The Power of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is approaching and this is suppose to be a time where we reflect on our blessings. Unfortunately, it seems to bring out the opposite in people. People our stressed about the traditional meal they have to cook and are thinking about all the presents they have to buy in the next month for Xmas. Even if people do decide to count their blessings on Thanksgiving, why should it only be for that day? Incorporating gratitude into our lives should be a daily habit. Not just on a Holiday or when something good happens.

We live in a society that is bombarded with advertisements of the latest car, phones, clothes, etc. We are in a constant state of desire. Desiring things we don’t have even if we already have a lot. Being in a constant state of desire creates constant dissatisfaction and suffering. Even if you are very successful you are poor in mind and you are suffering.

One thing we all have in common, is our desire to be happy. We have to create a garden where happiness can bloom. Practicing gratitude is an essential step. In this video I offer some tools that can help you get started with this practice.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am truly grateful for you 🙂
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65 thoughts on “The Power of Gratitude

    • Latonya Inman says:

      Thank you for sending me this video. You are inspiring and I look forward to looking at other videos by you. You had me smiling throughout the whole video. I needed that. Bless you and I will follow your advise and write down 5 things that I am grateful for everyday.

      Happy Thanksgiving,

      Latonya I.

  1. Laurinda15 says:

    Every night before I go to bed, I say thanks for the things I did and
    enjoyed in a day. Sometimes there are 5 things sometimes there are 12. I’ve
    been doing it for quite some time now and if I pay attention I can tell I
    get more and more of what I was thankful for. It’s a wierd feeling being
    overwhelmed by the good things in life.

  2. Fahad Al-Faris says:

    depression take Diazepam valium 5 mg lol lol
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    btw TG is
    the expression of gratitude, especially to love onse .

  3. GiGi EatsCelebrities says:

    Girl, next week… NO COOKIES… Just amazing pies and stuffing and turkey
    and MY DISHES: butternut squash, brussels sprouts, chestnuts, etc, etc…
    And NO NO NO – NO shit show… JUST EATING and DRINKING, lol

  4. Accidental49 says:

    I like the Budhism vibe of this video. Giovanna is Gorgeous too. Wished she
    lived in Canada. I would give her all my money and buy her a Cadilac. lol.

  5. Orion Xavier says:

    2:13 What about former “rich” people who are now poor? (raises hand) Lol.
    Actually that demographic is pretty significant now in America..A lot of
    middle class people falling into the lower class.

    4:01 I can relate. 🙂 Sounds like you experienced “God”. I had a similar
    experience but I would describe it as being much more profound. And like
    you I can always “tap into that” feeling of sublime love and joy.

    People sometimes ask me why I’m not married or why I’m single and that’s
    why. Although I never tell them since it’s not something you can convey in
    words (and usually just sound crazy lol). You don’t need to look for love
    in another person when it’s always a part of you, and unconditional.
    Instead, there is only the potential to share love/joy with others. The
    opportunity exists in any moment from now until.. eternity. So, there’s no
    rush or “need” to do so. 🙂

    I think the only thing I can really say I’m grateful for, is “God”. And all
    derivatives of “God”. When we see something we truly appreciate and revere,
    it is of “God”.

    Some like to say that “light cannot exist without darkness”. Except that
    it’s the other way around. Darkness is merely the shadow cast from the
    light of God, from what God manifests (reality). Most people exist as the
    shadow, of what is manifested. Namely, empirical perception. Everything we
    perceive and *appreciate* as reality is merely the result of our brain
    interpreting stimuli. We perceive the shadow of “what is”. But when we
    exist in the light or “source”, we appreciate what is manifested
    differently. We appreciate the light itself; “God”.

    So being grateful for “all that is”, is more about understanding and
    experiencing the nature of “God”. From which the source of all creation is

    I think once people do that they realize the only reason we truly exist is
    to make each other happy. Although, in order to have the capacity to share
    happiness, you must first be happy with “yourself”.

