Energy Vampires

After a recent experience with an energy vampire, I felt I needed to share my experience so other’s out there might have more clarity about their current situation.

Energy vampires are people who do not see the world as an abundant place. They don’t feel it is possible to get the love they desire so they go and take it from others. They come from a place of fear and will manipulate/ say or do whatever it takes to get the attention they feel they need.

We don’t need to victimize ourselves by making them the “bad guy”. We all have the ability to be energy vampires. However, we do need to be aware if someone in our life is like this and take the proper steps to protect ourselves. We also need to take a closer look at why we attracted this into our life.

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33 thoughts on “Energy Vampires

  1. JakesShowcase says:

    I’m so sorry you’ve had this Energy Vampire experience. You’re such a nice
    person, which shines through naturally and clearly don’t deserve it.The way
    you eloquently describe the pattern, the reasons and the solutions in such
    a calm and well laid out way shows your on your path to your calling as a
    life coach public or private. If you ever got your Phd in a psychology
    related field it really would be the cherry on the top and rocket your TV
    show, book career or public speaking career ahead rapidly. Keep it up. Jake

  2. abhishrut p says:

    Fake people – whose words don’t match their actions ,
    don’t get fooled by such people , the faster you recognize them the

  3. ADAM KINCAID says:

    My wife is an energy vampire. She shure can be a literal drain on me if I
    allow it. What I do is try to avoid an argument all together. I’ll also
    cease communicating when I know she is unreachable, and unteachable
    Sometimes I’ll just leave the room altogether. Also when I surround myself
    with positive people I can get an energy lift. These are just some of the
    things I do.

  4. hawai499 says:

    Heloooo thereeeee 🙂

    As you said, if you are a vibrational match, than you meet somebody who
    have similar/same state of mind with you and it’s fascinating and it works
    :). I see it on myself. So be happy as you can, but easy to say, harder to
    practise. Everything is about our inner feeling of yourself.

  5. Divinity Healing says:

    Hi Confused Girl,

    Thanks for reaching out to me to get my opinion of your video. So here is
    my take on your info, you are close but you are missing a big piece of the
    puzzle, energy vampires are not human, the humans that you are interacting
    with are merely hosts for entities which feed on the negative energy that
    is given off from the host and the people they interact with. The hosts
    goal from the controlling entities side is to cause turmoil with as many
    people that they interact with, thus supplying the controlling entity with
    the “food” they need. These hosts are generally people who have lost their
    personal connection with the divine, thus weakened in their ability to fend
    the parasites off and are consequently easily influenced. The person
    mistakes that voice in their head (who is influencing them) as their own,
    it is not and the sad part is that the person rarely knows this.
    It is only with the constant monitoring of your thoughts that you can be
    aware of which thoughts are truly yours. There are many shielding
    techniques that can be used which help deter the entities. Daily etheric
    chord cutting techniques, which is the connection the entity has though
    it’s host to you should also be used, some of my videos address this. It is
    a constant battle, because they are everywhere, but once you are aware of
    them you are not defenseless, connect to the divine realm or God and ask
    for protection and send that person love, you will see if done correctly
    how quickly that person “changes” since the entity can not be in the
    presence of love and divine light. It is an exorcism essentially. So this
    is a spiritual battle. I help do this for people that are unable to do it
    for themselves and with a little practice you can rid yourselves of these
    energy vampires forever, it just takes monitoring of your “outside
    influences”. It is being almost like an outside observer of yourself and
    fostering you divine connection to God, to only let in the thoughts you
    know are truly yours, think from the heart, that is the only way to make
    yourself immune to “their” influences. I hope this helps and thanks again
    for reaching out to me for my opinion.

    Divine Blessings

  6. Orion Xavier says:

    I’m an introvert. I find the company of other people to be draining and
    uncomfortable for any extended period of time. So in a way everyone is an
    energy vampire to me. Lol.

