You Can’t Always Get What You Want

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

“You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you might find
You get what you need” ~ Rolling Stones

This week, a friend and I struggled with not getting what we thought was rightfully coming to us. After our devastation, I pondered why we put so much of our happiness into a future outcome that might never happen? Can we be content regardless?

14 thoughts on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want

  1. ConfusedGirlLA says:

    How to deal with not getting what you want!
    “You can’t always get what you want
    But if you try sometimes well you might find You get what you need” ~
    Rolling Stones

  2. SuperAceuno1 says:

    Were you originally a confused girl out in the country? I thought the
    chalkboard was green screen until you wrote on it

  3. Heinrich Metzger says:

    It is not at all a good generalization, because one cannot just infere
    about everything.

    usually htere is a case to case basis for thinking. simply, one should feel
    attached to a goal, to make a good outcome, sometimes not.. i may imagine.

  4. Heinrich Metzger says:

    so it is a good idea to have this video renamed instoead to something like,
    your friend had a break up and She was for some reason sad.

  5. Jenna D says:

    I’d like to say that being content makes people lazy. At least in my case
    it does. I don’t really care about my future goals, and that’s probably why
    I’m 21, have never had a job, and live in a trailer. Lmao… Not being
    content and always wanting more makes people do stuff and try to be their
    best. And being upset about not going places in life is only natural
    really, people always want to do better no matter how far in life they get.

  6. AYA tunes says:

    Omg I needed this advice! Didn’t get a job offer I wanted and was on the
    verge of a breakdown. But you’re SO right. We shouldn’t base happiness on a
    goal. We should base happiness on the present and just be content with the
    now. Why do we humans always live in anticipation to be happy when, really,
    we should just pursue happiness in what we already have 🙂

    Love your vids!

    Your new subscriber 🙂

  7. M Da Martian says:

    Loved the real cute facial expression at around the 2:57 mark, loved the
    little dance solo at minute 3, and as always, loved the whole video. See ya

  8. Kelly Medley says:

    You can’t always get what you want but you can get what you need if you
    repent of your sins and trust in Christ alone.

    The reason that guy offered her money is because she gave herself away to
    him before marriage. This is a sin in Gods eyes. He thought of her as a
    whore who needed to be paid off for sex. It is the way of sinners, there’s
    no surprise there. Only two born again Christians will last in a marriage
    relationship that is pleasing to God and therefore blessed. Without God it
    is just a petty contract to be broken the moment it becomes inconvenient or
    in this case when he was tired of his whore.

    You women need to learn to respect your bodies and not just give a gift
    that God gave you away to any guy that comes along that you think is hot or
    loaded. The moment it gets to hard to be in that relationship he will
    leave you. That simple.

    Of course you can be moral without giving God the glory, but the testing is
    never there really is it. Read the Bible you will see the real meat of
    life, of men and women falling and repenting, that is the sign of a true
    Christian, true heartfelt love for God and genuine repentance of sins that
    promotes the only real accountability, the one that begins in ones thought

  9. says:

    we can’t always get what we want… within this system… but we can in an

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