Fashion Startup: Why I Became An Entrepreneur

Starting my own business from scratch has been the most difficult and rewarding thing I have ever done. It has tested me in more ways then I could have ever imagined…and it has only been 2 years.

If you follow me, you know I have a line of Healing Crystal Inspired Leggings. I came up with the concept last year and have hit the ground running. My leggings are in the Joken Style Showroom in the New Mart Building Downtown LA. To get into a showroom is a great achievement for a new designer. I was honored when they asked to interview me for their podcast.

Due to a bad eye infection, I thought I should spare you the video for the week and instead share my interview.

Sending everyone peace and love for the week!

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12 thoughts on “Fashion Startup: Why I Became An Entrepreneur

  1. MichaelSerial says:

    We have been subscribed to each other for over a year, and I’m very proud
    of you. I watch your videos but haven’t commented in a while, because you
    don’t leave me comments on my videos. I hope you heal very soon!

  2. Orion Xavier says:

    “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” Yeah but, it’s not about
    being easy or difficult. Neither would I create a business because it’s a
    challenge, or a risk. Lol. This holds true with any ambition.. You do it
    because you really, really want to.

    32:20 People just don’t understand that ambition is personal. You can’t
    make someone adopt ambition like it’s an attitude or lifestyle choice. Like
    getting a college degree and a career. That’s not something you do lightly
    or should ever do because “you have to”. Only because you really want to.

    It all comes back to your passion in life. Following your passion is your
    ambition. You see, ambitious people are mistakenly valued for their
    determination and hard work. But it has far more to do with their burning
    desire to achieve something!

    One of my interests is cycling since I gave up my vehicle in favor of
    bicycling around town and to work. So about a week ago I was browsing
    cycling related stuff on YouTube and found a related video, “Race Across
    America”, where cyclists pedal from California to Maryland (3044 miles)
    within 8 days. That is.. INSANE. At the bottom of their website is a single
    quote.. “Nothing great in this world has ever been accomplished without
    *passion.*” Not “hard work”, or “determination”.. *passion.*

  3. Orion Xavier says:

    23:50 Paulo Coelho has my favorite quote on God, “When God spoke to Moses,
    he said: ‘I am.’ so God is, therefore, not the subject but the verb, the

    He also talks about the “feminine side” of God, that so many religions
    deny. And how women possess more intuition than men, and how we all should
    work on being more open to our intuitive, feminine side.

    I believe that is part of any good form of Feminism. Someone in L.A. was
    wearing a sign not too long ago, “The Future Is Female”. But really, the
    past was “female”. In ancient human civilization, the “Divine Feminine” was
    worshipped and revered. But it wasn’t about gender, or a matriarchy. It was
    embracing the feminine side in daily life, and revering Mother
    Earth/Nature, the miracle of birth, etc.

    It’s funny how God is almost always described as perfect love, yet called
    “Him” or “The Father”. Does the male create life? Does the male offer
    perfect love, gentleness, compassion, appear as effulgent beauty..? No.

  4. Orion Xavier says:

    24:50 “To me, a witch is a woman that is capable of letting her intuition
    take hold of her actions, that communes with her environment, that isn’t
    afraid of facing challenges.” -Paulo Coelho, in reference to “The Witch of

  5. Orion Xavier says:

    The interviewer was great in this, BTW. A good interviewer really brings
    into focus what you’re trying to convey and also things that are helpful
    that you may not be aware of!

  6. Carol Ann Roberts says:

    I am so PROUD of YOU and so HAPPY FOR YOU FRIEND, stay in touch when you
    can e-mail [email protected] and thank you for subscribing to my
    little talk to me I talk to you and share my old life progress journery
    doing what I like so much sharing information with others just by being
    my self have any opinion on how to turn that in to a business/ really look
    forward to your advise and ideals, Thank you ConfusedGirlLA I love your
    videos and progress keep moving forward your an awesome person. Your dad
    did a good job parenting you tell him that for me, I but your mom is pretty
    nice to God sure did bless her with a nice daughter.

  7. Johnny Five says:

    You never cease to amaze me. Look how incredibly calm and still you remain.
    You should moonlight as a ventriloquist!! Just pulling your strings.
    Another great video.

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