My Spiritual Awakening (Positive Thinking Isn’t the Whole Truth)

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A couple of years ago I immersed myself in positive thinking and self help techniques to get out of a depression. After having done this for 8 months, I had what the spiritual community likes to call an “Awakening”. I started to see the world differently. Everything was the same but different. I felt true gratitude and peace for the first time in my life. I was allowing myself to feel good for the first time. Fast forward a couple of years later, I still continue to see the same patterns happening and the same painful feelings trigger me no matter how much positive thinking I do. In this video, I discuss my own personal journey and how I’m dealing with this next step in my evolution.

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38 thoughts on “My Spiritual Awakening (Positive Thinking Isn’t the Whole Truth)

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    Ann H says:

    What causes the anxiety and negative feelings and getting into bad
    relationships are coming from childhood trauma. You made decisions and
    reacted to your environment when you were young. Those decisions and
    reactions are imbedded in the subconscious mind. You have no conscious
    knowledge of what the subconscious is doing and are not aware of what is
    happening. The key is to face the original emotions that drive you. How
    does one do that? the best path to doing that that I have found is
    psychoanalysis. It takes time and patience. It is painful and it works.
    Meditate, definitely. It does not help you to get to the subconscious.
    You cannot doit alone.

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    Richard Drackman says:

    You are a wonderful guide! Thank you.
    I found in my awakening, it became easy to move beyond the mental demons
    and limits when I listened carefully to my own self talk – ESPECIALLY – any
    time I used the words “I AM…” for anything I inserted after that either
    limited me, or enhanced my own acceptance of what I am capable of. It all
    begins with a conscious awareness, and our thoughts and images of self are
    important to how we define our self to create the best experience for
    ourselves & others

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    FranTheMan78 says:

    This is so true, positive thinking only gets you so far. It’s so awesome
    you referenced Teal Swan because I’ve been watching her videos for a while
    and she is also very inspiring, I find her methods helpful.

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    Brandolyn Smoot says:

    I needed this video so much i kinda wanna cry and thats cool so thank you
    really thank you from my heart to yours 🙂

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    JakesShowcase says:

    I think it’s funny how you note that being Italian Catholic and talking
    about “energies” is kind of a dichotomy but you make sense to me. You
    mention how creative you were younger and your reawakened creativity, maybe
    do a video doing a creative thing like painting or how you design your
    jeggings might be easy to pull off and a nice mix up of style. Getting rid
    of demons is easy, just list them, look at them, have them dealt with by
    putting a time limit on it and let it go by letting it flow out of you.
    Keep it up, your growing well. Jake

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    Gunleen Deol says:

    Hey, beautiful! Love your personality 😉 That is true–old belief systems
    that aren’t tackled head-on will keep arising. It’s important to face ’em
    demons! One needs to accept every part of himself and see it as coming from
    the light, and then there is room and love to evolve. Keep doing the good
    work 🙂

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    LokiMarvel says:

    Did you do shadow work recommended by Teal? Or some other process? Or did
    your demons just came to the surface? Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Loved your energy…

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    latent1234 says:

    Mmmm, such a coincidence that you upload a video with this topic!
    That is, I recently learned about the truth about positive thinking myself.

    Great resources for me in this were the Spiritual Bypassing video by Teal
    Swan and the book Spiritual Bypassing by Robert Augustus Masters. Will
    check the Spiritual 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 videos myself. Thanks for mentioning

    Then I also learned about how the subconscious works (not really, but just
    a little) by SPARTANLIFECOACH on YouTube (his videos are awesome, would
    recommend) and an Kindle book by Kuhn Greg called Why Quantum Physicists
    Play ”Grow a Greater You”: Learn How to Live the Most Truly Fulfilling
    Life Humany Possible. The title is really over the top (maybe because it is
    American??? just a thought :)), but the info in it is interesting:

    ”You are not the engine of creation; your beliefs are. Thus, you are not
    to blame yourself or beat yourself up for your displeasing experiences.”

    He says suffering comes because your beliefs are not aligned with your
    desires. Unless you change your beliefs you will keep repeating the same
    experiences. He doesn’t say you can eradicate suffering. But it is clear to
    me that with this part he just means the demons that come back and again in
    your life.

