Visit Belgium: More Than Meets The Eye

Belgium was the second stop on my euro trip. Belgium is perhaps the world’s most misunderstood nation, with three official languages, and an intense regional rivalry between the Flemish-speaking north and the French-speaking south. Regardless, the Belgium’s do two things better than anyone else in the world: Beer and Chocolate.

Come with me while I take you to some of the greatest cities in this country, Brussels, Bruges and Ghent. Here we take a deeper look into the cultural and emotional aspect of the country.

My Favorite Hotel In Belgium:

Hotel Made In Louise:
Made In Louise is a boutique hotel in a historic early 20th century building on a quiet street. It is where grace and charm are a way of life. It is close to all the attractions and the staff is incredibly helpful and kind. I felt as if I was staying with family. I loved working from my cozy room with a beautiful view of the garden. Discover this unique and relaxing environment.

I’m wearing our Mystery leggings, Grace leggings and Passion leggings.

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4 thoughts on “Visit Belgium: More Than Meets The Eye

  1. melissa says:

    great video and makes me want to add Belgium to my list! The Swiss definitely give a run for the money on the chocolates though. beautiful video!

    • Giovanna says:

      Thank you Melissa! Belgium is a very special country. I would agree with you about the chocolate…lol 😉

  2. Carlotta says:

    Awesome video. I agree with you that Belgium is very special country and already add to my travel list. But can you suggest me what extra travel materials need to travel Belgium? Whatever, Thanks! for sharing. See you again.

    • Giovanna says:

      Hey Carlotta, I highly recommend going to Belgium. It is incredibly beautiful. What do you mean by travel material?

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