Horrible Jobs & Yachts

Horrible Jobs & Yachts

This week was a mixed bag of negative and positive events. I found out that I got a job…yay! It’s a good position at FOX Studios. Not exactly what I want to do but a good start. I thought, “this is a positive start to my week”!

As I explained in my video, my purse was stolen on the 4th of July which put a damper on the day. Even though it was only a purse, it felt like such a violation. Without realizing it, the next day I was in a bit of a panic. I had my locks changed on my door because my house keys where in my purse. My mind was consumed with fearful thoughts. That is when I realized I needed to reground myself. I was disconnected and all over the place. I needed to center myself again. So the next day, I decided to have a total “ME” day. I went for a nice walk on the beach, drank a glass of wine while I made my favorite pasta dish, read a book and made myself concentrate on things I was grateful for. Even if the feeling isn’t there initially, it will come if your thoughts are focused. As I started to feel better, I got a facebook message from a producer of a San Diego TV show. They want to have me on the show as a guest. My entire body filled with excitement. So random and fun. I thought maybe “my not leading to something things, are finally leading to something”?

Later that day, I received another facebook message from a person I had never met before. Someone put my purse on his porch and he got my name from my drivers license. I was so thrilled! I went to his house and picked it up. Everything was in it except the $15. Someone had grabbed the money and then threw it on the street. The guy told me it went to 5 different people before it got to his house. I was shocked to discover that nobody had stolen my Ray-Ban sunglasses. They were in the purse! Humans aren’t as bad as I thought!

Yes, this experience was a huge inconvenience. I wasted 3 hours at the DMV getting a new license and spent a lot of money changing my locks but sometimes SHIT happens. Its all about how we react to a situation and turn things around!

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” -Charles R. Swindoll




Check out my item of the week from my Confused Girl Activewear line! In the spirit of this crazy week, I want to share my Clarity Capri Leggings! The pattern on this capri is an image taken from a beautiful AMETRINE Crystal. It embodies the energy of both stones to enhance mental and spiritual clarity, while uniting masculine and feminine energies. Citrine Crystals are the energy of the solar plexus chakra and the ‘will’.  Amethyst crystals are the energy of the crown chakra and the ‘knowing’. The mixture is a powerful energetic vibration.

2 thoughts on “Horrible Jobs & Yachts

  1. Afton Cromwell says:

    You didn’t happen to go to the Catalina Wine Mixer did you?!? And while I
    don’t agree with quitting a job after only two days, I am glad that in the
    end you stayed true to you and were able to have a positive outlook on a
    bad situation.

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