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How To Trust Yourself

Believe it or not, you have all the answers; As it pertains to your life choices and adventures. Deep down inside you should find the courage to do what you love, with out comparison to others, and embrace your emotions of insecurity in order to love yourself. In this video I want to give you […]

Confused Girl Takes Off: Vancouver

Confused Girl Takes Off: Vancouver Our first Episode of “Confused Girl Takes Off!” Destination is Vancouver and the subject is intense feelings of loneliness. How loneliness can appear in our lives and how we deal with this. In this episode I discover why I was feeling this way and how I snapped out of it. […]

A Little Perspective

The only thing that can limit you in life is how you think. Positive self reinforcement is a huge part of our overall health and wellness. I want to challenge you to find what your grateful for. To be in the moment, appreciate what you have, and inspire the positive in life,  everyday. Confused Girl Legging […]

My Interview On “Your Motivational High 5” Episode 27: On Self-Identity

http://bit.ly/ymh5ep27 Episode 27: On Self-Identity (with Giovanna of Confused Girl in the City) – is released!   Here’s how you can tell the world about it:   Shortlinks: iTunes / iPhone: http://bit.ly/ymh5ep27 Online / Android: http://bit.ly/ymh5Ep27  (only URL difference is ‘e’ vs. ‘E’)

The Power Of Intention

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When you are clear on your intention, you take inspired action that’s in alignment with your words and truth. You also quickly manifest what you desire because you’re clearly putting out words and actions that are in alignment with the thing you want to attract into your life. In this video I share my adventures […]