The Art Of Letting Go

Let Go OR Be Dragged! – Zen Proverb

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36 thoughts on “The Art Of Letting Go

  1. John Schleich says:

    taking a trip after a year of not leaving more than 30 miles away. So this
    weekend, I’ll be on my bicycle on the beach

  2. Orion Xavier says:

    I never live in the past or future, to such an extent that I don’t pay much
    attention to time.

    Probably the one thing that I find myself letting go are jobs. Because
    “they no longer serve me”. Some are hard to let go because the pay,
    coworkers, the work itself, are very appealing.

    What’s difficult about it, and perhaps letting go in general, is what
    happens next. You’re kind of adrift, or at least for me, in a state of

  3. PrincessPinkie100 says:

    Thank u I have been holding on to memories of friends I use to had I loved
    them sure they wer online friends but I don’t have real life friends we
    talked about everything together we all promised that we would never forget
    eachother the next day we had an argument and my iPad gave out witch ment I
    could never talk to them again I have just been remembering them and how
    close we wer and how happy we all wer and it has been painfull and I also
    have a bad memorie thats I don’t wanna talk about but I just keep thinking
    about and sometimes I get worried like what’s gonna happen when I die what
    if no one remembers me in the future and I’m just gonna live for to day
    it’s okay to remember my friends but I can’t keep clinging on to something
    that’s gone or worry about something that hasn’t happend and just live
    today and not think about those things sorry this was a Long comment but I
    just wanted to thank u u allways help me 🙂

  4. Colin Van Der Woude says:

    the Great mind Wayne W. Dyer discusses this on It’s Never Crowded Along The
    Extra Mile 10 secrets for success and inner peace I was listening intently
    to it just this morning. He speaks of the only endorsement he was driven to
    give to a woman by the name of Caroline Myss, her book that dealt with the
    subject of Why People Don’t Heal. The general ideal was the concept of the
    reason people do not heal is because they are bonded to the wounds of their
    past. He discusses many points on this including you can meet a person that
    will tell you within five minutes of speaking they are an alcoholic, or
    from a poor family, or they suffer depression, they had a bad life and so
    forth, okay. Accepted. You cannot deny it. But when you become in-spirit
    you need to acknowledge it and essentially let it go for good. He says
    there is one thing you cannot change in life – your history (past) and most
    people spend about 80 percent of their time and mental energy on trying to
    change it or allowing it to upset them.

  5. Wave Heart says:

    Letting Go Let Everything Flow I Exist No More I Accept The High & The Low
    I Am In The Moment In The Heart Where Everything Glow Only The Mind Will
    Put Me Away Lost In The Way In Love & Peace I Will Stay Until Up I Grow
    Until Away I Go

  6. Tamer Belbesy says:

    You are really awesome and funny .this content of this video is needed for
    most of the people and BTW you earned a subscribe from me I think this
    channels in one of the best that i subscribed to . Good luck and remember
    to continue ding this stuff !

  7. Valerie says:

    Just thought I should say this video is actually really good and the way you speak and joke intermittently helps with the anxiety associated with even needing to watch a video like this. I think you’re doing a phenomenal job and I just found you but I plan to keep watching along. Thanks for your honesty and for helping inspire others!

    • Giovanna says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It really means a lot to me! Sending you peace and love 🙂

  8. THE-MED says:

    You look younger and it seems you lost some weight. Loving your look and
    I’m very attracted to you and I wish we could talk pretty sure you would
    love to be with a guy like me. I absolutely love your silliness because I’m
    that silly too and I love it.

  9. Joel Reyes says:

    I reeeeeaalllly like this video because a lot of people DO need to realize
    that there are things that….maybe you won’t want let go but…that’s life.
    I’ve had such experiences and I really wish this had been published sooner!

  10. Garicai Manave says:

    Well! i realy love this video, specialy becouse you said things that im
    aplaying in my life. the art of letting go is alse the way to happiness,
    keep keep keep going.

  11. Dave Donahue says:

    Thanks for the link share C.G. Strange, I was having a difficult time
    letting go of some things. Your video brought a lot of clarity! Thanks!

  12. Rory Evans says:

    Thinking positively will also change your mindset from day to day. I know
    that is difficult to do, but i guess practice makes perfect.

  13. Daniel Valdez says:

    The best way for letting go is living the present all the time, everytime u
    got depressed is because you are living in the past.

    Dont loose the focus and be awesome

  14. PEchi Vole Onlajn says:

    the hardest thing to let go is smoking for me right now haha …. sooo hard
    …. but im gonna make it … nice vid … nice listening to u

  15. Lavendaire says:

    I’m happy I just discovered your channel! 🙂 Really helpful. I’m glad to
    see more YouTubers making advice videos.

  16. Dott. Giuliano Migliarini says:

    Congratulations ConfusedGirlLA, you’re really talented and beautiful and is
    a real pleasure to listen to you!!! You capture the attention in an
    extraordinary way and your teachings are really important!!! I am prisoner
    of memory and memories, and trying to live in the present moment is a
    concept that can definitely help me a lot to overcome the suffering and
    find a better quality of life …Thanks and see you soon!!! Giuliano

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