Why Putting Yourself Out There Is Always Worth It (My Experience On VH1)

“Courage is the human virtue that counts the most. Courage to act on limited knowledge and insufficient evidence. That’s all any of us have.”- Robert Frost

This week my VH1 episode on the show “Bye Felicia” aired. I was really nervous about how I would be portrayed and I questioned my decision to do it.

On a walk by the beach, I saw an old man in a wheel chair. I thought to myself, if I am lucky enough to be that old someday, would I regret my decision to have done this. I decided I would actually have regret about not putting myself out there.

Life is all about challenging yourself. Putting yourself in vulnerable positions so you can grow. We can not let the fear of failure or judgment stop us from trying new things.

Be brave and be victorious!

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53 thoughts on “Why Putting Yourself Out There Is Always Worth It (My Experience On VH1)

  1. ConfusedGirlLA says:

    “Courage is the human virtue that counts the most. Courage to act on
    limited knowledge and insufficient evidence. That’s all any of us have.”

  2. Mary Coldplay says:

    Giovanna,it’s very important to put yourself in the game,you did it and
    that’s awesome..it’s an experience of life..we can’t wait to see the
    show,by the way,you look so beautiful in your new italian look…we love
    you,baci dalla tua famiglia italiana <3

  3. Caden Rolland says:

    You did great!
    You looked good, got your videos name spoken, got your logo shown, and told
    everyone what it is you do there, it’s a great commercial for yourself and
    career! I think it’s a home run!

  4. SuperAceuno1 says:

    I always thought you just uploaded videos as a hobby, I have a couple
    friends that are successful motivational speakers that I believe got stated
    after being involved with quixtar or whatever it was, One of them was
    successful while still in high school because he started selling satellite
    dish’s and installing them in the very beginning, Those big dishes have
    been obsolete a longtime now

  5. Regal Ace says:

    The wind blew fiercely here as well, it burned my face. My analysis of
    things is that you don’t need vh1, it seemed a little too formulaic the way
    it went. If you enjoyed it, that’s what’s important. That’s a good clip, a
    beach girl it seems

  6. Colin Van Der Woude says:

    this is actually one of your best videos, for me it just states how you are
    a risk-taker and people who are with your mindset and growth generally
    succeed in life. Yes the media manipulation they try and pull it and make
    anyone appear the way they think will draw them the attention of benefit to
    the bottom line – the money hat. But anyone that would consider you airy or
    space headed has two main things to consider – either they have not
    observed or listened to you for long enough and made up a negative mindset
    and secondly these people are of no importance. LOL. simple.
    I like the Wayne Dyer reference to how a Buddha was asked and I will relate
    this in my simple terms instead – you go around being so happy and positive
    and yet you seem to attract or draw hate and the opposite just how do you
    deal with this? He replied in typical fashion with a question – along the
    lines of – If you receive a gift or present in life do you have to take it
    and own it? Can you just say thankyou (bless them) and then not hold it
    close to your heart causing pain like most others do?
    Why would you want to own something or a feeling that will only keep
    causing pain – go around the next corner and deposit that gift of
    negativity in a box on some paper (emotional feelings) and burn it lol
    Never look back! Life is Too Short just like all the great points you made
    – apology for length of this but you know me well I love to talk 🙂

  7. FranTheMan78 says:

    I think it’s awesome that you put yourself out there, hopefully you will
    expand your viewership as well as your consciousness.

  8. UpLiftingHome says:

    Awesome! You rock girly! Thanks for introducing your channel in
    UpLiftingHome comments. Look forward to watching you and your channel grow.
    Best wishes. Love, Carol

  9. lovelife02 says:

    I watch Bye Felicia every episode and love the show so much, but I have to
    say this was the first time watching with you in it that I did not like,
    not because of you but because of them, it made me so mad that they told
    you that you had to get more life experience in order to do life coaching
    for a living, that your too young and that somehow age has something to do
    with it, you live in LA and there are a lot of good life couching schools
    that you could go to there and you don’t need the experience, if you have
    been taught a recipe that tastes really good that people just love but you
    do not eat it yourself then does that mean that you cannot teach the recipe
    to other people?…No!, they were completely wrong by shooting down your
    dreams and I feel like them of all people should have known better, they
    should be encouraging your dreams instead of shooting them down and telling
    you to do something that you don’t love to do, sure they made you look good
    and gave you the look that you should have for being a life coach, that was
    all great but they sure did let me down by shooting my girl in the cities
    dreams down, I am sure if your parents have supported you this far then
    they would continue to support you going through school to be a life coach,
    I don’t think it takes more than a year to finish so that way you can say
    your certified without having experience to give you credentials, and it
    costs less than $10,000.00, not only does it give you the experience you
    need but it is like getting a year of life coaching for your own life
    because you guys practice on each other in class, which will be nothing but
    good for you in anything you decide to do after that, it’s like a win win.

