How To Find Your Life’s Purpose

The one thing everyone wants to know is “why am I here?” I believe our true job is to find out what our life’s purpose is. The beautiful thing about this is, we already know what it is. It just might be buried deep inside us. Maybe we have been listening to outside influences too much and not listening to ourselves.

In this video I talk about how to understand if you are living your life’s purpose. I also provide tips to help you realize what your purpose might be.

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38 thoughts on “How To Find Your Life’s Purpose

  1. Alex I'Anson says:

    Sorry that I haven’t replied for a while, but I generally agree with the
    sentiments of your videos and didn’t have anything new to say as you had
    already said it.

    This subject is very important to me because I know that I do not have a
    life purpose, as that concept, to me, it would just so unimaginably cruel
    to myself. How could I let myself believe that, even with the unfathomable
    enormity of the universe and the extraordinary probability of life
    elsewhere, that my tiny little life was predetermined.

    Life is pretty sucky, even if you live in the first world. Most of the
    time, you don’t have to deal with poverty, famine, disease or any of the
    immediate physical disadvantages that far too many people face. Instead,
    you have to face things that affect you socially, mentally or legally. We
    live in a win-centric society where for someone to win, others must lose;
    and not only are we okay with that, we embrace it fully and even demonise
    the losers and view them as this congealed mass of decay that must be
    avoided. I find that JK Rowling, again, explains it very well ( – 6:25 to 9:56).
    Unfortunately that’s just how the system works, if everyone held onto their
    money, the economy will collapse because the it’s not based on how much you
    have, but how much you spend and how much is circulating… it’s very easy to
    compare this to other aspects of life. Just think about how you objectify
    yourself as a resource every time you create, update or distribute your CV.

    When life doesn’t suck, the other people in it do. There are far too many
    people who carry disgusting opinions and will, at some point in the future,
    express those opinions violently, if they haven’t done so already. However,
    this makes you think, *am I one of those people and I just don’t realise

    I don’t have a life purpose and in fact, I don’t particularly enjoy being
    alive either. I do so because I feel compelled to continue and not for any
    desire to do so, or to do so with any real progression. I want to say no to
    life, announce that I disagree with the human or evolutionary lifestyle and
    no longer want to play any part of it and simply leave forever, but if I’m
    honest, I’m too cowardly go through with it, trust me, I know.

    This must make me sound like I’m some depressed weirdo, and on some days
    that is true, but not today. I’m writing this on the day that I’m going to
    visit the university I’ve applied to to have a taster day and I can’t wait.
    I have come to terms with all of the above and so it doesn’t emotionally
    stir me to acknowledge these things, in fact it invigorates me because it’s
    proof that I still have critical thinking, even if my view of it changes as
    I get older, I still have the ability to think. That is my greatest

  2. Magnetic Minds says:

    Another great video. Thank you. .. Ok Look .. I’m going to edit this
    comment and add some shit, which I never do, but for this video the
    exception is what it is. So many great points were made in this video, but
    I’m really feeling the point you drove home about not giving a fuck what
    other people think. This is SO crucial. And most people miss this point.
    Look .. you are CREATING your reality based on your choices, BELIEFS, and
    actions. So if you’re the creator of your reality, then why are you caring
    what other people think? Aside from thier insight, what do they truly offer
    your perception? Nothing. Reality is merely perception. Whatever you *think*
    is the case, is the case. Period. I honor you for understanding this
    principle. This is the truth. It doesnt matter WTF happens to you, it’s how
    you deal with it and interpret it,. Lol .. Thanks for sharing yourself.

  3. Colin Van Der Woude says:

    Damn Giovanna life is treating you so well, you are loving yourself so much
    you look the most radiant I have seen you – the Yoga and Spiritual stuff my
    dear. The You, the inner love! Well done, or is it summer time??? Your
    skin, positive attitude and demeanour is all on show – and what a lovely
    show, not for yourself but to inspire others, as you have done – great
    video you will get many future people telling you particularly young girls
    you shaped them, or changed their lives, or gave them a direction. Well
    done! Pat on the nice shoulders !

