Legalization of Weed in Seattle (TV Spot)

Legalization of Weed in Seattle

The people of Seattle share their thoughts on the legalization of Weed.

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5 thoughts on “Legalization of Weed in Seattle (TV Spot)

  1. Afton Cromwell says:

    I personally think that is a very good thing that they legalized marijuana
    in Washington and Colorado. In fact, I think all drugs should be legalized.
    I myself have never smoked marijuana or done drugs of any kind that were
    not specifically prescribed to me for medical reasons (AKA Tylenol 3 from
    surgery when I was a kid). But really, over $40 billion/year is spent on
    the attempted enforcement of the prohibition of illegal drugs. Studies also
    show that a revenue of a little over $40 billion/year could be ascertained
    through the taxing of drugs if they were legalized (and taxed at around the
    same rate of tobacco and alcohol). For those of you who aren’t so great at
    math, that means an $80 billion/year swing in government revenue which
    might be able to do other things like, i dunno, decrease the deficit. You
    also have the money spent on keeping people in prison that are there due to
    drug related crimes (which make up an average of 40% of the prison
    population). I could go on about crime rates dropping, about how
    technically the government has no right to say what a person can or can’t
    due to their bodies (due to the fact that it does not affect their life,
    liberty, or pursuit of happiness) but, i digress.

    And seriously. As bad as it would have been I would have abandoned the
    chick i was talking to to ask the two walker-bys (at 1:07) their opinion on
    the subject. EPIC!

  2. Danielle Littlejohn says:

    This lady below me wants all drugs to be legalized? Honestly? Everyday 30
    people die in a drunk driving accident, so can you imagine if ALL drugs
    were legalized? The roads would be chaos! That was a very uneducated and
    idiotic statement she made. Lol holy fu**..

  3. MewMeow says:

    Its legal in Colorado too there r like 5 stores already I just dont get
    The point of having drugs legal cuz people r gonna be stupid :/

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