How To Deal With Loneliness

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Everyone on planet earth will experience loneliness at some point in their life. Loneliness actually brings us together as a species and teaches us to go beyond our own self interest and care about others. We empathize with others because we understand how painful this emotion can be. The severity of loneliness it dependent on one’s emotional state and the relationships they have with themselves and others.

In this video I provide a list of tools that will help you deal with loneliness and form meaningful relationships!

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15 thoughts on “How To Deal With Loneliness

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    Orion Xaviersays:

    3:00 Yeah. I very rarely feel lonely. But as a strong introvert, I enjoy
    being alone.

    4:05 That’s so true. In my near death experience I was profoundly sad that
    I could not help the people I was connected to any longer. Death and dying
    is a beautiful thing because it reveals the only thing that matters.. Love.

    5:20 I used to be afraid to open up to people, namely as a teenager. But
    then after college I started to realize that people were not as impressive
    as I imagined them to be. Especially the attractive ones. “All flash, no

    5:37 My best friend was like that. Good friends have a way of pointing out
    our flaws, sometimes when we had no idea they were a problem. Like, “this
    is what it really sounds like when you talk to someone”, vs. what you think
    your speech and body language is expressing.

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    I am so glad you made this video because my husband is going to be leaving
    for about 40 days soon and this was one of my concerns, thanks again.

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    Johnny 5says:

    I’m alone, but not lonely. I am really a nice guy, if I had friends you
    could ask them. My credo is that if you need another person to validate
    yourself as desirable and sought after, you have a emptiness that must be
    addressed before you can offer something to another person. Settling for
    less has become common place, but acceptable.

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    What if you live in a small town and have absolutely no access to
    clubs/groups that suit your interests?

    What if you generally find people to be self-absorbed and boring?

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    You’re like a zen master of the internal dialogue. The tips you give here
    are quite accurate on loneliness. I agree that McDonald’s as a loneliness
    aide is not the best choice. Making friends by being open is the best way
    as you say. You continue to show yourself as the new and upcoming YouTube
    life coach and I enjoy watching your videos. Plus, you’ve gotta great tan.

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    Nothing unaccepted and owned can be fixed. Once one knows that every
    experience ever experienced is part of the life story they tell; they can
    change the story to include happiness. Loneliness is a choice just as
    suffering is also a choice we write into our life story of our loneliness
    and unhappiness, no sooner do we say the words; do we begin to become that
    which we believe ourselves to be…

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