Dealing with Failure

Dealing With Failure

At some point in all our lives we are going to deal with failure. “You win a little you lose a little.”  If that is the case, then why are we so scared of failing? Some people are so scared that they never try and others fail and never try again. This videos provides some guidance on how to deal with failure. It also gives tools on how to beat it!

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29 thoughts on “Dealing with Failure

  1. Johnny Paul says:

    You are so freakin cute. I love your southern drawl. I wish I knew you so I
    could try to sweet talk u. :-p

  2. Alex I'Anson says:

    One big thing for me is that I don’t allow myself into the illusion of
    control. Everyone likes to say that you’re in control of your future, when
    really you’re kind of powerless. That doesn’t mean you’re blameless, it
    just means that it’s not always your fault… you just have to be honest
    with yourself. It’s also good to plan ahead, to a maximum of 10 steps, or
    about a week or two ahead… go any further and you’re likely to get
    disappointed, which will make you feel worse.

  3. Orion Xavier says:

    BTW you misspelled “lose”. It’s not “loose”, that’s a different word. But
    you’re not alone, a LOT of people do this for some reason. 😛

    Just imagine if some guys were daring you to do something and you failed,
    then one of them says, “You lose, woman!” But when you type/spell that out,
    it becomes, “You loose, woman!” Lol. Hopefully you get the distinction
    there. And how it can become very problematic if used incorrectly. 😛

  4. Orion Xavier says:

    The importance of success has little bearing on your own happiness.
    Corporate culture makes success the focal point, because your success,
    makes *them* successful.

    But consider musicians who write a song that makes them millions of
    dollars. They are certainly not satisfied with just making one song, and
    while everyone greatly appreciates that and considers them a great success,
    it has little bearing on their desire to continue making music. The same
    with actors..

    I live by a simple maxim, “Happiness is the meaning of life.”

    Happiness and healthy ambition are inseparable. When you’re passionate
    about something, then you will find a way to manifest that desire. In more
    ways than one.

    It’s like reincarnation. (Assuming for argument’s sake, the concept is
    valid) We are born again and again, because we see the potential in each
    life to manifest joy and love. This nature is fundamental to our being, and
    thus the meaning of life itself.

    So, when you really enjoy doing something, you’re not affected by success
    or failure.

  5. Fahad Al-Faris says:

    the easiest way to overcome failure / deal with failure, just hit the
    bar,,,,,,,,hahaha >>>>>>>> just kidding
    u have beautiful eyes. it reminds me of Arabian nights>>> not kidding

  6. mlvlatina says:

    Moving on and learning from failure. I am divorced so I consider my
    marriage a failure.

    I never thought I would get over getting divorced. It took me three years,
    but I did. I’m proud of myself.

    Thank you for another thought provoking video!! xx

  7. HorseRancher92 says:

    awsome shit , great video , i felt like ive failed at everything in my life
    but part of success is failure other wise success would be average

  8. BlueButterfly says:

    This is such a great help for my life 🙂
    my whole life is like a failure, if it’s school, if it’s relationships, if
    it’s family, if it’s anything, it’s all just a big fat failure in my face.
    I really wished that I’d seen this earlier, i was actually just recovering
    from failure when I came upon your video, thank you so much 🙂 I feel so
    much better! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. opticrainbow says:

    Thanks so much for this video. My partner and I are going through a really
    tough time financially right now, and we have been trying to use more
    positive thinking and energetic shifts in consciousness to help manifest
    what we want and deserve. Your words really helped to keep solidifying
    these revolutionary concepts for the health of the mind. Hoping things
    will look up soon. <3

  10. Danny Puzo says:

    You only allow failure if you know the meaning..xmarines do not understand
    this how to make it happen..period

  11. Mr26Stephen says:

    Your thinking too much about it, you win some, you loose some, you just
    sound like your stewing over something and beating ourself up over nothing.
    You get where you get eventually if you are determined enough.

  12. JakesShowcase says:

    Great Video and great start for channel, keep it up. I’m just subscribed.
    Your videography is great and I like the advice and seriousness of the
    topic…and truth of your insights. Jake

  13. It's Averi and Zoey! says:

    This video was really great and totally on point! It’s always scary to just
    go for something, especially if you fail, but that’s just what you gotta
    do. And there will always be more opportunities to travel again. New
    Zealand sounds awesome. I would love to go there some day. (I’d love to go
    pretty much everywhere someday, though. xD )

  14. MK mouse says:

    You get disappointed in life, you get over it and move on with life, its
    just great experience you have as a bonus in life. failed – get up-move
    on-be happy- dont be a pussy-stay tall and proud-be yourself-be human!!

  15. Balboa515 says:

    I liked that last part… about failure being proportionate to success…
    has a certain yin yang kinda je ne sais quoi to it. I’m subscribed to a lot
    of confused girls in LA… but ehh… what’s one more… new sub 🙂

  16. trenchdigger59xzy says:

    Good video kid. To put it in mma terms life is a series of
    ass-kickings,sometimes a person is on the receiving end or dishing it out.
    Life kicked my ass pretty good but I somehow keep getting back up ( with no
    clue what to do next).

  17. somechick73 says:

    Sounds like your negative thoughts just brought you more negative things. I
    think failure is an experience to teach you that you’re meant to do
    something else. I always think if something doesn’t happen that it’s just
    not meant to be and move on. This is a very motivational video, thanks for

  18. christinbichle le says:

    failure sucks espsecially when you are not trying to fail and i really hate
    that my parents say if i continue to fail i might work as a garbage men

  19. Raymond Johnsen says:

    it help alot to get this experiense! the tought is that i somtimes feel
    alone whit my toughts, and meaby have urge to share whit others by
    commuticating whit persons in real life!

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