Ego & Eckhart Tolle with Confused Girl

Ego & Eckhart Tolle with Confused Girl


My thoughts on the Ego  in Eckhart Tolle’s book. “A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose”. There is so much more to talk about when it comes to this novel. It is really helping me get to my next step. I’m sure I will do a few more videos on this as I continue to read the book. 🙂

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35 thoughts on “Ego & Eckhart Tolle with Confused Girl

  1. SERCAMILIN26 says:

    Great!!, I haven´t understood you, because I´m learning to speak English
    and my level is almost intermediate. But I have read Eckhart´s books, and I
    realized I´m not a shy person. That´s why I´m going to go to the South part
    of England, for working and living. I´m frightened, but I need to change my
    live and win all my fears. One big kiss for you!!!!.

  2. emanuel elisea says:

    If you liked that book then you’ve gota follow up and read The Power of
    Now. Life changing stuff. Things they don’t teach in school

  3. Tuan says:

    the subtle spiritual ego ..sometimes a tricky one to catch, so good for you
    🙂 I would also recommend Mooji on youtube…he speaks from the same place
    Eckhart does but has a bit of a zen edge to him..good luck on your
    spiritual journey

  4. The Psychonaut says:

    forget eckart ….if the idea of ‘ego’ is pulling u check mooji, tony
    parsons, jeff foster or robert spira it goes much deeper than the idea
    of ego your thinking…..

  5. HDvids101 says:

    Ego need not be a person showing how good they think they are at some event
    or business. If not a bigger Ego can be seen in the person in depression.
    Emotions are the great truth indicators. To notice this in yourself is the
    beginning.Sad,anxious,upset etc.. is Ego. 24/7 vigilance is needed to peel
    the onion 😉

  6. Alon Sheader says:

    happends to me a lot, much harder to notice it in me then in others
    but its there 99% of the time…

  7. Simon0 says:

    I havent read the whole thing but i think i prefer power of now. The pain
    body info in there has helped me a bit.

  8. Gérard Lefrançois says:

    Eckhart Tolle suggest that you do A Course in Miracles as soon as possible
    if you want to get out of confusion. It is very important that you do them
    ACIM’s lessons while reading the Text of A Course in Miracles. That
    Course is the best in the World. That you will be sure very soon.

  9. OmniscientNihilist says:

    sometimes its easier to see our judgmentalism then our ego. because
    judgmentalism is how the ego fuctions. inferior vs superior. a false
    unreality fabricated by the mind which then justifies itself through a
    majority bias. creates fear which erodes love, which then erodes

  10. opticrainbow says:

    I started reading Eckhart Tolle about 6-7 years ago, and it’s really
    changed my life incredibly and deeply. I was stuck in a very serious
    dysfunctional and abusive homelife, being abused and brainwashed by my
    mother from birth. Because of A New Earth primarily, I was able to find
    the ability to get away from her (and became homeless to find my own way)
    even though it was hard for me to emotionally accept. I was able to at
    least look at things objectively enough to understand that it was not okay,
    and I was able to be patient enough with myself to give myself that
    chance. Given how good my mother has always been at guilt-tripping to
    control me, it was not easy, and I am going to continue to work through
    this for the rest of my life or perhaps the majority of it.

    When it comes to his book, which I have read through about 3 times (I take
    each passage and page slowly – sometimes I read 10 pages at once and pick
    it up a month later, and sometimes I read 1 pharagraph and pick it up 6
    months later)…I do the best I can to just be patient with the process.
    Every time I read it I have new shifts in consciousness. Most recently I
    have been learning how to emotionally-accept the pointlessness of anger
    towards others. That has been difficult, but very very freeing at the same

    One story in particular that I recommend paying close attention to was the
    one about the woman who sought out Eckhart at his apartment one time, and
    was seeking guidance on how to let go of her pain leftover from sexual
    abuse when she was younger. Eckhart advised her to calm her breathing and
    mind, and then allow herself to feel her pain, without judgement. I think
    it’s especially important to pay attention to the follow-up of that story,
    where he went to the chinese food place and a man in a motorized scooter
    became extremely agitated and tried to run over a waitress. The entire way
    that Eckhart described it was really insightful and moved me a lot in
    particular. I believe energy is real and is very practical in how it moves
    in vibration from one person to the next.

