I’m feeling so grateful for all the experiences I’ve had in the last 7 months. I started my time aboard with the intention to flow with life and have the adventure of a life time. There have been intense moments of love, joy, laughter, heartbreak, sadness, peace and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel so alive and welcome the wild roller-coaster of life. ⁣

I decided to spend the Holidays in Thailand and as a wonderful treat, Robinson Club Khao Lak invited me to stay for three days. I had an amazing private villa with a huge private pool and an epic view of the sea. I woke up and fell asleep listening to the ocean waves. This made my morning meditations so peaceful and this was the best sleep I’ve had in months. The bed was so comfortable with amazing pillows. It was like sleeping on a cloud. The bathroom was huge with two showers. One of the showers was a private outdoor one with a view of the sea. Since living in Asia, I’m obsessed with outdoor showers. There is something very beautiful about showering under the moonlight. There was also a beautiful living room and kitchen. The kitchen had an espresso machine which always makes me happy in the morning. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was included and absolutely delicious. They also have fabulous yoga classes on the beach. I enjoyed this so much. I love to work out on my holidays and they had a state of the art gym and class options. They even have a meet and greet for solo travelers to get to know each other. I thought this was so wonderful because I was able to meet so many lovely people and we all would have dinner together. My adventures in Thailand have been a great way to wrap up 2018 and welcome the infinite possibilities of 2019.

For this photo shoot, I worked with two amazing photographers from Phuket. They were so friendly, creative and professional. Here is their information:





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