Strange Emotional Attachment & Big Sister Talk

Strange Emotional Attachment & Big Sister Talk with Confused Girl

I don’t really feel like writing much this week. So I will just say this, it has been two months of me doing “new things” in an attempt to figure out my life. I have bungee jumped, salsa danced, bought a wig, quit a job, been on television and volunteered to be a Big Sister.  It has been a wild ride so far. I started this because I was really lost and had no idea of what else to do. Now, I am feeling less lost in my life. This crazy blog is actually helping.  All the things I’ve done have contributed in some way to finding my path.  I’m not sure I have found it yet but I feel I’m getting warmer.
In my video this week, I talk about the emotional attachment I have formed to my orchid. I know it sounds nuts but I’m really sad that it seems to be dying. After I bought the orchid, my life started to have more clarity. I guess the superstitious me believes, if the plant dies, the good stuff will vanish with it. Stepping away from the situation and looking at it objectively, it makes sense we get scared that bad things will happen when we start feeling good. Life is always going to be a combination of happiness and suffering. Maybe the problem lies in the fact that we think having problems is a problem? Maybe they are just learning lessons that make us stronger? Maybe they are blessings in disguise? I’m not sure but I think these are questions worth asking.
One thing is for certain becoming a “Big Sister” is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  It has allowed me to get out of my self -centered little world and see life in a whole new way. At moments, I have thought, “am I really helping her? I’m not sure what to do. ” But as our friendship has grown, I am realizing that by helping her, I have been helping myself. I’ve discovered parts of myself that I haven’t tapped into before.
“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ―Charles Dickens

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2 thoughts on “Strange Emotional Attachment & Big Sister Talk

  1. Afton Cromwell says:

    As far as the orchid goes, I’m not positive cause I didn’t get a great look
    at it from the video but it looks like a Miltonia which grow best is moss.
    And exactly how much were you watering it? Because the thing that kills
    most orchids is not too little water but too much. And they actually sell
    special types of fertilizer especially for orchids if it really blows your
    hair back. As far as your role as a big sister goes, that’s awesome. Keep
    fighting the good fight!

  2. BlueButterfly says:

    Your like my mom, she kills every plant she gets in a span of 24 hours. I
    even bought her an orchid one year for mothers day and… she killed it. 2
    days later and it was dead. The lady at the store that I bought it from,
    said just to put an ice cube in the orchids pot each week. What happend?
    well, like I said earlier, it died. she put those ice cubes in there and
    she had even followed the directions. so I would suggest using a spray
    bottle and spray the water directly towards the soil, on mist, once a day.
    Typically orchids are over watered, so…dont over water it.

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