    Both Greg and SPARTANLIFECOACH say you really have to go to the unconscious
    if you want to make lasting changes. For Greg that is changing your
    beliefs, the only part of the unconscious that we can change according to
    him. SPARTANLIFECOACH talks about unconscious blocks. In both cases, both
    agree that top of mind thinking/ rational thinking isn’t enough.

    To me intuititively the importance of the subconscious makes sense. Because
    when I externalise with journalling I see all this negative stuff on paper
    whereas I was thinking positively on the top of my mind.

    In one of his videos (or podcast, I don’t remember) SPARTANLIFECOACH
    recommends the book Core Transformation by Connirae Andreas. It is about
    parts theraphy. I already knew about parts theraphy from gerlach on
    YouTube. It seems to take a lot of work but seems to be really worthwhile.

    Edit: Maybe you will like Paul Chek his work/YouTube channel as well. I
    just see he posted a video on symptoms of consciousness rising.

    Good luck in your journey.

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    Orion Xavier says:

    7:51 Lol!

    I’ve always been a spiritual maverick. My instinct is to listen to myself,
    and therefore I have strengthened that communication between consciousness
    and “soul”. I would describe it as a feeling, rather than a thought
    process. This in turn allows you some level of prescience, and helps create

    There are many spiritual “experts” out there, all have their own
    interpretation or techniques. I think following them first is just allowing
    yourself to be “spoon fed”. Any awareness that you gain is from them,
    rather than your own process. You are your best teacher, and nobody has
    more authority than you in knowing what is right and true! It’s sort of
    like learning to cook. You can follow all sorts of recipes to cook
    something, every single time. Or you can learn the fundamentals and become
    creative in how you cook, and incorporate other recipes to make something

    A big part of this process is confronting. Learning to observe something
    for what it is, apart from you, and accepting the effect it has on you.
    This way you are in control of your agreement to the effect it has, rather
    than automatically agreeing; being the effect. Then you learn to accept it.
    The other part I would describe as appreciating the power and beauty of
    belonging to truth. You learn that belonging to the truth (spirituality) is
    far more appealing than any irrational desire born from the mind and/or

    By being more spiritual than mind or body, you reach a compromise.. It
    requires a more calm and relaxed state, in day to day living. Rather than
    peaks of joy, and depression.. You get off the “roller coaster” of life.
    You release your attachment to life.. So you “unfortunately” become a
    seemingly more boring person, or less lively, to others.

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    Michelle Medeiros says:

    Hi Giovanna! It’s very nice that you’re sharing your truth!

    I see what you’ve being going through… And I also understand why positive thinking didn’t completely work for you. Many people have tried that and gave up when they realized it wasn’t working how they expected it to. Well, this is one of the misconceptions about the Law of Attraction. The key is not about having positive thoughts, it’s about POSITIVE FEELINGS. It’s all about feeling good. It’s so awesome when we start recognizing how our good feelings are improving our life, like you had recognized for yourself. However we have been practicing feelings such as “I’m not good enough”, “why does this always happens to me?” for soooo long that it takes time for us to find these feelings in our subconscious mind, change them and start having the good feeling as default. It is a journey. But it is an amazing and totally worthy journey.

    I’m glad you’re on your own personal journey figuring out what works the best for you. My mission in life is to inspire people to find their own unique journey, to inspire them to find the courage to do what they truly love doing. That’s why I have created Self Awesomeness. In my website I share my thoughts, information, tips and advice so people can improve themselves and their lives. Please check it if you would like to learn more.

    I really enjoyed your video and I’m happy I found your website. 🙂
    Wish you peace and love!