    And if I can go off on a tangent, you mentioned Ekchart Tolle and Buddha. I
    think what Ekchart Tolle in particular is proposing, is more or less
    *ascension.* You’re not really living *this* life, you’re joining another
    greater form of existence. Where you appreciate “God” more fully, in the
    derivatives of God. Unfortunately, unless others join you, *you leave them
    behind.* That is my point of contention. And why I believe, we choose this
    life as “shadow”, as being unaware of the sublime glory of God.. “For it is
    better to teach a rich man to find happiness, than a poor man who is keenly
    aware of it.” We choose this “lower” form of existence *because we know we
    can do more GOOD.* !! 🙂

  6. Orion Xavier says:

    6:10 The other aspect of Law of Attraction is that it’s a process of
    constant unfolding, because that is what reality is doing. Or rather what
    we are doing as a derivative of God and therefore manifesting the very
    thing we are a part of. *It’s like a kaleidoscope.* The ways in which we
    are connected, and how new connections form, determine the pattern of the
    kaleidoscope as it unfolds. The kaleidoscope metaphor is apt I feel,
    because it shows that our lives are not just random chaos of events.
    (Synchronicity!) Because we are all manifesting our own reality, because we
    are a derivative of God. We’re not some separate “thing” existing apart
    from everything that is. We’re a cog in the machine of reality.
    Inseparable, intrinsic.

  7. james krame says:

    I have nothing to be thankful for, life sucks everybody i hope you die. I
    never get help cooking my greedy cusins eat every f@#king thing so F@#K
    this S@#T…..

  8. Mike Thomas says:

    Great video on Gratitude, thanks for sharing and I hope your holidays are
    filled with awesome 😀

  9. deborah gaskins says:

    Okay…it took me a moment to get with this message and I am glad I stuck
    it out and listened. I am more content in life than ever, today I had $4
    dollars in my pocket and I a perfectly content …I really want some stuff,
    but I don’t need anything I have a beautiful home with water view, I have
    God who is jealous for my time, I have people who admire me. I am grateful
    and I really grateful you contacted me. I enjoyed your message, I have a
    jar on my night stand for all the God moments and I am adding this message
    to it!

  10. Carlito Gio says:

    Thank you for your comment on my video, much love !!! I agree , I try to
    install the need for love and gratitude everyday with the young ones I
    teach, singing songs is one means to embrace that. Big thumbs up

  11. Lara Boons says:

    Ooowwwww, a slow gratitude for visiting my video. Thanks for that and
    you’re right, be a bit thankful for what you have and in the same time you
    have the desire to grow : yeah, in the mind 🙂 Yeah, the best growth is
    creating from the mind, be creative, and not going for the next bling
    bling what’s hanging in a shop and shouting for your attention. – LB

  12. rizzlemcnizzle1 says:

    I am grateful for youtube so that funny peoples like yourself can post. 🙂
    PS nice T-shirt. 😛

  13. Max ime says:

    to be always in gratitude requires mastery of your mind. For most, it’s a
    process, you probably won’t be able to master your focus and point it
    towards gratitude at all time overnight. Thank you for your videos and
    honest sharing 🙂

  14. XX----An-eL----XX says:

    Yes very important to be thankful. I contemplate being grateful every night
    as a practice before i fall asleep. It plays a big role in the
    transformation process. Also if your happiness relies on some external
    thing other then the mind. That is not good, False temporary happiness. =)

    Be Grateful everyday because this physical life is fleeting and can be gone
    sudden instant without warning.

  15. Earth Soul Heart Art says:

    When I Don’t Have Or When I Lose What I had I Look For What I Still Have. I
    am Grateful For The Unlimited Blessings I Wasn’t Able To See & The
    Blessings I Forget.

  16. introverdant says:

    Thanks so much for spamming my video that I worked hard on with a private
    message for me to come watch this video. A person who engages in this has
    no business in Life Coaching. You might want to get some for yourself.

