How To Overcome Your Ego

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How To Overcome Your Ego

This week was loco! I tried the master cleanse with my roommate. We were doing it for 2 days but I broke on the second day. OMG…that cleanse is intense. I caution everyone to read about it and have a couple free days when they do it 🙂

Anyway, while I was cleansing, I had an encounter with a somewhat unpleasant lady. This encounter ignited my ego. I explain why in my video. I was trapped in ego for a good part of the day. It was controlling my thoughts and my emotions. After I started to get upset about being upset, I had had enough. That is when I used the below tools to deal with the ego.

I explain these in further detail in the video.

Step One: I became aware that my ego was in control and that my soul was not.

Step Two: I created a space between my ego and my soul. This space allowed me to see the situation objectively and gain greater understanding.

Step Three: The ego works off of identification and comparisons. So be aware of engaging in this.

Step Four: Bring in back to the present moment. Take a few deep breaths. The ego can not exist when you are fully present.

I hope this video helps you along your journey! Please leave your comments. I love to hear what you think!

All my love,
Giovanna aka Confuse Girl

37 thoughts on “How To Overcome Your Ego

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    Alex I'Anson says:

    Everything i’m about to say, is based off of my view of the ego. It most
    likely isn’t the official definition of professional psychiatrists or
    philosophers have, instead it’s just my personal view from years of self
    evaluation. The ego is how you view yourself from 3rd person combined with
    the comparisons of others from 1st person. It gives you identity, position,
    power and submission. It lets us know when it thinks we have a right to do
    something, or when it thinks it’s our place not to.

    I’m not sure, but I would say that most people have come to the conclusion
    that the ego is a mostly bad thing, this is why words like “egotistical”
    exist (even though words like entitled or pretentious would be more
    accurate), when really, it’s not. (I don’t know if it exists yet, but I
    think there should be a good word for the use of the ego, like there is
    with awe… awful and awesome… they’re the same thing… but for
    different situations)

    I personally think that there should be a balance between your “soul” and
    your ego. Neither should orbit the other like a moon… they should be
    equally sized, and they should orbit stably around each other. Like Yin
    Yang. If either the “soul” or the ego is larger than the other, you are
    disconnecting yourself from reality. It may be good, or it may be bad,
    however it’s not reality. It’s only once you’re in touch with yourself and
    the position that you’re in, that you can possess the best perspectives and
    frames of mind.

    Just remember that, the only thing that your “soul” and ego do, is give you
    a perception… it’s your job… and duty, to filter them, otherwise you
    will operate on the automatic and reflexively do whatever satisfies your
    emotions. You need to be able to assess situations and figure out how to
    deal with it pragmatically.

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    Orion Xavier says:

    3:20 So true.

    I would argue in the situation you described, it is a matter of respect. Or
    rather, *insolence.*

    Distancing yourself from the ego can be effective as a temporary solution.
    But I think it’s healthier to recognize what you are, rather than what you
    don’t want to be. Ego is a part of the human condition, so in order to be a
    better human being we need to develop a healthy ego.

    It all comes back to that well known Latin aphorism, “Temet Nosce”; Know
    Thyself. Actually, it originates from the Greek, and is one of many great

    Σαυτον ισθι “Be yourself, know yourself”
    Σεαυτον αιδου “Respect yourself”
    Αρχε σεαυτου “Control yourself”
    Θυμου κρατει “Control anger”
    Ψεγε μηδενα “Find fault (criticism) in no one”
    Υβριν μισει “Despise insolence”

    Truths are written and echoed through history, in various religious or
    spiritual books (which are the basis of religion). “The thing that has
    been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall
    be done: and *there is no new thing under the sun*.”

    Many people like to believe they have “found God” in one religion or book,
    but it simply speaks to them in a way that pleases and defines their ego.
    That is why so many religions exist. And why the term “religious” has
    become synonymous with “stubborn”.

