need to be embracing ourselves.” Confused Girl is about accepting yourself just as you are at this moment. This acceptance will lead you to your TRUE NATURE.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

All my love,

Giovanna Silvestre

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The #GreekIslands were the second destination on my new life as a globe trotter. I've made my home base the Island of #Naxos while I hop around the surrounding islands. Island hopping is a very popular and fun thing to do over here. Don't worry, I'll be doing a blog post on the beautiful island of Naxos as well. My first Island hopping destination was magical Santorini. You know those trips were everything is flowing and you feel the universe is in charge? Well that was this trip. This is the couples island and I was going alone but not to worry, the universe kept me in good company the entire time. The day before leaving for Santorini, I had a photo shoot with @stellagphotography , a photographer in Naxos. We discovered we were both going to Santorini the next day and decided to a photo shoot and girls night out. Stella has such an incredible vision and the synergy between us was pure magic. After Stella left, I had a sunset levitating photo shoot with @studiokristo . Yet again, the creative synergy and fun was at a 10 and we enjoyed a nice dinner together. Sometimes you just have to let go of everything you think should happen and embrace everything that is happening. Different from the other islands, #Santorini is less about the beaches and more about the view of the Caldera. #Oia, is the famous village in Santorini with the best views of the #Caldera. I had the most amazing 2 night stay at Armeni Village @lamwaygroup in Oia. I stayed in suite 15 which had the most epic view of the Caldera. I went all around Oia and the view from my room was the best I’d seen. As you can see from my pic, this view embodies the essence of Santorini. Heaven is a place on earth, possibly Santorini! Wearing our swimsuits and t-shirts! Photographer: Stella Gioulou: In the winter @stellagphotography is based in Athens and in the summer travels around the islands for photo shoots. She also travels international as a destination photographer.

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Santorini, Oia, Greece

The Greek Islands were the second destination on my new life as a globe trotter.[...]