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Austin Texas Part 2

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Meet Our Brand Ambassador Karen

Congrats to our amazing BA @karenconicelli. You won the Confused Girl video challenge!!! ???? She is wearing our Balance leggings and Namaste top. These leggings are inspired by a abstract pink marble stone. Pink is the universal color of love and marble helps cleanse energy.

The Integratron

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SEPTEMBER HOROSCOPE Sagittarius: You will be relieved to know all your financial commitments will be covered this month! Be sure to avoid spending money on unnecessary purchases, as they may be tempting here and there. Focus on mental balance as this will flow through your body and benefit all other aspects of your life. Your […]

Product Review

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The Great American Solar Eclipse Is Upon Us & This Is What It Means For You

A total solar eclipse will occur, on August 21st, and it will be the first one in 38 years to be visible from the mainland U.S. It is, as you may have heard from the internet, a pretty big deal. But, in order to understand what the eclipse means for you on a personal level, […]

A Day In The Life Of Me

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A Day In The Life Of Me! Today I'm taking you into my world and talking about the things I do daily to stay grounded and in the flow of my life. I mention a company called, Territory in my vid. I love their meal plans so much, I decided to team up with them. If you want to try them out, you will get a free meal with this link: "Rise and Slay!" #confusedgirl #findyourtruenature #yogafit #yogagirl #yogalife #yogaeverydamnday #yogapose #yogawear #yogagear #activewear #fashion #fashionable #wanderlust #leggings #yogapants #namaste #yogainspiration #yogalove #yogaeverywhere #crystals #clothes #chakra #yogaanywhere #yogi #yogagear #activewear #yogajourney #yogavideo #raiseyourvibration

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