Outdoor Yoga in Hawaii: Planning the Perfect Wellness Trip

Image Credit: Pexels

The enduring beauty of Hawaii’s islands makes it one of the best travel destinations, no matter which time of the year. For instance, a previous blog recounts how a New Year’s holiday in Hawaii at a beach resort with stunning coastline views made for the perfect opportunity to welcome the year and embody the personal philosophy of ‘que sera, sera.’

Now that the year’s about to end, Hawaii still offers itself as the perfect escape — only this time, to rest amid a busy schedule and focus on one’s health and well-being. But beyond swimming in Hawaii’s gorgeous beaches and walking along its diverse trails, another wellness experience you surely can’t miss is doing outdoor yoga.

Below is a closer look at the benefits of doing outdoor yoga, with tips on incorporating this activity into your next wellness trip to Hawaii.

Why do outdoor yoga in Hawaii?

There are many indoor yoga studios and workshops across Hawaii’s major islands, but there’s nothing like immersing yourself in the scenery to increase your motivation while working out. Moreover, a Washington Post article notes that outdoor exercise magnifies neurological benefits such as improved memory, focus, and concentration compared to doing the same activity indoors.

Research also shows that being outdoors can make exercise seem less stressful and daunting, thus allowing you to enjoy even the toughest and most advanced yoga poses. Lastly, with Hawaii being blessed by sunshine all year round, at least an hour of sunrise or sunset yoga by the beach provides you with the vitamin D essential to heart health, bone growth and repair, and increased exercise capacity.

Tips for doing outdoor yoga in Hawaii

Drive to outdoor yoga spots

Popular outdoor yoga spots like Oahu’s North Shore peninsula and Maui’s southwest shore are accessible by public transport and ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft. However, it’s best to drive a rental car to these spots to save money and go whenever and wherever you want with comfort and convenience, even if it’s at daybreak to prep for sunrise yoga.

If you’re in Honolulu, you can even find free or cheap parking in Waikiki, so you can spend most of your time at the beach taking in the amazing scenery without racking up costs. Located near Waikiki Beach is a free, all-day parking spot at Ala Moana Beach Park, but there’s no overnight parking, and it can get particularly crowded on weekends.

Find a community

If you’re someone who gets more motivated when exercising with other people, you might be worried about being able to find workout buddies as a tourist in Hawaii. But don’t worry — there are community yoga classes in Kauai offered on Saturday mornings at the Hanalei Farmers Market.

Not only do you get to interact with locals and thus learn more about their culture during your trip, but you also get to contribute to the community since the classes are donation-based. With many organizations partnering up to lead the class, you get to choose from different types of yoga, such as restorative yoga and stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga.

Book a yoga class in advance

For the more adventurous travelers looking to try out something new, make sure to research the different types of guided yoga sessions being offered by local studios so you can book ahead of your wellness trip. For instance, a yoga class in Honolulu called Yoga Under the Palms is held at an outdoor workout patio and mixes yoga, sculpt, and dance to truly engage the body and mind. The class ends with a Shavasana exercise, allowing you to rest, recover, and breathe in the fresh foliage and tropical surroundings.

Regardless of the type and format of outdoor yoga, you end up doing, remember to always go back to your reasons for going on a wellness trip in the first place. Savor each moment and go at your own pace so you can go back home feeling healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.