How To Overcome Social Anxiety

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How To Overcome Social Anxiety

I have come to believe that social anxiety is just part of the human experience. Even though some suffer more than others, everyone knows how it feels to become anxious in social situations. In this video, I talk about 3 ways that will help you deal with this issue.

“Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety.”

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22 thoughts on “How To Overcome Social Anxiety

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    Michael O'Rourke says:

    Emotions can be can be controlled its a state of mind overcome your
    thoughts and youl be a boss like me my tip if your nervous is breathe
    slowly to lower your heart rate dont think of whats around you and do what
    needs to be done and youl be fine my motto is dont think just do you do
    have to think but dont think that your going to do bad as youl attract
    failure think positive and be enthusiastic and youl be the boss once your
    master how to control your state of mind youl be able to controle anything
    that overcomes you second nature

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    Jenna D says:

    When it’s truly like, a disorder though, it’s a lot harder. I deal with
    literally panicking over going outside to grill in my own yard because
    there’s people. Human life exists?! Oh no! Haha. I can’t even handle phone
    calls or video chats because I fear not understanding people to a just…
    Stupid level. But once I get out of the house everyone loves me and I
    become miss social life of the party. I went on a freaking cruise in
    November! It takes a lot of time and just sorta forcing yourself to deal
    with it before it gets better. And even then, it doesn’t always seem like
    it’s any better. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with it too of
    course. My favorite is just watching some dumb funny videos and having a
    cold beer before I leave the house! Lol

  3. Avatar
    Orion Xavier says:

    Social anxiety or social phobia is diagnosed as situational too. Such as in
    performance situations.

    Eventually I realized one of my problems was that I implicitly considered
    others as superior to myself. The fear of being criticized is only valid
    when you believe other people are “better” than you. And considering others
    that way, I idolized them, and was rather vain.

    But as I got older I learned the value of humility. Identity and ego are
    delusions and are chasing one’s tail. Only what you mean in another
    person’s eyes, is what matters; the effects you create in others.

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    Orion Xavier says:

    Another thing people don’t realize is that, people with social anxiety can
    often appear outgoing. I’ve seen another person on YouTube that has social
    anxiety but she can be very expressive.

    I’m very expressive as a writer or communicating without speaking (which
    involves communicating “myself”). In person I’m extremely quiet and
    generally come across as an ass. For example interrupting someone when they
    are talking because I’m so nervous I want to get through the interaction as
    soon as possible. I tend to sound robotic when obeying social norms, like
    expressing thanks, or “Hello”, “Goodbye”. Which makes it sound like I’m

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    Orion Xavier says:

    2:25 It doesn’t always work. Social phobia used to be classified as
    “deathly terror” in social situations. That’s what I used to have. To
    ignore that, you would have to be able to suppress your will to live. In
    other words it’s like sticking your hand in fire and the entire time
    feeling your hand on fire, and “letting it be”. It doesn’t work, because
    the fear and the pain of the situation, is so extreme it overwhelms you.

  6. Avatar
    Fahad Al-Faris says:

    when i go, i act as if i dont see nobody
    Maybe catch the nearst Shamp, class to ease thing down , and lossen a bit
    check for somebody u know or u have seen befor.
    if u dont know anybody, search for the oldest lady , and say “OMG u have an
    awesome dress….just to satart a conv.

    OR tell u what , Take me with u, i will make your conference very

  7. Avatar
    Pleasure J says:

    Sometimes it’s best you keep it real when a person.Even when YOU KNOW.The
    truth will hurt him.Hopefully next time he learned,he wont go out on a date
    with a sock on like that

  8. Avatar
    Isabel Margarita says:

    I never knew that’s why I was like that. My mom yells at me because I cover
    my mouth to eat and when drinking I make sure no one is looking. Also I
    make myself sick before performing. I also constantly worry about being
    judged And I’m losing/lost a few friends cause of me being so quiet and

  9. Avatar
    Brie says:

    I like how you mentioned Tai Chi and meditation, that does really help. The
    methods you find there carry well into social settings.

  10. Avatar
    Ezy Peezy says:

    You’re right some people can be very good at socializing but when it comes
    to something they don’t know about. Of course social phobia. Some people
    get it but some dont. I believe as you mention just relax and go with the
    flow. We are all related. We are all human. And there are so many things we
    can relate to each other about so that’s part of what we can socialize
    with. Like you said you had social phobia because of politicians. Their
    just like us. There is so much we can talk about but it is true that social
    phobia occur in everyone. We all get stuck sometimes but observe first then
    join. Will help. I have social phobia but before I was pretty good at
    socializing but trauma caused me to become social phobia. So I started
    learning all over again. I observe then join. And just be me and not think
    about if they are judging me or not da da da. So I am now, you can say a
    little better than before. Nothing last forever. That’s what I tell myself.
    Even all the knowledge everyone are learning. We learn new things everyday
    but also lose old things everyday. It can be material or knowledge. If we
    don’t practice our knowledge it will start to fade away. That was my
    problem. I isolated myself n more but yea. Now life is beautiful as always.
    I know now that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s because
    an injury can always heal. But remember let TIME heal it. Not ourself. Like
    nature. Or plants if it doesn’t die. When spring comes it revive but not
    right away in that same season. TIME. The RIGHT TIME. All nature can
    revive. We all can learn from mistakes.

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    OmniscientNihilist says:

    good advice. but ill add that anxiety is fear of shame. shame is caused by
    self-doubt. self doubt is caused by negative self judgment, which is caused
    by judgmentalism.

  12. Avatar says:

    you wana hear what we think?… ohhhh jeeezzeeeeess… wonder what mr Tolle
    would say about that =P haha take care CG

  13. Avatar
    shawn112789 says:

    Omg I love this women she gives like the best advice I need to share this
    for other ppl to see this and shes a type of women I like I would like to
    have a girlfriend that is smart as this women I don’t wanna sound weird or
    anything >.< but its the truth BTW I'm 17so it's not like I'm hitting on her haters

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