How To Love Yourself

How To Love Yourself

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” –Lucille Ball

About 2 years ago I realized that I didn’t love myself nor did I know myself. So, I began my journey of self love and up until 3 months ago I thought I was doing really well. Then I fell flat on my face. It’s like when a baby starts to walk for the first time and keeps falling down. But eventually they do walk so that gives me hope!

What has become evident to me is that the amount of love you have for yourself is directly correlated to the amount of love you can give and receive. If you think you are unlovable you will be just that. You will be less understanding, compassionate, patient and more demanding, irritable and fearful. If you love yourself, your expectations of yourself and others are transformed into acceptance.

Two symptoms of a lack of self love are identification and clinging. We identify our self worth with things outside ourselves. Like a car, job, money and clothes. Self love doesn’t come from the outside. It comes from the inside. We can enjoy things but the second we rely on them to give us value, we are stepping into dangerous delusion.  Clinging is when we become dependent on someone or something to fill our insecurities, the idea of loosing them is unimaginable. Therefore, the process of letting go becomes incredibly painful and is coupled with much suffering.

In this video, I discuses different tools that have helped me on my journey to self love. Please leave your comments. I read them all and love the feedback!

17 thoughts on “How To Love Yourself

  1. ConfusedGirlLA says:

    How To Love Yourself! Must See. “Love yourself first and everything else
    falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in
    this world.” –Lucille Ball


    I totally and fully agree. #SelfLove is one of the best loves. But nothing
    is greater or can compare to GoD’s love!!!

  3. Alex I'Anson says:

    There are a few steps that exist that I feel enable you to truly love

    The first is looking at yourself in a mirror and smiling. With or without
    makeup, whether you have scars, bruises, swelling, missing teeth or any
    other “imperfections”. You must be able to look at yourself and smile, it
    should be automatic.

    Next is hearing yourself. The ability to listen to an old Youtube video,
    voice recording, voice memo, voicemail, whatever, without cringing. It’s
    necessary to be able to see yourself externally, separated by time and
    influence and still love yourself.

    Then you need to be able to read old diaries and accept your past thoughts,
    feelings, mistakes and achievements. Forgive any strife in your pasts (not
    forget however) as you deserve peace of mind over righteousness of old

    Don’t take so many selfies to try and get a nice one. You have to be able
    to deal with your imperfections. Does anyone actually go through their
    facebook photos thinking back to the such happy time where they posed for
    every photo with the exact same pose and smile? It’s nice to be caught off
    guard, it humanises you. If you’re still majorly unhappy with the photo,
    then don’t worry about it, you don’t owe anyone photographic evidence of
    what you’re doing or where you are.

    Take yourself places. Take yourself to the cinema, or to a restaurant.
    There’s a stigma behind going places on your own, but it’s really nice just
    to have time with yourself, to enjoy yourself without the need of trying to
    please others.

    Be able to be alone with yourself. Have a nice long bath, but don’t take
    your phone or radio with you. You must be able to dwell in your own
    thoughts. You are your own best friend, and sometimes you do stupid things
    and sometimes you do amazing things, you, yourself and your body must be
    able to communicate, to keep each part of you safe, healthy, in check,
    invigorated and alive.

    Have a scheduled time where you look back on your actions, like every month
    or so. Do you have a goal? have you been working towards that goal? how
    effective were your efforts? blah blah blah. You can’t love yourself if you
    loathe your actions, and you will always loathe your actions if you don’t
    check yourself regularly.

    Meditate, pray, stargaze, see amazing sights, anything that allows you to
    experience awe, or a feeling that there’s something larger than yourself.
    This gives you the much needed perspective to keep you grounded to Earth,
    otherwise you will take every part of yourself far too seriously and expect
    everyone else to too.

    Separate yourself from toxic people. Don’t stay around them because they’ve
    been your bestie for ages. If they’re horrible people, leave, you have no
    obligation to stay friends with them. Obviously don’t be rude about it, but
    if it’s a choice of your health or your friendship, choose your health.

    Then there’s rule #1, never, under any circumstances self mutilate, or harm
    others around you. It will become a bad habit and you will regret it.

    That’s all I can think of right now.

  4. Jayden Sky says:

    I am learning to love myself more, just need to practice it more. I do not
    blame others for anything anymore though so that is progress.

  5. LimoEric says:

    This is more true than most people want to admit. I believe too many
    people mistake it for arrogance. You’re “true” self-confidence will
    eliminate insecurities, frustration, and anger from within. Great vid! I
    love listening to you and enjoy that pretty face of yours XO

  6. David Jackson says:

    If anyone of you wake up at 333 or see 11:11 a lot let me know I got some
    info for you.

  7. David Jackson says:

    Young Lady I got a lot of info for you on your Spiritual Awakening. And
    being in the Knowing

  8. Orion Xavier says:

    *Temet Nosce*, “Know Thyself”.

    Love not “yourself”. Love *truth.* How do you do that..? You start by being
    open and honest with yourself; introspection. The truth becomes a part of
    you, and you are made stronger by it.

    So you see, it’s not “you” that you love, but *the truth.* Because as
    beings, “we are”. We exist according to *our nature.* Therefore, the *truth*
    of that nature, is paramount to understanding our true “self”.

    Similarly I believe that “God”, likewise is not a noun or “entity”. “God”
    is a verb. God *is* sublime love and ecstasy, glorious and beautiful.
    Without words, or form.

  9. Corey Johnson says:

    I loved this! The part that really hit me was that the amount of love you have for yourself is the amount of love you can give and receive. Thats definitely a quotable 😉

    Keep them coming!

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