    • Avatar
      Giovanna says:

      Hi Michelle! Thank you for your beautiful message. You are so right. Life is an amazing journey of self discovery. I will definitely check out your website. Sending you peace and love! <3

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    Colin Van Der Woude says:

    Now I must admit the last few weeks have vibrated my energy so badly I felt
    the entire planetary alignment shifted lol. I was fearful you would
    unfollow me on Twitter during one strong day of intoxification of energy! I
    was subsequently led to consult Teal Swan – freaky stuff 😉 Now she led
    me to her shadow work, which is essentially what you are describing – you
    pass the spiritual 1.0 and the positive phase, but are drawn to 2.0 and the
    realisation you need to delve into the root causes. I had ripped her 2 hour
    or 3 hour talk on spirituality 2.0 to mp3 months ago, tried to listen to it
    then. The universe said you do not need this yet. I listened to it again a
    few days ago, and it changed my world. Strange energy huh? Lots of bizarre
    crazy stuff going on right now. And the Kundanlini energy I used some of
    that recently and anyway need not go there. Bob Dylan sang The Times They
    Are A Changin’ in a spiritual sense right at this moment not changing but

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    Magnetic Minds says:

    You’re awesome. I’ve gone through this exact same thing myself. Listening
    to all this, and I’m just amazed. Lol <3

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    latent1234 says:

    I watch again this video (I know, no life :)) but I notice now your cup
    says keep calm and carry on. It is funny because in her video on Spiritual
    Bypassing Teal Swan says that that quote is a glorification of spiritual
    bypassing. 🙂 But we need a little bit of positive thinking to not get
    enraptured with negativity. I suppose Teal Swan also explains why positive
    thinking is good in her video on why spiritual teachers are so
    contradictory. There is a time & place (or dimension) for everything.

    By the way, the junk coming back and again.. my trainer/ psychologist of a
    study group says it is because of personality. Teal Swan her video on when
    it feels you have gone backwards is a great one on that (sub)topic.

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    Cloudskipper Dreaming says:

    Wonderful video, I love your vibrant energy 🙂 Your experience reminds me
    of what a Tibetan Lama once said in an interview ‘You need two wings to
    fly, samsara and nirvana.’

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    Brandolyn Smoot says:

    There’s just something wrong with your brain you’re looking for ways out
    and you need to just relax and live your life and quit blaming everybody
    else in your relationships because it’s you that’s the problem in the old
    days people like you were in mental institute thank you make a better video
    about happy stuff not sad stuff walking in the hell you’re in has now Lady
    wake up and just live your life you sound retarded

  16. Avatar
    inesofia80 says:

    Hey there, thank You for passing by on my channel. It is amazing seeing how
    much people are awakening to their inner truths, it is a Wonderful
    experience of Connection with what is, Connection of Love as I call it. You
    mention ups and downs (dealing with shadow side), it is all part of the
    journey to become better versions of ourselfs. Feel it 100% and then let go
    😉 That is balance 🙂 I am sharing some of my experience and how I deal
    with it, and some tips that i feel that help on my path. If you want to
    take a look, step by at
    May You find Peace and balance.
    Much Love <3

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    The Harmoonian says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment to request a feedback. I really enjoyed your
    video. It is honest and you seem to be yourself on the video. I thought
    it was a little long but otherwise, I love the energy…. Keep going, you
    have what it takes 😉

    Do not hesitate to leave a comment with your feedback as well! 😉

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    Michael Gorlitsky says:

    so, basically your idea of spirituality is meditate a bunch to level up,
    and then everyone who isn’t patronizing to you is “negative”.

    so, you’re basically a scientologist if you really think about it. the
    negative people are the “suppressives”. you do your “meditation” where you
    ‘face your demons’, which is basically the exact same thing as that
    delusional e-meter bullshit.

    hmmm.. i might have to make my own version of this video and explain my own
    philosophy and how it’s way wiser and more spiritual than this stupid shit
    you’re on about.

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    A Pizzoferrato says:

    I just wanted to say I could not agree with you more with everything you
    have said in this video! I can completely relate with running into the same
    relationships and bringing back some of the same emotions and stresses.
    Positive thinking is important but what also is important is being
    realistic with yourself. I experienced my first awakening a few years back
    and currently going through another. Keep up the videos, I’m sure there are
    many others who can relate!

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    Sonic Elevator - Powerful Brainwave Meditations says:

    anger worked for me….i got so angry being week i got strong because of
    it! there is a place and time for all emotions!

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