Confused Girl Takes Off: Vancouver

Confused Girl Takes Off: Vancouver

Our first Episode of “Confused Girl Takes Off!” Destination is Vancouver and the subject is intense feelings of loneliness. How loneliness can appear in our lives and how we deal with this. In this episode I discover why I was feeling this way and how I snapped out of it.

My Recommendations for travel to Vancouver, Canada:

Hotel: Skwachays Lodge–  at West Pender Street is a boutique hotel and an urban Aboriginal artist residence. Owned and operated by the Vancouver Native Housing Society (VNHS), the facility provides 24 shelter rate apartments for Aboriginal people at risk of homelessness, and two social enterprises that support the Society’s mission and financial sustainability. The top three floors contain 18 boutique hotel units for socially responsible travelers and Aboriginal patients travelling to Vancouver from remote areas to receive medical treatment. The hotel units have recently been transformed with the assistance of a team of artists, designers, and suppliers.

I highly suggest contacting Tourism Vancouver for amazing tours and recommendations. They set us up with the wonderful excursions below:

Lawrence Tours: Michael Lawrence is an amazing private tour guide with a beautiful vehicle to take you anywhere you fancy. He knows the history and culture of the city so this is an extra special experience.

Bayshore Bike Rentals:
This is a must do! Rent bikes from Bayshore Bike Rentals and take a ride around Stanley park. This is truly a magical experience.

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