New Year’s In Hawaii: Que Sera, Sera

In November my friend and I had booked a pre Christmas trip to Aspen. We wanted to do some skiing and feel the snowy Christmas vibes that we miss out on in Southern California. Two weeks before our flight to Colorado we canceled due to the rise in Covid-19 cases. I haven’t traveled outside of California in months and canceling this trip put me in a complete funk. A day before Christmas my friend and I were on the phone and she was telling me how Hawaii was one of the safest place in the US for travel. So of course I said, “well if that’s the case, lets go for the New Year and have ourselves some good old fashion fun!” She agreed and we started to plan our trip for the following week. From this point on, everything just seemed to fall into place effortlessly. I told myself that whatever happens on this trip I was going to embody one of my favorite lines from the classic Doris Day song “Que sera, sera whatever will be will be.” My intention was to just flow with life and see where this adventure would take me.

For those of you wanting to travel to Hawaii, we did have to test negative for Covid-19 72 hours before arriving in Hawaii through a verified Hawaiian Partner. The cost was $125 and here is more about the Hawaii Covid Testing Requirements. It was pretty painless and my results came in the next day.

Upon arrival in Maui our car was upgraded to a Mercedes SUV and I was being hosted by one of the best beach resorts I have ever had the pleasure of staying at. Napili Kai Beach Resort was our home for 3 days and it did not disappoint. While checking us in the woman at the front desk said, “welcome home” and I thought this was a very cute thing to say but I had no idea it was actually going to feel like a home away from home…lol.

Our room (suite 221) had the most stunning view of the water and coast line. From our lanai, which is the Hawaiian word for balcony, you can see mountains covered in clouds to the left, an endless ocean in front and waving palm trees to your right. I could have sat on that balcony for hours and hours. Falling asleep to the sound of the waves every night was a total dream. The resort is on some of the prettiest coast line I’ve seen in Maui. I loved walking on the beach path every morning and arriving at their Sea House Restaurant for breakfast. The restaurant was so delicious and fresh. I was actually very surprised because usually resort restaurants aren’t that impressive but this one was. I think I tried everything on their breakfast menu. My favorite was the pancakes with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice! We also loved snorkeling everyday. It was the perfect spot to see sea turtles as well. I followed one around for 15 minutes. It was so incredible!

Now, two weeks later I’ve canceled my flight back home twice and I’m still in Maui…hahahaha. Every time I book my flight another opportunity arises keeping me in paradise. I am staying true to my intention and letting this adventure unfold as it wishes to. To keep up with my daily adventures you can check out my story highlights on Instagram!