  4. JakesShowcase says:

    One of your most insightful videos. You seem so calm this week. I like it,
    “do you feel like your betraying yourself” for finding your life’s
    purpose…and listening to your answer. Following your life’s purpose does
    take a lot of courage. It’s amazing you went from anonymous written blog to
    taking the bull by the horns and getting in front of the camera and in
    front of the world to overcome your anxiety. Your channel continues to be
    the forefront of insightful, practical and relatable topics and insights.
    It’s simply a matter of time before the world finds you at large. Jake

  5. Orion Xavier says:

    Well I grew up in Silicon Valley (next to Palo Alto and Apple computers).
    So I was playing video games when I was in elementary school. I’m all about
    video games, so that’s my life purpose. 😛

    I think what we’re talking about here is our “passion in life”. When you
    find your passion(s), you find your life purpose. What do you want to do
    more than anything? You answer that by following your passion.

    Now, I suppose I could go back to college and take a lot of math classes
    and learn how to code as a game developer. Or something along those lines.
    But that’s just a lot of work. (And a lot of college debt) And I can’t see
    how that would make me happy. It would only take more time away from what I

    So I just take whatever job that pays enough money to live comfortably and
    pay for computer hardware and games.

    It’s sort of like, let’s say I really love all kinds of food. So, I guess I
    *should* become a chef. Right? Well, I find out later that it’s working at
    a frantic pace for 12-16 hour shifts, 5 days/week. Terrible. I like
    cooking, I enjoy food, *but not like this.* And there’s all sorts of “B.S.”
    that corporate requires, that further stresses me out.

    I think combining your passion with any career won’t really be as
    satisfying as enjoying what you love to do on your own time, on your own
    terms. Even if you created your own business, you’re still subject to the
    demands of consumers; your businesses bottom line.

    Another way to put it is, look at Jenna Marbles. She always loved making
    videos and that is her passion. It just so happens that a lot of people
    enjoy it and from that popularity she is able to generate a significant
    amount of revenue. But it was never about the money and she’ll never do
    anything differently for the sake of making money. She’ll be doing it
    purely for fun.

    Yet another example is Dave Chappelle. He actually left his show because it
    became all about money. Trying to squeeze every last dollar out of
    everything he did. It should just be about expressing his style of humor,
    that everyone enjoys. But no.. he works for a company and therefore the
    company is all about MONEY. The more money he generates, the more they have
    a vested interest in how he does his show. 🙁

  6. Aleks says:

    Great video! Something we’ve thought about a lot recently – but you’ve come up with a few other questions we should probably be asking ourselves too… 🙂 xx

  7. Orion Xavier says:

    4:08 OMG, yes. I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. Great advice!

    9:26 It should never feel like work. Just because something requires a lot
    of effort and time, doesn’t make it “work”. In fact, centuries ago, we used
    to take enormous amounts of time (by comparison today) to cook very good
    meals.. And as you point out, “it was worth it.” 🙂

    • Giovanna says:

      We are constantly growing and expanding so our life’s purpose will be evolving as we go! 🙂

  8. latent1234 says:

    Good remark at 2:22 about doing what you are doing right now is not right
    for you. (I’m actually right there and will still be for some time). It
    reminds me of what I think Paul Chek said, that your current job is going
    to propel you for the next job that you actually do like. So the first
    ”crappy” job is actually part of your dream! 🙂

  9. Two Light Sisters says:

    Yes, this is true I totally feel the same way. I learned to shed off my old
    ways and started implementing new ideas which open the doors towards my
    purpose and passion. You go girl!!!

  10. Johnny Five says:

    My sole purpose in life is to be extremely ambitious about being the
    laziest person alive.

