How to Reject Peer Pressure & Embrace Paris

How to Reject Peer Pressure & Embrace Paris
Last week I went to Europe for my sister’s wedding. The wedding was on the Amalfi Coast, which is so incredibly beautiful. The only annoying thing about the event was this question I was asked all night long, “Giovanna, when are you going to get married?”  Don’t you people have anything better to talk about? I kept responding with, “I’m actually feeling good about my life’s direction right now”. Then they would respond, “Well, we just want you to be happy.” Excuse me, but when was marriage the key to happiness? Don’t get me wrong, there are many married couples that are happy but if they are truly happy, they were happy with themselves before they got married. If you are looking for marriage to complete you, then you better keep looking because it isn’t the answer. I’m sorry everyone, I refuse to look at marriage as a life goal.  It has to be something that just naturally happens when the time and person is right.

This brings me to my thoughts on peer pressure, societal pressure, etc. Even though we live in a free country where people are able to live their lives the way they want, we still feel the pressure of society pulling us to conform to its traditional norm. Listen, I’m not trying to be a great rebel, I’m just trying to do what is true to who I am.  Life isn’t a one size fits all. When people just do things out of fear or a desire to be acceptable, they loose their freedom and quite frankly, they might as well be locked behind bars.

After the wedding, I went to Paris with a friend and had a great time. She had lived there before so I did the cite seeing stuff in the morning by myself.  Waking up early, grabbing coffee and venturing around Paris was so peaceful and fun for me.  One morning, I stumbled across the love bridge. It’s the bridge that has all the locks on it. I decided that I was not going to be excluded from the love bridge because I’m starting to really love someone. That someone, is me.

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7 thoughts on “How to Reject Peer Pressure & Embrace Paris

  1. Pina Phay says:

    Your family members is telling you that at the age of 28 but for us Asian’s
    our relatives is asking, when are we going to get married at like 16 LOL.
    Then of course arrange marriage talks go around D: but fuck that shit.

  2. BlueButterfly says:

    You know, you shouldn’t smoke. It’ll damage your lungs and ruin those
    pretty teeth of yours. 🙂

  3. M Da Martian says:

    When people push you and if you finally go along with what they say…when
    something goes wrong, it goes really wrong. You can’t be in a relationship
    with someone just because your family and friends think you should.

    I’ve noticed when someone that let’s others connivence them to marry or
    date someone and when the problems arrive…that person with all the
    suggestions is A: nowhere to be found in a time of need or B: has some lame
    ass excuse to push you out of the relationship they essentially started.

    Gotta marry for you, that person, God, and not anyone else. Didn’t mean to
    write a novel. Can’t wait for the next vid.

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