How To Stop Attracting What You Don’t Want

To start attracting what we do want we need to understand why we keep attracting things we don’t want. Many of us fall into patterns of attracting the same kind of friends, business associates, bosses and lovers. We complain and complain about having the same negative people in our lives but don’t try to understand why this is happening. Well, the bad news is, “you are attracting this”. The good news is, “you can change what you attract”.

We must take a deeper look into why this is happening. People and situations that cause a negative emotion in us, act as messengers. They mirror things to us that we need to take a deeper look at. In this video, I give tips on how to become aware of these things and move forward into attracting what you do want.

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33 thoughts on “How To Stop Attracting What You Don’t Want

  1. Laurinda15 says:

    The way I deal with things I don’t want in my life is by recognizing them
    and then wanting the opposite. If you generally feel good you attract good
    things. That’s why we have to everything to make ourselves feel the best we
    can for as long as possible.

  2. Colin Van Der Woude says:

    I think you know yourself this is your greatest video to date – because of
    the powerful realisation and the effect of the intense growth – I know
    myself growth, like the great titled day you laughed and laughed ;-P can
    have you enjoying days like I am having right this moment – days on cloud 9
    you cannot describe it to others who do not know – I never thought joy and
    happiness to this level was attainable for anyone. I found great wisdom and
    lessons from Louise L. Hay and Wayne Dyer and I must ask the writing on the
    wall in the background? Affirmations or goals? Or just some odd wallpaper?
    Great video on this joyous day for me it makes me happy you also will enjoy
    a bright future – keeping shining the light xx

  3. Fahad Al-Faris says:

    From an old experience,
    Please , please , please always keep positive attitudes towards ppl ,
    thing , etc,
    Try to interpret incidents which happened your live things in positive way.
    I’ll tell you the magic words

  4. Orion Xavier says:

    Your environment affects Law of Attraction.

    It’s quite possible to grow up around peers and be “taught” that you’re not
    worthy of love; unattractive, boring, whatever. And then move to another
    city or a different environment, like a private school, and find that’s not
    as true as you were made to believe. Our environment affects our
    subconscious, acting as a stimulus or role model. I.E. affecting our mood,
    thoughts, and how we consider ourselves to be as a person.

    Every city has their own type of people and culture. When you grow up
    around that you tend to embrace it and make it a part of you. Even though
    it’s really not. Then you go through life thinking you’re “that kind” of
    person, when really you’re something else that you have yet to discover..
    Because you’ve been spending your life around the wrong kind of people.

  5. Fahad Al-Faris says:

    Please don’t always try to gage incidents which happen to you or
    contribute them to those “physics” things .This will make you nuts

  6. Fahad Al-Faris says:

    If you well, fatherly advive .
    do not give this issue much of time
    dont let it control you.

  7. latent1234 says:

    It is interesting what you say in this video because it goes along very
    well with the Fear Of Life book written by Alexander Lowen. This book is in
    the genre psychology/psychotheraphy. Lowen argues that people learn from
    experience and their self-destructive behaviour but not when they are
    neurotic. According to him, all men in modern culture are neurotic. He
    argues that neurotic behaviour (as well as tension, anxiety and stress)
    stem from a fear of life and are a byproduct of the individual’ s
    unconscious efforts to overcome fear. However, this is not possible. A
    person can only surpress or deny it, at the cost of spontaneity and being
    at ease. Being a person requires that one stop their frantic doing, and
    take time out to breathe and to feel. If one has to courage to accept and
    feel the pain, sadness and inner emotions in one’ s life, one can heal
    trauma and gain pleasure, fullfilment, and joy… the object of
    Bio-Energetic Analysis.

    Perhaps this is a book some people may want to give a try if they are
    really into this topic.

  8. TheBitterIntrovert says:

    I have to admit, it sounds odd hearing you say “fuck” on this channel…
    not that it is a bad thing 🙂

    You were right on the money about the “fuck it days,” they have definitely
    made life easier to deal with.

  9. StrengthRegime says:

    I love it. Once acheiving that meditative state, therefore increasing the
    vibratory rate of the cells and lowering the frequency of the brain.POWW!!
    lol you can influence the subconscious programs. Your very wise and exude
    great energy.

  10. Nellie Ruscitto says:

    Great Video ! You’ll make a very good life coach.
    Sometimes things show up in our lives to show us what we don’t want.
    Follow your joy 🙂

  11. Success Messenger says:

    Very cool channel right here. You’re right! An awesome person like me would
    respond to this video! lol. I’m gonna subscribe Giovanna!

  12. Greg Arius says:

    I liked your point on embracing your feelings. I think doing this is one of
    the main ways we can strengthen, and develop our intuition. “What you focus
    on expands”. The more effort you put into trying to understand your
    feelings, the more clear they will become. Great video! I love the shirt by
    the way. It is very elegant.

  13. latent1234 says:

    I’m watching this again. It’s funny now that when you say that you have to
    really feel it.

    Louis CK has a video on smartphones in which he says we push feelings away
    with a phone, the food, or p**n, never being completely happy or completely
    sad, but being kinda satisfied with your product.

  14. Yadi Rod says:

    You know sometimes it is hard to “F” what other say because the thought
    just plays in your mind over and over put thank you for the motivation to
    just focus on the good things as well as feeling the bad once too. Hey
    great video 🙂

  15. Gh0stNoName says:

    You’re videos always speak to my spirit. Thanks for your videos and may
    your career have the success you wish for.

  16. latent1234 says:

    I think a VERY important contribution to this topic is:

    @10:08′”Most of what we don’t like about another person paradoxically
    reflects what we don’t like about ourself”


    It basically all boils down to this: Other people are your mirror of

    I feel your video explains in an excellent fashion on how you can deal with
    the negative emotions in a healthy way, but it ignores the fact that faults
    we see in other people/negativity we feel because of other people are
    really a reflection of ourself. We need to dig deeper to find what is
    really bothering us to get to the core issue and fix it. Seen from this
    perspective then ”deciding what you do want” and ignoring the negative
    situation is like running away from yourself…..

    Myself I have experienced the above lately and had to come to grasp with my
    immaturity that I was the problem, and that the negative shit the person
    threw over me actually showed me where I can excell in my life, because he
    showed me exactly where I am still weak.

    Edit: Actually, I’m not entirely sure if you are actually tapping in on the
    above ideas. Still, the above videos to me make it very explicit and can
    help either way. At least, that’s my opinion. Take it for whatever you/
    others want. 🙂

  17. DENNIS HICKS says:

    Hey your energy vampire attraction is because you what to be able to help
    everyone that you can and some times your going to run into those energy
    I can tell your a giver and the takers know just how to suck you in. We
    have to be conscious when someone is trying to take our powers and stop
    them before they can do damage. What do you think?

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