  11. cowabungah GEOFF says:

    Hey there. Idk how you found my video, “#20 has that shine!”, but you left
    a comment about me responding to your video, and thank you for the
    invitation! You look like you’ve found a way and you’re having an awesome
    journey. Check out infinite waters’ channel on youtube…Awesome stuff. But
    glad I got to view this. Thank you!

  12. Erika Rocks says:

    I totally relate to this. Thank you, I need to work smarter and harder and
    stop day dreaming all the time. I need to just do it. This video was very
    encouraging. I subscribed to you so… hopefully you can return the favor
    🙂 thanks for reaching out!

  13. Alicia Karl says:

    Thanks for the comment! I watched your vid and agree with a lot of what you
    said! I look forward to more in the future!

  14. Zeverouis says:

    Since you commented on a 5 year old video of mine, asking for my opinion,
    here it is (you won’t be happy about how blunt I am, just a warning before
    The lighting could be better, you could have put some more thought into
    editing (filters, colors, all that jazz) and I get a sort of fakey vibe
    from the entire thing. I’m sure you’re honestly trying to help people, it’s
    just the way you deliver your thoughts that makes me go ‘hu… I bet she
    can’t be that giggly and joyful irl’.
    The video itself is too long (for my taste) and seems to drag on and there
    are skype sounds in the video. Audio quality always has to be prioritized
    over video quality (if you have to prioritize one over the other).
    Again on editing (yes, I’m writing this as I’m watching it), it would be
    nicer to see a clip from a previous video if you mention it rather then an
    annotation. Just put a 5 second clip from a previous video in there, crop
    it down, move it to where you’re pointing (and mute the previous video,
    play no sound from it) and add a click able border around it.
    Also, what about those of us that are atheists? Or Buddhists or anything
    other then islamic or christian? Do we not count? It sounds like we don’t
    with your video. Bringing religion into a video is a big no no 9 out of 10
    times because you’ll get huge flame wars.

    The topic itself… Perhaps I’m just a cynical bitch but I don’t believe in
    a life’s purpose. I belief in experiences and people prefer one over the
    other. Also, finding that experience is really simple. Who are you, what do
    you do (what do you love to do), who do you do it for, what do those people
    want and need and how they change as a result. Answer those questions and
    tadaa, your answer is right there. If you don’t do it for anyone else,
    fine, just skip the last 3 questions.
    Of course the above doesn’t always count for people. I have ADHD and my
    interests lie EVERYWHERE. I love to do just about anything. One minute I’d
    love to go to the moon, the next I want to be an entertainer and make
    people forget about their daily lives.

  15. Aphrodite Wish says:

    I think its funny how you shake your butt on camera. Nice confidence. Keep
    up the good work. “the mark of a champion is consistency.

  16. Deb Harris says:

    Hi you asked me to listen to this video. Yes, we do listen to our inner
    voice , plus God’s voice, this is a very hard thing to explain actually,
    you brought up a good issue, am I betraying myself. First, we need to know
    “ourself”. When you know God, He alone stretches and tests you, which can
    sometimes yes, stress you out and feel drain, because you are on a whole
    different level of comfort zone, uncharted waters.
    I cannot explain this adequately, you all yourselves have to experience it
    all yourself. . laying down your life for others, , saving someone’s life
    is not always taking a bullet, it is sometimes in different ways,
    sometimes, it a necessary quality you might have that helps a person
    survive emotionally in this world, your smile, your time, could be
    physical, like a your love, or hug,or just being a friend, as in making
    their life better by your presence in their life,this aspect of God’s
    laying down one’s life intervention is individual and not across the board
    because these people God brings into your life since we cannot help
    everyone of course. This friend might even be very hard to get along with,
    so they are stretching and teaching you as well as you helping them.
    Personally, God has shown me more about myself and humbles me through these
    types of people than anyone else. .. But it is only with God’s wisdom,
    guidance, and direction. I don’t know if you can even follow this or if I
    am making myself clear,.. but..all I can say is this.. seek God..

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