How To Deal With Breakdowns

“This is the part where you find out who you are!”

In this video I talk about key things to look at when you come across a breakdown in your life. I also provide tips to help you let go of the problem and re focus on what’s important.

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17 thoughts on “How To Deal With Breakdowns

  1. Orion Xavier says:

    0:57 Lol me too. My nervous breakdown was over something people might
    consider silly. It was when my car started to deteriorate (funny that you
    should use that “car breaking down” analogy) and I realized I couldn’t
    maintain my car audio system. It came to a point where it was impossible to
    continue without buying another car, which was impossible. I was a true
    audiophile so I was very passionate about every nuance of sound
    reproduction. It was a constant process of upgrading components every 6-12
    months, which was very expensive. So having to suddenly give it up after
    investing so much and being such a big part of my enjoyment in life, was

    Eventually though I used my trust fund to buy my dream car, put $15K of
    modifications on it (supercharger, body kit) and a $20K car audio system.
    Which lasted me about 10 years until I had to sell everything and live in
    poverty. But that was a calculated life decision that I don’t regret, so I
    had no breakdown when I had to part with them.

    2:32 I’ll say it for you. “..bitch.” LOL.

    • Giovanna says:

      Thank you Liz! It’s funny how we forget that they happen to everyone and we think it is just us. Silly humans…lol

  2. latent1234 says:

    All of what you said is in accordance with my own experience before and
    after my nervous breakdown (in the form of muscle spasm). The problem for
    me is that I am very impressionable so I need to brainwash myself
    constantly to maintain and improve healthy thinking habits. And I’m not
    always very consistent with that…

    Also, the following perspective has been very helpful for me, and in
    accordance with my own experience:
    (How Depression Makes You Stronger)

    PS: Almost started to cry when watching this, but I know that that is a
    good thing.

  3. Fahad Al-Faris says:

    I deal with breakdown
    by stop seeing very beautiful confused girls.
    join me to Antarctica, i’m sure you will forget confusion and
    breakdowns………. LOL

  4. trenchdigger59xzy says:

    Well considering I’m permanently crippled/disabled and in pain 24/7 it’s
    kind of hard to stay positive. But at least my childish action figure hobby
    keeps me somewhat distracted on occasion.

  5. Johnny Five says:

    You don’t look tan. That orange sheen makes you look like an Oompa Loompa,
    but a really pretty one.

  6. Stan P says:

    I’ve had 3 breakdowns (bi-polar manic episodes).
    Each was caused by extreme stress.
    My brain kicks in the Turbo-Booster and puts me in a high state of
    It feels like being awake and asleep at the same time.
    You feel so relaxed but have lots of energy.
    And lots of imagination!
    You can go from extreme mania to deep depression in seconds.

    There was a lot to be realized / learned from the experiences themselves
    although they were extremely unpleasant and dangerous at times.

    They easily sneak up on you because your perception doesn’t notice anything
    is wrong. Others notice you are laughing to yourself and talking a lot. But
    you can’t help it.
    You can easily be misled to do silly or dangerous things by “the 3 wise men
    in the corner of the ceiling” that seem to put ideas in your head.

    It’s a very weird experience to explain.

    Stan P.

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