How To Deal With Jealousy In A Relationship

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How To Deal With Jealousy In A Relationship

The most significant relationship you can have is the one with yourself!

Many say that if you are jealous in a relationship, you are in the wrong relationship. This is the case most of the time but for the other small percentage of times, jealousy is maybe something you need to work on. It is definitely something I have struggled with in my past and I finally feel like I am coming out the other side.

The key thing to remember is that we do not own anyone. You can not control someone else. Control is just an illusion. You have to love in such a way that you and the other person feel completely free. If someone is being disrespectful, then you can walk away but you canโ€™t control them.

In this video, I offer some insight into relationships and some tools for jealousy!

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18 thoughts on “How To Deal With Jealousy In A Relationship

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    Alex I'Ansonsays:

    I think this can be an extension of one of your more recent videos about
    how to deal with assumptions.

    I find that jealousy is an automatic reaction to our own automatic
    reactions. What do I mean by this? Well, when we don’t know the full story,
    or don’t trust the source, we come up with our own ideas. We then take
    cues, however tiny, and use that as verification for our suspicions.

    An example of this, is someone who has a partner, he has been coming home
    later than usual. You don’t really know why, he hasn’t said anything about
    seeing his friends, there doesn’t seem to be an issue in the family, he
    hasn’t gotten dinner, he hasn’t gone shopping… so he must still be a
    work… right? After a while, your trust in that idea might fade, and you
    may conclude that he’s cheating. After that, it would be very easy to see
    him just looking at someone else that’s longer than just a glance, and take
    that as verification of him no longer loving you.

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    Johnny 5says:

    I would rather have a love interest exhibit some jealousy then none at

    From my experience, when a person has to belabor “I totally trust them”
    they don’t. If they have to assert “I’m not jealous” they are.

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    You need to be with a great guy!!!! You are a gem!!!!!!! TOO GOOD!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Do you wear heels often? lol awwww, man, if I had you . . .
    I would NEVER get jealous, EVER !!! Cause I know there isn’t a single other
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    Another really good video I enjoyed. You are a natural presenter. Sort of a
    combo between a future talk show host and a spiritual guide. I think in
    this video how your so easily able to wave to your friend and keep the
    presentation flowing while keeping the audiences attention is a testament
    to your presentation skills. You have a bright on camera future and it’s
    just starting. Oh yeah and that Irish jealously thing, your right on about
    this topic too. Jake

  5. Avatar
    Orion Xaviersays:

    LOL 2:44

    Relationships begin with trust. But what IS trust? Let’s just consider the
    full meaning for a moment:
    “Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or

    Good relationships are built on trust. Jealousy only occurs *because you
    never trusted them.*

    The problem is in how people come to that “firm belief” that someone is
    trustworthy. Some, base it on their hopes and desires, which in turn create
    expectations. You hope and want to believe someone is trustworthy,
    regardless if they’ve earned that trust. Others, connect with each other
    through their thoughts and feelings; through intimacy. They understand and
    accept one another, which creates trust. But trust is less important, than
    the process that creates it.

    Love is not trusting someone not to betray you, it’s knowing that betrayal
    is impossible. That you understand or accept one another to such a degree,
    that anything you say or do is okay. (Or better than okay..)

  6. Avatar
    Patrick Huangsays:

    I awakened last year and became aware of an entity that I don’t identify as
    my body/mind/emotion, yet claims to be me. It got my attention by
    disrupting my 5 senses and throwing number patterns and way too many
    coincidences for me to write off. In this time I started seeing colors
    around people that seem to reflect their emotions. For example pink is
    loving while dark red is anger. And light green seems to be healing while
    dark green is jealousy. When you consider the phrases “red with anger” or
    “green with envy” you realize we were all once psychic but have forgotten,
    and are remembering once again after 2012.

    The plot thickens after research reveals emotions match certain brain
    waves. This reveals all emotions are subsets of love and fear. This ranks
    jealousy as a type of fear, and not fear of what’s outside of you either…

  7. Avatar
    Karrie Jensensays:

    If the trust has been broken because of cheating and the you agree to work
    it out.. but the partner who broke the trust is not doing their part to
    regain the trust then jealousy is justified. If you are jealous before the
    person ever did anything to break trust then you are probably need to fix
    your emotions and seek help for yourself. Trust is key.. trust once broken
    can be really hard to get back but not impossible. If you are jealous of
    him viewing porn then you have to decide if he or she is right for you.
    Setting boundaries is healthy you don’t have to tolerate it if you choose.

  8. Avatar

    I checked my email and noticed you left a message or comment to my
    Superstition Mountains video saying you wanted to know what I thought about
    this video. I went and clicked on the my video and noticed your comment was
    not there…I think I’m a little confused lol. I watched your video and
    thought it was pretty good. After being cheated on three times in a row I
    was once jealous for a few years. At the time I also had a large cyst
    hanging off of my Fallopian tube due to being on the birth control pill for
    so long. I noticed that my hormones were going crazy however my jealousy
    consisted of asking a lot of questions because I felt like my ex was hiding
    something. I realized tho that the jealousy that I felt had more to do with
    the my ex being the wrong guy for me…Oh and he did run out on me and the
    kids later lol…before we separated he was busy getting to know all the
    neighbors. I had to deal with his lies, missing$ abusive bipolar moods and
    substance abuse and much much more.Because he is a text book sociopath, he
    blamed all of his problems on me…no joke. He nit picked me for
    everything, cut me down in front of my kids, friends and family and he
    would continuously bring up the time when I got jealous in the early part
    of our relationship… even tho it had been years ago.The jealous feelings
    I had at the beginning of the relationship was more of an alarm telling me
    to get the hell away from him lol but…I’m sooooo glad I had two beautiful
    kids with him ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Avatar
    Pete Millersays:

    Great video! I have struggled with jealousy from both ends in my past
    relationships. Two big things I have learned that have gotten rid of
    jealousy are these:

    1. You create your reality with thoughts and feelings. In this universe,
    jealousy will drive your partner to others even when he/she had no
    intention of that before.

    2. Jealousy is based on the idea of competition. I ask myself, am I with my
    love because she fits a checklist of the perfect woman? Perfect hair, job,
    smile, attitude, grace? No. I’ve met lots of people who meet those desires
    or requirements, but in the end, I choose her because of a CONNECTION I
    feel to her. We have a connection where there is this silent, almost
    telepathic layer of communication and she was brave enough to acknowledge
    that. Ultimately, nobody can compete with this connection, no matter how
    much more they can meet my desires. I love her for WHO she is and not what
    she does for me. I was able to attract her into my life by loving myself
    and accepting my own strengths and weaknesses. Ironically, she excels in
    talent, beauty, wit, and grace and any other desire I’ve had, but those
    things are all less important to me than the connection. When you structure
    relationships on the connection you feel instead of making it a competition
    for a prize partner, jealousy melts away–because it becomes based on
    something deeper than how weak or strong you are at any moment.

  10. Avatar

    Good video. Although the information was lost on me, not being the jealous
    type (most of the time) I think you had some good points. It’ll be help
    people out there who are feeling jealous in a relationship. Maybe I’ll get
    into one some time soon, and remember this video when my trust wavers.

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