The Power Of Intention

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When you are clear on your intention, you take inspired action that’s in alignment with your words and truth. You also quickly manifest what you desire because you’re clearly putting out words and actions that are in alignment with the thing you want to attract into your life.

In this video I share my adventures in Cannes. I was very inspired by the beautiful atmosphere of Cannes, and the people that I met through this journey. The unexpected can be a wondrous place when you allow yourself  to go with the flow and  feel alive again. You can find serenity where you least expect it!

The Confused Girl Legging of the week is called Serenity. The design was inspired by a beautiful Turquoise Stone.  It is proudly known as the stone of purification and benefits your over all mood and emotion. It also plays an important role in inducing serenity and peace.

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