  10. Melita C says:

    Thanks for reaching out to me 🙂
    Dig your videos it’s nice to see people trying to encourage others to be
    My youtube spiration is cloudyapples you should check her out

  11. TONY'S ESL CAFE says:

    Interesting lady, totally honest, very intelligent, yet humble….
    I subscribed, thumbs up, and here is my nice comment.
    I think we all make a ton of mistakes and it turns into destiny.
    Calculated risk plus execution equals success. I love your Channel.

  12. Colin Bradford says:

    I really liked your message here. I am a bit older than you at this point
    and I still want to branch out and put myself out there and take risks.
    Never stop getting out of your comfort zone.

  13. Amanda Jean Melvin says:

    Why do you not have more views?! You’re good quality & character. I think u
    rock thanks for the vids:)

  14. TONY'S ESL CAFE says:

    My favorite lady on You-Tube. Very honest and extremely intelligent! We
    should just do something, it will work out.
    Could be confused man LA. HA. Nobody really has a clue what they are doing!?
    That is where faith and fate take over, or call it luck, whatever words
    that make you happy!
    I am not trying to be negative, but really, how many times do we have to
    swing the bat to hit the ball..? (Lots and that’s normal).
    I mean is failure really failure? I don’t think so, no need to be so hard
    to ourselves and others….
    Sometimes I think light and superficial is a positive and a great way to to
    live. OK, there is a homeless person who needs food and drink. Done. No
    gossip, no belittling them with the lecture. Just love.
    OK, here’s a meal and some water my friend…Rather than being
    a drama queen over very obstacle. There is a reason for the season.
    Just live without the judgement. Respect others opinions. Appreciate the
    differences.(I am talking to me to) (;

  15. Richard Latreille says:

    J’espère que vous avez prit le temps de regarder mon vidéo sur le Lynx du
    canada. Vous semblez faire quelque chose qui vous plait, si c’est le cas
    continuez. Beaucoup de gens ont besoin de coach de vie alors si vous pouvez
    aider des gens à être plus en confiance ce ne peut-être que positif.

  16. Presley St.James says:

    Wow! I’ll be honest, this is a great vid! You really know how to get a
    point across, and you do a superb job of doing it 🙂 I applaud you in your
    ability of getting out there, and I would give anything to do the same 🙂

  17. Raquel English says:

    You are awesome! I enjoyed your video. Just remember you aren’t “airheady.”
    You are what you speak. Great job doll.

  18. PAPIZ0 says:

    hey i came to check you out after you commented on my vid i live in la
    email me or yt message me

  19. Christian Armstrong says:

    did u as a person comment on my video? or was it a robot?

    either way, cool video. thanks for bringing ideas and new concepts to

    real recognize real.

    i dont know how to be human, nor how to do anything human. no one should
    ever expect me to know how to be human.

    but im sure as a person i could be bottled and sold. i dont care to do it,
    i dont care about redirecting humans anymore. mostly because no cares, or
    has the opportunity, or position to meet with me and talk business.

    although money = freedom. i definitely need money to survive / thrive.

    so im still down for business talks from anyone who wants to do business
    with a alien.

    dont expect me to sell out to anything though, negotiations with me are
    usually my way or the highway, but im not a stubborn person. as long as i
    view the contract/business idea as fair i will more than likely join up
    with anyone to create anything.

    thats what i think of this video. because people push me to “put myself out
    there” but expect me to do it by myself when i have 0 knowing of concepts
    like advertising or marketing or blogging or web design or anything.

    my passion is to be real, and it takes time for someone to understand who i
    actually am as a person.

    i hate the idea of fame or renown or whatever, but i do appreciate that it
    can be used to raise humanity to new levels of understanding about their
    own self and the universe we are connected with.

  20. Goblin Gamers02 says:

    RI thinks this is great and you should make more videos and you earned your
    self a subscriber

  21. Kamila Bieber says:

    Hi, i clicked the link that you sent me on one of my videos and i am glad
    that i clicked it. Your videos are outstanding! They are so inspiring and
    you are also inspiring as well! Thank you for making such videos! I’m sure
    they don’t only inspire me 🙂
    All the advice you give is amazing! You are amazing and such a kind person.
    Again, thank you!

  22. jake jacoby says:

    I got your comment on my newest video.. You’re good at what you do! You
    seem, at least from this video, very outspoken. Which I believe is a really
    good thing. Also, you deserve more views!

  23. Arsalon Amini says:

    ConfusedgirlLA. This is excellent. You are wonderful and your content is
    powerful. I love this video. Putting yourself out there IS always worth it
    and I totally agree that putting yourself out there is scary and that in
    the face of failure and rejection you actually become victorious by testing
    and challenging yourself to grow to greater heights. What a wonderful
    video. Thank you so much for reaching out to me : ) I would love to here
    more about you. Here’s my blog http://www.aphroditieswish.com/.

  24. OriginalAfrcianQueen 93 says:

    Hey! I saw your comment through my email. But then when i checked it on the
    video it was there anymore. But i did get to read it. Nice video.

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