How To Deal With A Breakup

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How To Deal With A Breakup

Breakups can be incredibly painful. A broken heart can strip us of our confidence and happiness. Even though this experience can be horrible, it is also filled with great beauty. There are so many lessons to be learned from a breakup that can make your next relationship more loving and strong. That is why it is important to not be caught in the pain and obsessive thinking. Instead work through the pain and really get the lesson. This is a great time to work on yourself and grow.

In this video, I talk about ways to help you get over a breakup and grow from the experience.

“When someone leaves it’s because someone else is about to arrive.” Paulo Coelho

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29 thoughts on “How To Deal With A Breakup

  1. Avatar
    Alex I'Ansonsays:

    I agree with everything in this video apart from one thing… but first,
    this amazing poem (Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye “When Love Arrives”).

    I’ve never really understood faith. I know it gives people a sense
    of security, a shoulder to cry on, a way to ask for help, company and
    someone to thank. If someone needs faith in a time of need, i’m not going
    to stop you. Nevertheless, I think that if you truly believe that your
    deity(or deities) is actively micromanaging your love life, I think you
    need to step back and check the balance between your ego and your “soul”…
    because what you’re basically saying, is that your love life, is more
    important than all the suffering there is in the world.

  2. Avatar
    Oscar Ruelassays:

    So how do I make somebody understand that her relationship is done, that
    she needs to escape. I have a crush on a girl who is in a terrible
    relationship the guy is the biggest asshole in planet earth. He has made
    her cry a billion times and he keeps hurting her, and it pisses me off I
    can’t do anything about it, but watch the whole thing pass by me. Pisses me
    off that mr douche is still with her, and am here dying to make her smile
    and forget her problems.

    PS: What a moron decides to leave such a beautiful girl like you, all he
    could do now is downgrade.

  3. Avatar
    Orion Xaviersays:

    1:45 Or maybe it never is a relationship to begin with, if “you” aren’t
    fully aware of yourself. For example acting on subconscious desires, rather
    than conscious desire, in being attracted to someone and wanting a
    relationship with them. You can’t really share yourself with someone if you
    haven’t spent the time to figure out yourself (introspective).

  4. Avatar

    I’ve learned to let go. Nothing in life is forever. I’m okay with that,
    less stress.

    Love will find and keep you because your heart is open Giovanna.

    xxoo Monica

  5. Avatar

    When one is ready to accept GODzWILL, one quickly learns it is ONEzOWN –
    then ONE can rest in PEACE & enjoy ONEzLIFEFULLYWHOLY/:

  6. Avatar

    I ended my live in relationship after almost 9 years of hell. My sense of
    self worth faded. I appreciate your wisdom. I was really at the end of
    myself. In more ways than one. Letting go and surrender was what I did. Now
    my life has gotten more complex. It hasn’t been easy, but I will survive.

  7. Avatar
    Myke Autowordsays:

    3 things
    1: I agree wit wat ur sayin
    2: ur hot
    3: y did u send this video to me on my video?? I have been single for 4,5
    yrs. I pushed beyond a break up world

  8. Avatar
    Cat & Jesssays:

    Great video 🙂 Its certainly good to be in a low place after a break up as
    you’ll never look into it deeper. I didn’t love my ex but things i
    experienced were painful to me, i wanted to understand why I continue to
    attract this kind of man into my life. A great way I find is actually
    writing it down, what hurt me and how it made me feel. I then do “shadow
    work” to work out how i can possibly feel that way anyway, and yes it
    always stems from lack of self love, and always stems from childhood. In my
    last relationship i could see so many lessons (with him and his family
    members) it confused my mind so writing it down helped a lot. I could then
    work on each individual lesson then and see it for what it was. 🙂 I had
    huge realizations of how i actually feel about myself (before i even met
    these people), no wonder i attracted people into my life that matched it 😉
    x x x

  9. Avatar
    Anthony Gabrialsays:

    first of all it does not seem like you are confused at all .( It ) to be
    quite frank …sounds like you may have your shit together young lady .
    thank you for your commentary on thine video. and as far as relationshits !
    I am quite happy focusing on the dream I must fulfill . so to be involved
    would be not only in vain ,but also a distraction .congratulations for your
    2 month stint without any one . it has been 5 years for me and I have
    gotten back to Anthony And I need no one I am alone ,but far from lonely .
    I am embraced by the Holy Father and am surrounded by legions of angels at
    all times . I am not governed by the flesh what so ever . for the music
    that I have been gifted with protects and seals me off from the spawn of
    Lillith. which by the way is Woman . yes ,,oh yes they are indeed a sight
    to behold and touch and smell and love but,,, so far it has always led me
    to the path of perdition and I yes I assume full responsibility for that .
    So as I was … you are indeed muy muy hermosa ! and seemingly a giver .
    whom ever embarks on a journey with you will be quite lucky …. indeed !
    good luck oh beautiful one

  10. Avatar
    John-Bull Englishsays:

    Very well said! I guess if I could suggest 2 things, “letting go” is the
    effect after learning the lesson. And not a lot of people will understand
    this but you can only love your SELF, which is your identity and when you
    do- the effect is your “reality.” ALOHA

  11. Avatar
    Rylee Quevedosays:

    I really need to thank you for this. The pain of my breakup is still
    fresh, I’ve dated him for almost two years and he was my best friend… We
    broke up last night and watching this video made me realize that there’s a
    lot to learn from that relationship and it was probably over a long time
    ago. This rely did help me, thank you so much.

  12. Avatar
    Anthony Gabrialsays:

    yes it has been a minute or two I am not computer savoy but I have some
    other beautiful music to share with you I do not know of your name but I
    hope you do not mind that your inner beauty has yielded some very pretty
    good melodies . so give me a couple of days would ya?

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