Robin Williams Death

Robin Williams Death

This was a sad week for many of us. Robin Williams was a great talent whose comedy transcended generations. He spent a lifetime masking his pain while entertaining the world. Even though most of us never met Mr. Williams, we were shocked by his suicide. I believe one of the reason we were shocked is, we can’t understand how someone with talent, fame, money and awards, could be unhappy.

I understand that he suffered from depression but I also think there are other factors at play. Society is constantly telling us that if we buy the right things, have a lot of money, receive some sort of notoriety, we will be happy. This is a lie. It’s fine to want those things and enjoy them if you have them but it doesn’t create happiness. Happiness comes from the simple things in life. Happiness comes from within. It is a sense of self love and well being for yourself and others.

In this video I discuss this in more detail and I encourage you to check out my video on “How To Love Yourself”. I share tools I have learned that have helped me love myself and create more joy in my life.

25 thoughts on “Robin Williams Death

  1. Orion Xavier says:

    I think a person of Robin Williams’s intelligence and wisdom, that he has
    demonstrated so often in his comedy, committed suicide for complicated and
    irreconcilable reasons. Because life is not fair.

    The trappings of success and fame come at a price. They are a burden. When
    the “high” of fame and wealth has waned, that burden only becomes heavier.

    I don’t know what, they want from me
    It’s like the more money we come across
    The more problems we see
    *-Notorious B.I.G.*

  2. Julian Benton says:

    Love thy self study self remain in student learn from others keep an open
    mind just want to share my experience.

  3. matute11 . says:

    Nice Spacious PAD! Blow Fish!! That’s Joan Rivers!!! Her face is now
    starting to fall. She will age like a Vampire being stakes in True Blood.
    How old is she? 95 and she looked 55 post facelift? She is back to 70 now
    and fast tracked to 105. Unless he can get her hunch back fixed and her
    shrinked brain revived she is a gonner.

  4. Lee Clough says:

    I have been depressed since l don’t know when!
    It may have been the 70’s to the 2k.

    I was always having fun, working hard, had great people around me.
    I have even made a ton of money. Lucky me.

    But l have depression and it is not about optimism.
    It is about managing your illness.
    This was probably not his first attempt.
    This time he was successful.

    I hit alcohol. RW even has a joke about functioning alcoholics.

    If you are depressed. You will know. Not now.
    But you will.

    Mental illness is not a bad day or week. It is like a puppy, it is not just
    for Xmas. It needs care.

    Take care

  5. GiGi EatsCelebrities says:

    @matute11- Coming from a person who’s thumbnail is a picture of Mel
    Gibson… It’s clear you’re hiding something. Are you sure you aren’t
    describing what you look like because if you’re describing G then you must
    be effing blind because she’s stunning.

  6. JakesShowcase says:

    You’re great. You always have great insights and your blowfish joke here
    made me laugh. Your serious themed channel is a unique niche that works.
    Your very cute and I think you should make a video every week. Jake

  7. John Schleich says:

    I learned long ago that no matter what you have or if you are famous or a
    long life list checked off, that if something wrong inside, things will
    turn out bad. At least he didnt die soon after the depression and he could
    temporarily overcome it for 10 or 15 years.

  8. Fabian Asensio says:

    yes…you are right, the pursuit of fame and things does not ultimately
    fulfill the hole in our soul that only has a mold for God’s spirit.
    Just a tip for are sort of talking exaggerated, like overly
    pronouncing words. Would be better if you would relax more and speak to us
    like you were just speaking naturally to a friend or family.

  9. christinbichle le says:

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  10. s6y9l says:

    It stands to reason that someone that could be so manic would also be
    capable of feeling great depression. They are two sides of the same coin
    and the further the pendulum swings in one direction, the further it must
    swing in the other. To address your point of happiness not coming from
    outside, usually those who are the most driven for outside recognition and
    validation, are those who most keenly feel incomplete within themselves.
    And when they find that all their efforts are for naught, that they are no
    closer for the having of that which they thought would bring them peace….
    Well. Perhaps Mr. Williams has found peace at last.

  11. BlueButterfly says:

    I miss Robin Williams. I grew up watching the movies he was in, one of my
    favorites being Aladdin. I’ll never watch his movies the same way again. As
    I watched the news story about his death, people just couldn’t believe what
    happened because he had so much fame and fortune, I sat there thinking
    “money and popularity don’t make happiness!”. Even some people in my family
    couldn’t believe what had happened considering of all his money and fame.
    The thing that I couldn’t believe is all the people who thought it was the
    fame and the fortune that brought his happiness.

    We will all love and remember Robin Williams, but the way we remember him
    should be what he did, not what he had.

  12. Kristina Pelliccio says:

    Can you do a video about love dating and relationship with mainly ur
    opinion on those plz

  13. gnome guy says:

    Our beloved robin Williams did not commit suicide. He accidentally killed
    himself with erotic asphyxiation .. A sad way to go but not uncommon. The
    points you say are valid, but not in the case of Robin Williams. A sad loss
    to us all.

  14. rainbow20112011 says:

    I was shocked when I found out about his death.

    I randomly turned onto the CNN channel, and it said in the Tagline that
    Robin William’s died.

  15. M Da Martian says:

    Excellent video as always. Cute blowfish face. 🙂

    On a different note, you are one of my favorite bloger…or vlogers…or
    whatever people make these videos are called. You are the only one I’ve
    encountered that takes the time to respond to your fans. Much respect.

  16. VitruvianVision says:

    Robin Williams was an old soul with great humour and emotional depth, and
    from my pov had too few people to share in his revelations/experiences.
    That can be a problem, for some, especially when one experiences fame (and
    the superficialty that comes with it) too early, and/or had too many bad
    experiences before rising to fame, too. People never realize how hard it is
    especially on seriously gifted (and, mostly, sensitive) people to “make
    it”- you will have to bypass so many a***holes along the way, and so many
    a**kissers, bigots, liars, superficial people, people who will try to
    exploit you, etc. etc. As a connaissance from here described it:”I have
    worked in the biz for 30 plus years, and have encountered noone who has
    remained, or is, “normal”. The good ones eventually become depressed, and
    you can forget dating when you make serious money. Noone will love you just
    for being yourself. The rest are the perverts.. and I have seen too many of
    them, so I quit.” Some find suicide the only way out of this dilemma. It IS
    sad, and I have to say the news of his suicide hit me, too. Dead Poets
    Society was a turning point in my teenage life.. I regret this had to
    happen to such a wonderful, and gifted, person.

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