Why Feeling Lost Is The Greatest Gift

I recently had a conversation with someone who reminded me about the gifts that come from feeling lost. This conversation brought me back to a couple of years ago when I felt completely lost. I didn’t want to get out of bed and I didn’t see the purpose in life. Even though this time in our lives is depressing and difficult, there is great beauty and freedom that lives in it. You just have to be brave enough to embrace the pain and wait for the inspiration.

Actually, great spiritual leaders talk about these times with much excitement because we will never understand the power and magic of the human spirit until it is tested.

Our first instinct is to freak out and cling to some solution because the feeling of despair is too scary. I say embrace it. Live in the unknown and let it teach you something about yourself. Be reborn. Find yourself all over again.

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”
– Henry David Thoreau

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30 thoughts on “Why Feeling Lost Is The Greatest Gift

  1. Regal Ace says:

    You have such style. Feel calm looking around at your environment. The
    curtains, your voice is soothing too :p

  2. Accidental49 says:

    Very emotionally moving, However, How the hell are you going to go ice
    skating and skiing in San Fran California? Stupid question but, Itsn’t it
    like..hot there. Anyway, I think you should come to Toronto, Canada
    a.s.a.p. We gots lots of snow!

  3. TheBitterIntrovert says:

    When I first saw the title of this video, I thought to myself “WTF is she
    talking about?” Good thing I watched the video before I judged it further.
    Haha! I had an experience back a while ago where I felt like I wasn’t being
    me and that I had to be the opposite in order to fulfill the expectation of
    others. In a lot of ways, hold back a lot of my true feelings and
    personality. This is why “TheBitterIntrovert” exists. I realize we do two
    totally different things, but I’m trying to let you know I relate, so back
    off! :p

  4. Alex I'Anson says:

    I think my favourite quote about this subject is from J.K Rowling, she said
    “rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life”.

    She mentioned in an interview with Oprah that she’s never tried to
    romanticised rock bottom because it’s a horrible experience, but she said
    it was also very liberating, and the for exact same reason that you
    mentioned, she had nothing to lose. (
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv1O6JJMC5o – Incase you want to watch it,
    it’s rather long though)

    Another thing to remember, like most things in life (and indeed life
    itself) is that it’s only temporary. Being at rock bottom will only be
    temporary. Even if you logically know that simply going to sleep will make
    you feel better, you will still think your shitty feelings are going to
    stick with you, when the unlikeliness of that is stupendously high.

  5. hawai499 says:

    You’ve talked about Slovenian girl who left to US but she was still
    unhappy? Why? Because she’s(was) unhappy with herself(yourself), not with
    enviroment and to be happy, be friend to yourself, find yourself and you
    won’t be lost anywhere you go :)).

  6. Laurinda15 says:

    Of all the countries … she’s from Slovenia :O I am too 😀 It’s next to
    Italy (North-East).
    I really enjoyed this video. Happiness, sentimentality, gratitude all in
    all great positive energy. Thank you for this 🙂

  7. Orion Xavier says:

    “It’s really hard for me to enjoy the holidays because I’m single.”
    #FirstWorldProblems Lol.

    I’m glad that I just have money to buy decent food. This will be the first
    Christmas in 3 years where I will be able to afford cooking something
    festive. I made an all natural Orange Juice Fruitcake, it’s a family recipe
    so kind of weird. (Has dried apricots and dates)

    But I guess my point is, when you’re barely keeping yourself alive, you
    don’t have time to reflect on how lonely you feel. So it’s like, “psshhht”,
    yeah it would be nice to have friends or a girlfriend to celebrate
    Christmas with, if I wasn’t fucking starving to death. Lol.

  8. Orion Xavier says:

    1:55 Reminds me of that scene from Joss Whedon’s “Angel”, where Angel says
    sarcastically, “Oh right, this is L.A. *We have to talk about our feelings.*”
    I never really took that seriously until now.. Lol.

  9. Orion Xavier says:

    2:56 I disagree. We always have MORE to lose. Make no mistake about it. I
    learned that from experience. They say there’s no place to go but “up”, but
    no. There’s ALWAYS more “down”. 😛

    But seriously I know what you’re saying. I think finding yourself when you
    feel truly lost, has everything to do with embracing God’s providence; your
    destiny. I think we all have some idea of what we should be doing with our
    lives, but choose not to. Due to the nature of our connected existence,
    there is a better life waiting and already planned out for you. When you
    reject that (“free will”), your life is lived out kind of like a serious of
    complete randomness. Maybe things will be great, then suddenly go bad, and
    then good, and bad again, like a roller coast. Until you finally embrace
    your true path.

    I guess it goes to show we don’t belong to our self, but to each other.

  10. John Dominique says:

    You are really putting out great vibrations into the world. They will come
    back to you tenfold! Peace.

  11. Pete Miller says:

    This video is just perfect. I’ve been through so many periods of
    loss/freedom, and really look back with gratitude for those experiences.
    Everybody should watch this.

  12. Sour Mangoa says:

    Never mind her, she’s just rehashing what others have said before. Nothing
    original and nothing thoughtful. She’s just here to make money, she does
    not genuinely care about your well being. You’re however watching a genuine
    hollywood gold digger.

  13. Soluchi [Short Films, Dance Videos, MGTOW & Advice Videos] says:

    I won’t say it’s the “Greatest” gift per say. But you make some good

  14. mizzkii82 says:

    I’m so glad I watched this video. I’m beyond lost in life, have absolutely
    no idea what direction God wants me to go in 🙁 at least I feel a little
    better knowing it will get better.
    Thank you

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