    Lastly, I wanted to make sure to also recommend looking into Wayne Dyer.
    Next to Eckhart, Wayne Dyer is my favorite spiritual teacher and motivator,
    as well. He’s also been interviewed on Oprah. I recommend checking out
    his (now older) PBS special called The Power of Intention. It really moved
    me very much and changed my life. Dr Wayne Dyer The power of intention:
    All things are possible

    I hope this helps you. If you ever want to talk more with me personally
    about my experiences or insight please feel free to message me, or if you
    want to chat on skype that’s cool with me too. Maybe we could start a
    skype group thingy or something lol. I could talk about Eckhart’s
    teachings all day! :-p

  11. ken rodway says:

    Dear Confused Girl,
    “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after
    their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching
    ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be
    turned unto fables…” (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

    Those Biblical verses are a perfect summation for the multitudes of lost
    souls seeking guidance from an endless array of New Age, self-styled,
    self-help, media-friendly gurus, who in turn have been glowingly endorsed
    by many of today’s leading Talk-Show hosts.
    Satan is currently beguiling much of the religious world with such soothing
    and deceptive strains as, “God is All ~ and All is One ~ so we all share
    the Divine ~ and the Oneness that is God.” ~~ “There are so many ways to
    God.” ~~ “All faiths are valid.” Etc., etc., etc. Nevertheless, the TRUE
    God continues to point mankind unerringly in the direction of His only
    begotten Son.
    Can you imagine Chopra, Dyer, Winfrey, Keating, Nhat Hanh, Tolle (et al)
    to the Father in Heaven? (John 14:6)
    If that day ever dawns ~~don’t hold your breath~~ they might actually be
    worth listening to.
    Until then, you are not alone……
    “The victory of deception is the unawareness of your
    Kole Eremos

  12. Goddess Within says:

    Thanks for your pm and invite and kind comments 🙂 Brilliant book and I
    like your commentary about “oh wow..I’m more evolved than other people here
    in this room…” and you realising ..hang on..that’s just my EGO talking!!
    Lol.. Exactly..I had many ‘lightbulb moments’ reading this book. It is
    fantastic. I was recommended it by someone and got it from the Library then
    bought my own copy! It is soooo insightful…I hope you enjoy reading it
    and I look forward to more videos 🙂 Subbed!

  13. Suzanne Slaw says:

    Love it girl! Thanks for the Invite to check out your video. :)) Eckhart
    Tolle’s books helped to completely change my perspective on reality. I
    first read his book, “The Power of NOW” back in 2004, then followed up
    with his other works. Thanks for sharing your Journey with everyone! xoxo

  14. michael dale says:

    Thank you for the invitation to imbibe your insights. I think you will
    enjoy my new iBook I will send you a free copy for review

  15. forestsoceansmusic says:

    Cool, I like it (and you).

    Another identity that we can sometimes have is a negative one (but secretly
    gives the ego pleasure) – even in the case of a serious disease, so that
    sometimes we don’t want to be cured because then we, as the —— sufferer
    would no longer exist!

    Eckhart’s other main book is called “The Power of Now” – be sure to read
    the Introduction, as he explains how he literally stumbled upon his
    insights into this crazy existence called “life”. (He reveals some amazing
    stuff that happened to him – not cuckoo stuff, but pretty amazing stuff.)

    He also often writes that he is not the first to publicise this philosophy
    – it has been called ‘the perennial philosophy’ (always been around, tho’
    sometimes supressed like under the 1500yr-Roman-Catholic Regime). The
    first proponents seem to have been the original Hindu thinkers (whom
    Eckhart acknowledges, as well as the original Bhuddists, Zen-Bhuddists,
    Sufis, Krishnamurti, “A Course In Miracles”, etc, etc. But for me, he does
    explain it most clearly, and in the most friendly way (which is important).

  16. says:

    Eckhart Tolle?! SUBBED! you doing talks about this in school? [here comes
    some ego] lets work together on getting this into schools? No? ahhhhh

  17. vered cohen numerology-chirology says:

    Thank you for the invitation.
    I read the books.
    I saw all the videos of his lectures. On YouTube
    Give up the ego, this is a daily job.
    Not just that easy.
    Eckhart’s recommended way is to live in this moment.
    Concentrate on the moment of now.
    Good luck to us all, in this uneasy work.
    So we can change the world.

  18. Matlockization says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. I’ve never found Eckhart Tolle to be
    interesting. Although his lectures are packed I don’t understand why. But
    what’s most important is what he say’s. And after watching a few of his
    video’s I’ve come to the conclusion that he waffles on & on about nothing.
    It wouldn’t surprise me that he’ll come out with another 90 things
    connected with the human psyche that we all need to work on. Not to mention
    publish many profitable books along the way ! Does concentrating on the
    ego sound like your life just got more complicated ? You bet. But why are
    you doing this to yourself ? For what its worth, concentrate on the steak &
    not the peas, life is full of enough diversions without letting the ego or
    Eckhart Tolle get in your way !

  19. maitre electricien Boisbriand says:

    Having read this I believed it was extremely enlightening.
    I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this content
    together. I once again find myself spending way too much
    time both reading and commenting. But so what,
    it was still worth it!

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