Disasters in Paradise

Disasters in Paradise

Shit Happens! Especially when on vacation!

I decided to do something different this year. Instead of going home and doing the same old Christmas, I went to Colorado with a friend of mine. Her family has a beautiful home in Denver and a condo in Keystone. So we decided to do a night in Denver then go to the mountains for a couple days.

When I got to LAX airport, I was in good spirits, excited about my trip. After waiting an hour at my gate, they announced someone on the previous flight had flushed something nondisposable down the toilet. Now, because of some Holiday Hoodlum our flight was delayed for 3 hours. However, I refused to let this get me down. I had a plan to get some much needed sleep on the flight. I guess God had another plan because there was a baby sitting in-front of me that decided to scream its little head off the entire flight. I love babies but there really needs to be something done about screaming kids on flights. Sound proof baby rooms????

It’s times like these that everyone needs to know how to get to their happy little place in their head. I found mine and stayed their until landing. The next day I started to feel sick and my friend had to take me to Urgent Care. Yeah, Christmas day in Urgent Care. Surprisingly there wasn’t anybody in there so I got my antibiotics and was out in a jiffy. See…there’s always something to be grateful for 🙂

With drugs in hand, we decided to continue our trip to the mountains. I ended up having one of the best days ever. We were laughing the entire way and ended up tubing down the mountain for hours. That evening we went to a local pub and kicked it with a bunch of rustic ski bums. So random and ridiculous.

What I learned is that disasters actually add character to your experiences. The disaster itself is just an illusion. It’s your reaction to the disaster that  counts. In my case, it was little annoyances but I could have let them get to me. Instead, I decided to laugh it off and move forward. It’s okay if things don’t go exactly as planned. Embrace it! They always make for better stories anyway.

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  1. Chris Thorn says:

    Wow that was the delay? Bahahaha WOW and crying screaming babies on a
    plane… ” Ill take the non baby section of the in flight experience
    please!” lol

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