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Yesterday, my roommate and I went to see the film The Giver. I know, I have to read the book. Books are always better. Anyway, I enjoyed the film because I thought the message was really beautiful. As humans we experience so many emotions. Some enjoyable and others painful. In this video I discuss the grace and growth that come with experiencing pain and suffering.

If you had the choice, would you get rid of war, violence, pain and suffering if it meant giving up love, joy and individuality?

Please leave your comments! Really want to hear what you think ๐Ÿ™‚

26 thoughts on “The Giver

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    TNoiro says:

    Hmm, pain is not good. pleasure is more motivating. a hamster bit my finger
    once, i never saw it again and i felt bad that that happened. I hope that
    answered your question in some way lol

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    Laurie Marinelli says:

    All emotions hone the facets of who we are becoming. We became humans so
    that we could emote and learn the lessons of emotions. The karmic lessons
    of choosing to be human are learning to observe our lives with a
    compassionate observation devoid of judgement. We are constantly growing
    and changing and becoming.The gift of emotions is to allow ourselves to
    experience them, then allow them to move through and out of us and not
    letting them define who we are. Non judgemental self awareness brings
    peace…and as that is the goal of the universe, we are acting on behalf of
    the universe. God manifests through us as us. Peace little sister. Mwah!

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    Alex I'Anson says:

    This is like the movie The Host, and i’m listening to the audiobook now
    because it intrigued me so much.

    In the book, these aliens have… well… not invaded… but taken over.
    They are put into our bodies and they take control of us. They’re very
    peaceful, although the human mind can inject foreign emotions into their
    thinking. They’ve turned Earth into a peaceful society…. there is no war,
    there is no conflict, if you need help and ask for a car, they will gladly
    give it to you (something that actually happens)… there is also a shop,
    but doesn’t require any money… you just go there, get food and walk out.
    It’s basically communism without the corruption.

    If I was given a choice over humanity, that everyone would life a life of
    mild emotions, but a life of safety and peace… I would say yes, I
    wouldn’t even hesitate.

    I’ve been on Reddit for a while, and I’ve seen some pretty awful things…
    as in I just want to close my laptop and cry because I just cannot compute
    what I just saw. You don’t really think that “whatever doesn’t kill us,
    makes us stronger” or “there’s a divine plan in there somewhere” when you
    seen an entire ~10,000 comment thread filled with horrific rape stories
    (male victim specific btw). Horrific things are rare, however, there are
    about 8 billion of us, and these types of things are either becoming more
    common, or more publicly available… or both. Plus, it’s not like these
    things can’t happen to Joe Everyday… especially with things like rape. If
    you’ve ever felt even the slightest bit unsafe whilst walking at night, or
    that you’ve ever dressed more conservatively to avoid being treated
    badly… then this is affecting you, even if it hasn’t happened to you

    Even just from a viewers perspective, I just don’t think all the horrors we
    create so often as a species…. are worth a few moments joy.

    (By the way… people don’t really seem to realise how much 8 billion
    people actually is. If you count, adding one every second… it would take
    you 254 years to count to 8 billion)

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    Orion Xavier says:

    What we’re really talking about is passion; strong desire. Passion is what
    makes us feel alive. Taken to extremes, it becomes “sin”. Sin essentially
    means “excess”.

    “Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping… waiting… and though unwanted,
    unbidden, it will stir… open its jaws and howl. It speaks to us… guides
    us. *Passion rules us all. And we obey.* What other choice do we have?
    Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love… the clarity
    of hatred… the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can
    bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we’d know some kind of peace.
    But we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank. Without passion,
    we’d be truly dead.โ€
    -Joss Whedon

    The movie portrays the government as the creator and enforcer of this
    dystopia. I can’t imagine a future where this could occur, because as we
    can see now, corporations rule the world.

    And corporations thrive on our passion, and sin. So the future would never
    be one where emotions are controlled by “those in power”. They’re the ones
    creating the problems we face, so they’d never be part of the solution.

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    SoulMan says:

    I have not seen the film nor read the book, but from what you’re saying, it
    speaks volumes that they had to chemically suppress everyone’s emotions as
    the foundation of this “society” where there was no more pain, suffering,
    There’s a time and space for all emotions and I agree, pain and suffering
    are great educators on what not to do in life and to point us in the right
    direction of what to do if we are open and receptive to their lessons.
    Nicely done.

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    s6y9l says:

    No one actually wants to live in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. It’s not that
    you would become numb to the positive emotions, but without the contrast of
    their opposites you wouldn’t recognize or appreciate them. That’s the whole
    point of duality. Without Dark, what does Light even mean?

    And really, there is no such thing as negative aspect. What we see as
    negative is just a relative absence of positive. You can’t hit a switch and
    flood a room with darkness. You can only turn OFF the light. Air
    conditioners and refrigerators don’t add cold, they remove heat. There are
    no negative FEELINGS. Joy. happiness, love… these arise spontaneously.
    Negative EMOTIONS are caused by THOUGHTS that block you from your natural
    joy by convincing you that some story in your head constitutes reality..
    Most negative emotions reduce to Fear. It’s constrictive, the kink in the
    hose that cuts off the Flow.

    Yes, physical pain “hurts” but that’s to alert us that something may
    require our attention. If you stay in the moment, with no story, just
    experiencing it as sensation, without fear, it becomes something else. All
    of that is true of emotional pain as well. And without a story negative
    emotions disappear. You cannot be unhappy without a story. Impossible. So
    if you would end suffering, eliminate the Internal Monologue as I suggested
    recently. All suffering is caused by thought, by a story. Even the Buddha
    said as much.

