What I Learned From a First Date

“What I Learned From a First Date”

Dating can be really annoying or really interesting. I guess it all depends on your expectations and who you are going out with. Whether it be a date or hanging with friends, I like to be around people that can see life a little differently. That way, I have a chance to actually learn something.

I went out with a very kind artist. We decided to go ice skating. If you saw my video, you know he had a hole in his sock. I’m not going to lie, it’s not the most attractive thing when  a guy’s big toe is popping out of his sock. It also isn’t a deal breaker.

The funny thing was, he didn’t immediately put on his boot. He really didn’t care that he had a hole in his sock and sure as hell didn’t care if I saw it. At first, I was trying to avoid looking at it and he could totally tell I was being awkward. I guess, I don’t have much of a poker face. Then he said, “Giovanna, I have a hole in my sock, get over it.”
I started laughing hysterically, it was so funny. After that, I could care less about the hole in his sock. It actually became charming and endearing.

I learned a great lesson from him about “owning your shit.” We all have been in situations were we felt a little out of place or uncomfortable. Instead of concentrating on that, what if we just owned what we had going on? Even if it is ridiculous. Being comfortable in your skin has the power to change perception. I would like to thank and dedicate this video to my friend, the artist with the hole in his sock!

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71 thoughts on “What I Learned From a First Date

  1. GiGi EatsCelebrities says:

    I put on a sock this morning and DUN DUN DUN a effin’ hole in my toe
    decided to greet me like a one-eyed snake…… AND I TOSSED THAT BITCH
    OUT! There IS only ONE TYPE of one eyed snake I like, LOL

  2. absoftitanium says:

    Whur orr yew frum? Yew sayund lahk yew haiv an ayk-sint lahk frum the
    south’n yew ess of ay!

    How about, ‘…whoM you are going out with…’, or don’t they teach that in
    yore port of the yew ess of ay?

  3. Sunshinegirl says:

    Lol this is so funny! At first I thought you were talking about your own
    sock lol. Thanks for the email 🙂

  4. charlie johnstone says:

    holes are better than quitters for sure… quitter = (sock that quits
    working, falls down to your heal)

  5. Mighty Duck says:

    Thx for the message and why r u askin me for advice when u r a hell of a
    lot better anyways funny video haha

  6. franafly Bye says:

    Ok.. so I have this crazy son he is so well loved because he don’t give a
    SHIT if you think he’s awkward and nutty. . Check him out and some of his
    photos on instagram
    His looks and his weirdness got him where he is. Eli Hall (model)

  7. HEAVENS ARMS says:

    Theres a post that says ur just like Jenna marbles and to me i think thats
    dumb because your not funny if u act like her if u want to be funny do ur
    own thing and stop acting her

  8. Kendie K says:

    Owning your shit. It’s like the story of my life. I learned that it made
    you look much cooler (and less crazy) from some hipster boys in college,
    and I’ve been utilizing this concept ever since. Like, when I started
    gaining weight last year, people noticed. Hehehe. Perfect. So I just told
    them, “I know I’m fat, and I’m kind of enjoying it. Get over it y’all.”

    Also, you say the word “down” like my mother. Are you from the south

  9. M Da Martian says:

    Cool vid. All go us have some holey socks somewhere. It’s a comfort thing.
    Glad you were both cool about it. New subscriber coming your way.

  10. prettysteeve47 says:

    Believe it or not most marriages tend to go sour once a woman finds finds
    petty crap to complain about because her husband is not perfect 24/7.

  11. Orion Xavier says:

    I think he was making you comfortable enough so that *you* owned *your shit*.

    Since obviously he never felt it was an issue. If a girl took her shoes off
    and I saw the same thing, I would be looking at what her toe looked like.
    Lol. Not the fact that she has a hole in her sock.

  12. AKraised says:

    The way I see it is if I can talk to a girl while purposely looking like
    shit and shes receptive, I know I owned my *shit*

  13. Forthose Whoslept says:

    Funny story. You seem like a down-to-earth person and you show that there’s
    more to life than just holey socks..

  14. TactomanifyX says:

    I have a hole in my sock…deal with it 😀
    On a serious note i can be casual like that with my girl as well, him
    saying that to you probably means that he is very comfortable in your
    company. 🙂

  15. oooo78 says:

    lol im a tom girl n wear socks with holes especially heel area. come on,
    its just a fuckn hole in sock. but if he said that then i wouldve been like
    ” ‘laugh’ i do too!” (show it off) lol but for the normal sheeple ppl out
    there ” ‘laugh’ doesnt it bother u?” or say something honest “it looks
    weird ‘laugh’ ” then he’d be like y n then a real conversation starts

  16. Thomas James says:

    can we hang out maybe go on a date sometime when I come to LA to do stand
    up comedy…this is me…i like your video..check me out..message me:)
    think you’re funny too!
    Tom at the Comedy Club in Madison, Wi

  17. Joel Reyes says:

    You see I got your email (idk how you got mine though)
    But omg this is hilarious haha Thank you for bringin’ me into this
    Like from a sock to a life lesson haha

  18. gina ortega says:

    I’m glad she sent me a message telling me to check her video out… NOW YOU

  19. Sabrina Wilson says:

    one of the most valuable lessons i learned from the guy i was dating was
    this “awkward is your perception, actually no need to be/feel awkward.” in
    reference to me perceiving a silence as awkward.. Same idea though, you
    just need to “own your shit”

  20. Gentleman Frost says:

    A lot happens on your first date cx its amazing how I’ve never been in one.

  21. JediMasterHorton says:


    Thanks for the invite, but i am not the type of guy you would be interested
    in hearing his own stories because i am a nerd of the sci-fi universe. My
    life is uninteresting. Thanks though and your pretty btw.

  22. Janiel127 says:

    Thank you for sending me a link to your video. Your an awesome person also,
    and very pretty.

  23. Nathaniel Collura says:

    Great vid! Great channel doll. 🙂 I only just saw that you sent me this vid
    sorry. But keep up the good work. 😉

  24. Darian Opher says:

    I got your message. Sorry I’m just now responding to it. I liked the video!
    It taught me something as well! I will definitely be subscribing to your
    channel! Maybe you could check out my channel as well and tell me what you

  25. rizzlemcnizzle1 says:

    So did that ruin the date or did it get better from there? Seems like a
    pretty small detail but hey what do I know.

  26. latent1234 says:

    Things feel akward because we make it akward (in our head). Usually, other
    people don’t give a f*ck in reality.

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