Thieves & Wigs

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Thieves & Wigs This week was a mixed bag of negative and positive events. I found out that I got a job…yay! It’s a good position at FOX Studios. Not exactly what I want to do but a good start. I thought, “this is a positive start to my week”! As I explained in my […]

Bungee Jump

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Bungee Jump My first week of doing new things has been a wild one. You think I could have waited until at least the third week to jump off a bridge but I guess its “Go Big or Go Home” at this point in my life. My roommate and I decided to do the 5 […]

Confused Girl in the City

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Confused Girl in the City Hi world. My name is Giovanna and I’m a confused human in the city! First step- Let’s get vulnerable. I want to be honest about the way I feel. What is the point in acting like you have everything figured out when you don’t? I find that a completely boring […]

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