    I don’t think I’ve ever met an energy vampire. I’m very reticent and don’t
    express myself much in public. I do have a roommate who is prone to bursts
    of rage. She revels in anger, she likes the “rush”. Like if she’s having a
    bad day, she makes sure everyone knows about it, by shouting and making
    loud noises. I’m not sure if that qualified as an “energy vampire”, but
    it’s the same thing happening. She’s attracting entities that are a
    vibrational match.. that enjoy anger. She always finds some reason to stay
    angry, too.

    But I don’t need to stop and psychoanalyze someone, to fit them into
    whatever psychological disorder or category, in order to recognize they’re
    wrong for me. I can feel and know their vibrational tone is wrong for me.
    Trust your feeling, your intuition. It’s a MUCH simpler process. We don’t
    need to know the “how” or “why” someone is bad for us, just that they are.

  7. Orion Xavier says:

    +Divinity Healing That’s so true. I’m glad you understand that. I’ve always
    had a very strong connection to “God” so I have that love that sustains me
    forever. It’s why I have no desire to seek it from others, which only
    compliments my introverted nature.

  8. Orion Xavier says:

    +abhishrut p Well, my words don’t always match my actions. But I certainly
    would not consider myself fake. I can recognize and appreciate the truth in
    all things, and speak about it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I always
    do what I “preach”.

  9. Nalik Naliks says:

    Thank you for this video, I have experienced more than a decade this
    situation and never knew how to call it till today. You came at the perfect
    time, for this person did something terrible to me this last month and it’s
    getting harder and harder to cope, to the point I had to put her out of my
    life completely, which is not easy, if this is your birth mother….
    Thank you for the help.

  10. John Schleich says:

    I had to separate myself before i saw the light on this topic. Now I limit
    my contact with the two vampires I know. I always enjoy your videos as
    usual. Watched a second time, 2 minutes is the magic moment. 🙂

  11. Fahad Al-Faris says:

    hi >> liten to the wise man ….ME 🙁
    we cant fix the world
    honestly,. you may not know the true fact about (he/she) until it is all

  12. Colin Van Der Woude says:

    +ConfusedGirlLA this is such a great video I can see the light that shines
    from anyone who is enlightened and aware of the positive forces that drive
    love in this world and yes we all endure weakness but I think you will
    agree when we walk the path of change and become a better person and
    sustain growth we empower ourselves so much and it makes us all too aware
    of the people that are still stuck way behind on the path and some like the
    energy vampires you speak of have basically fallen off that path and never
    want to get back on it – unless they consider it! love and light to you

  13. pista sefcik says:

    .. thank you girl, this is a very interesting video. I feel that for me is
    the biggest energy vampires my mom (I hope she does not read this comment
    ever lol) 🙂

  14. Tyrone Rodriguez says:

    this is the truth. i usually have prolonged times of isolation to
    regenerate. its hard to cut off “friends” that are energy vampires because
    they physically have not done anything wrong to you. #sigh

  15. MattyPS says:

    Weird, a couple days ago, while I was out thinking to myself, I made up
    this expression because I feel like someone is draining energy from me, and
    now, I don’t know why you spammed me but I found the video interesting.

  16. MLG NoScoper says:

    This confused girl which is a bid confused said I should wach the vid, so I
    didn’t. Suck it PUSSY!!! MLG

  17. Florah Uddin says:

    This is great. I am at that point where I know longer want to entertain
    energy vampires but also recognise I was at a low frequency when I
    attracted them.

  18. Bobbie á Deild says:

    Thank you for your post, have you seen infinite waters here on youtube?
    Real good info about energy and vibration =)

  19. Infinite Rays says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have shared in your experience with energy
    vampires in my life. Blessings to you.

  20. Brown Sugaful says:

    Brilliant breakdown ConfusedGirlLA…I’ve learnt today, never heard of this
    term until now. I would also call them ‘energy parasites’…thanks for

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