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How To Attract A Good Man

How To Attract A Good Man Through all of my crazy experiences on planet earth, I think I finally understand how to attract better things into my life. In this video, I talk about how to attract a good man but this philosophy can apply to everything in your life. Leave your comments! Would love […]

When A Friend Hits On Your Man

When A Friend Hits On Your Man I got an anonymous message from a girl asking for advice about her situation. Her good friend has been hitting on her boyfriend and she doesn’t know what to do. Well friendships can be tough and every  situation is different but from where I’m standing, life is too […]

What I Learned From a First Date

“What I Learned From a First Date” Dating can be really annoying or really interesting. I guess it all depends on your expectations and who you are going out with. Whether it be a date or hanging with friends, I like to be around people that can see life a little differently. That way, I […]

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