  17. Robinson Lorthe says:

    Beautiful video. I think you’re an INTJ personality. Gratitude for
    referring me to the video. I must start practicing this more often. Thank
    you, thank you, thank you! Stay blessed! And take care. 😀

  18. Patsyhoolahan says:

    Life itself is something to be grateful for. Even as a puppet I can
    appreciate life. Come visit my channel.

  19. dclaure says:

    I enjoyed your video, We often forget the simplicity in life and become
    entangled with fears and greed(ego), when all we need is to be grateful for
    the experience. Thank you and keep spreading good vibes.

  20. joyfullyorganic says:

    I agree with you100%,my american husband’s family is an grateful.
    Especially kids in this generation,I’m from the Philippines my Mom though
    me to Be grateful about everything and what you have and what you don’t

  21. hawai499 says:

    It’s nice to see the world is changing, to see happy people who knows
    basics of the law of attraction so be gratitude for this, people,
    everythink what’s now happening.

    Love yourselves 100%

  22. Jake Godfrey says:

    Gratitude is the god within us feeling pride over the awesomeness of
    Harnessing this power to create personal abundance is the least we can do
    with it
    This is the one emotion capable of persuading humanity
    to live together peacefully and in harmony with the Earth

  23. Tulio Buenaventura says:

    Seems that confusedGirl is not that confused after all. Awakening is
    starting to reach everyone, girl i love your attitude!!
    will be waiting to see where your though gets you in your path, here and
    there travelling the world to help each other.

    About the desire that keeps hidden all the things to be gratefull for,
    from the sight of humankind, i really like the thoughts of J krishnamurti
    on the subject.

    “The law of harvest is to reap more than you sow. Sow an act and you reap a
    habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a

    Have a wonderfull day!! 😀

  24. Rise Dupree says:

    nice video .. If people would just be grateful to live altogether and help
    one another .. not for gain . .or favor .. but out of ” Real” goodness ..
    the key to happiness is to be pure of heart will no intention .. just
    kindness . Once you break that barrier .. you are free ..

  25. Crissa Petrovic says:

    Absolutely!! Positive habits form fertile soil for higher vibrations, which
    in turn allows us to manifest that which is in true alignment with our
    higher (and happier 😛 ) selves.

  26. gavin palmer says:

    I hear stereotypes about “normal thanksgiving”
    I agree – concentration on “what you do not have” is a source of suffering
    I agree that happiness is important – but not most important (just a part)
    I agree that intention is very important – intending to feel grateful is
    I agree that many people do not feel gratitude – or are unable to sustain
    that feeling
    I believe Thanksgiving should be more about giving others a reason to be
    Self improvement is all about forming new habits and routines – thus your
    journal recommendation is helpful
    Where is your focus? What are you ignoring?

  27. Alexsandur888 says:

    Girl ! You figured out many things 🙂 I am interested how you become
    enlightened, please share.
    P.S I am grateful for the beauty you express 🙂

  28. Richard Nyak says:

    Being grateful with what you have is good but we have to find a balance
    between being grateful as well as having desire to accomplish few goals in
    life. Having say that one has to be realistic when it comes to setting up
    goals, anyone can set goals but if you can start with small achievable goal
    and another small goal eventually you can achieve whatever you want at the
    same time being grateful for a small goal you have accomplish.

  29. jsstar75 says:

    I’m going to go out and buy a pretty book and call it my grateful journal
    or maybe search for a Jornal app…lol. Thank You!!! I am grateful that I
    discovered your channel today:)

  30. มนตราวายุ ร่วงโรยดุจสายฝน says:

    brace yourselves wisdom era is coming………..I know many things far over
    then we could talk sometime….your video is great entice enough for the
    but your appearance got their job better…..I’m not native English so
    please think
    I never meant to be offense just try to express my idea
    so I love your appearance, that’s all 🙂

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