    Your other point about growing through pain etc is quite valid also. And if
    existence is to experience, negative experiences are usually more intense.
    We are sometimes more alive during these moments. Overcoming challenges and
    apparent limitations is how we come more into our true nature. But the
    closer we come to realizing ourselves as Everything, the closer we come to
    becoming Nothing. Because without separation, Who am I? I disappear….
    Duality again (-:

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    matute11 . says:

    NWO Preparation. I would have walked out!! Propaganda. Hollywood and Mass
    Media is owned by the Rothschild Zionist. Plus turn off the TV. It is all
    lies and government propaganda with an agenda.

  8. Avatar
    Natanhna Morales says:

    I just want you to know I heart you. The giver is one of my fav books and
    you got the message dead on. ๐Ÿ™‚ yes the book is better lol. Thank you for
    requesting me. I enjoy your videos very much.

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    BlueButterfly says:

    Well, it sounds like the movie was better than the book (for once). I read
    it back in 6th grade and saw it as a bad book. I kinda saw it as a book of
    a altered society that lived in fear of feeling emotion. I didn’t like it
    all too much… I don’t know, I was 11 when I read it. ๐Ÿ˜› But it sounds as
    though you found a deeper meaning in it. I’m glad that you enjoyed it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Well, another week, another great video!

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    Denise Fulmer says:

    If you numb yourself to all pain, you lose your inner compass that tells
    you which way to go. It would be like losing your survival instinct….or
    your ability to know what makes you happy. It would also disconnect your
    ability to have empathy for others. Not good!

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    Orion Xavier says:

    By reading some of the comments here, I think people are not realizing
    something when it comes to that society’s elimination of emotions. They
    don’t directly eliminate pain and suffering. They eliminate the excess of
    emotions (basically, “sin”) that *cause* pain and suffering.

    But, passion has always been humanity’s truth. No matter how rational or
    logical our thoughts may be, it cannot compete with our passion. We obey
    passion, not reason. The very foundation of religion; “faith”, is the
    epitome of this. Passion is paramount to our existence..

    By eliminating passion (strong desire), we remove the elements of human
    thought and behavior that create “man’s inhumanity to man”. We eliminate
    irrational behavior, and replace it with rational understanding. We
    actually listen to each other, understand, and strive for peace and
    cooperation. Likewise this greatly diminishes the significance of
    individuality, particularly ego. So there is no jealousy, vanity, etc. We
    revere duty, which requires neither passion nor reason to obey. We work
    together as a collective, which is better. Because it creates the greatest

    But we sacrifice the very thing that makes us human. Which is like
    initiating an apocalypse to “save” the world. It’s not evolving the human
    race into something greater, it’s becoming something less than human.

    I think both societies are valid. Who is to say our origins were not
    likewise engineered, as a civilization and species. “All that I am, is what
    I am.” If all you know is a life free of heightened emotion, than you
    cannot miss what you don’t know. Although, some may feel as if something is
    missing in life. Which makes me wonder, if this is in anyway analogous to
    our ignorance of the soul, and how many people feel as if there is more to
    life than “this”.. That perhaps we too are engineered in body and mind to
    be unaware of a greater existence.

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    Jessica Vine says:

    I totally would NOT give up feeling human. I’ve experienced some pretty
    horrific things but every day I get to experience my hubby and kids and
    friends and fun people like you. HECK NO. I am not giving that up. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the video.

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    Orion Xavier says:

    I’ve been watching some Eckhart Tolle videos, and some of what he says
    comes across as being similar to the dispassionate way of life portrayed in
    this movie. That, we should not react to the phenomena of present time,
    through passion or negative emotion.

    The distinction between what Eckhart teaches, and what occurs in the movie,
    is the difference between treating the cause of a disease, or treating the

    He teaches that the solution to end suffering, is to teach people how to
    obtain this level of awareness, of their own spirit. That the reason for
    suffering is because people don’t know what they truly are.

    While Eckhart teaches that there is a transcendent peace in being aware of
    yourself, of “God”, I believe there is much more. And it is the “more” that
    we need to recognize. That is, to know yourself, to know “God”, is to raise
    your vibration to level of ecstasy. It’s like, to observe the entire
    universe, to truly feel all of that space and energy, its complexity, it’s
    awesome size.. and not feel that it is *sublime.*

    In his mannerisms, in his words, he conveys a calmness, a “stillness” that
    is dispassionate. This is not what we want as human beings. The nature of
    humanity, is passion; strong desire.

    We are excited and happy to live. Like young children. What we want and
    what we consider the “purpose” of living is simply, happiness. When you
    remove all thought, you allow your vibration to raise to its natural state
    of pure positive energy. We are always wanting to create positive
    experiences. We want to respond, to react, to create, to be, to do,
    positive effects. It’s never enough simply to confront reality- we want to
    see and appreciate what we desire the most in it.

    As imperfect human beings, it provides a greater opportunity to manifest
    this desire, to create positive effects. We are “God”, and “God” is sublime
    beauty and love. Let me reiterate, “God” *is* sublime beauty and love. “I
    am that which is”. There is no form, only the act of being. So, as a
    spirit, we are love, we become it. We don’t interpret it, we are love, we
    feel it, and we are that nature. The nature of love is never content to
    know peace and joy, it is to share it, to reciprocate, and the urge to do
    so is overwhelming. We need to create *so much* joy and love, in every
    possible way. And so it unfolds infinitely through time and space, in every
    form we assume.

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