    The ways in which each religion corroborates certain truths, is what
    matters, not in how they contradict one another. And the same with

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    Kazuki Lee says:

    You should have videos and pictures that pop up when you say certain thing
    like little green men or the Italian back hand. 🙂

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    Fabian Asensio says:

    Thank you for the nice words..the light is awesome for sure…not I! I
    think your comments are all true…but if you would like to advance in the
    light much quicker and love God..please try the Be Still at the
    It is a miracle exercise. really, the ego, when seen completely and simply,
    is another identity, spirit, that jumped in us at an early age often. It
    FEEDS of of irritations, large and tiny. “Through patience possess ye your
    souls”…is so true! Check out my FB page .. Fabian Asensio..God bless!

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    Basquiat Picasso says:

    Great video! You have a lot of potential with these, especially since there
    are not many self help youtubers out there. Keep the videos coming!

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    Nate Cantalupo says:

    It sounds like you would experience a lot of growth from living in the
    wilderness or traveling in some 3rd world countries. Thanks for commenting
    on my video too!

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    Paul Morton says:

    great. ego is ok but there is a better standard called conscience and
    realizing we need Jesus. there are things people will or will not do due to
    what is right or wrong. keep the ego but remember we are always learning.
    There is a lot more but most of my understanding comes from a biblical
    perspective. I do love those old stretch armstrongs lol had them as a kid
    in the 70s.

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    Clint Richardson says:

    Good Job. Great books you mentioned so I know you are on the right track. I
    am reading “A New Earth” yet again for the 3rd time as the only way to
    conquer the ego is to keep vigilant. Tolle has not only taught me much but
    given me the practical exercises with which to accomplish the goal. Keep on
    keeping on, sister.

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    EMCEEHRAS says:

    By confused I mean thinking something was wrong with me 24/7 cause I was
    ‘thinking’, which he makes out like a crime against yourself haha.
    Constantly thought I wasn’t “in the moment” when the truth is, its
    delusional to think you ever weren’t. We always ARE, it’s more the tricks
    of the mind that have us on these trains of thought which change our
    perception on ‘the moment’. Deep shit really, I left it alone for a while
    to regain my sanity last year hahah Cool video by tha way! Very beautiful

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    Patrick Lavigne says:

    I think this video has just put me on the path to solving a lifelong
    problem that I didn’t even *identify* as ego. hmm… interesting! Was good
    to hear it broken down like that! Thank you!

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    s6y9l says:

    You don’t seem confused to me. I have found a useful technique to quiet the
    internal monologue. Ears are made to listen outwardly, not inwardly. No one
    needs to think much, things are what they are and speak for themselves
    mainly. Distorting them through a self-justifying story cuts us off from
    our power in this moment which is constantly escaping us.

    Anyway, the technique is to listen to that which cannot be heard. Breathe
    silently, and focus your hearing on the sound of your breath, which is
    silence. You can still hear everything outside, but this has the effect of
    shutting off the constant, repetitious commentary coming from the ego. This
    can be done 24/7 actually, not only when you are upset. When you need to
    speak, you will hear your authentic words as they arise from your silence,
    rather than the socially imprinted falsities that are mainly spoken.

    Try it! Blessings to you on your journey.

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    Fridemar Dr. Pache says:


    thank you dear ( actually not appearing as so ) confused.. girl and dear
    commenters 🙂
    for sharing your video How To Overcome Your Ego and
    your comments.

    I think the title of this video could be reframed as

    “How to integrate our Ego into the field of greater consciousness”.

    The Ego appears to act as a pattern of conciousness with a very small
    horizon of optimization..
    (so to say a kind of “peephole-optimization” )

    Paradoxically if the horizon shrinks to the HereAndNow, possibly the Ego
    dissolves itself as
    a problem-maker.


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    RisingSaru says:

    Takin’ a backseat (I call it getting out of mind) gives a good look of
    yourself, your reactions. Be one with soul. Then you can laugh at
    anything. Ego doesn’t get that we can only control how we react to
    life. Those that irritate us, mirror an unlikable trait from within. They
    challenge us to be true to who we are.

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    Lindsay Stumm says:

    omg i love you!!! thank you for inviting me to your channel! i love your
    space, so awesome! great info!!! say it sister! infinite love and blessings

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    ArthurLoveForLife says:

    Hi Giovanna, thanks for asking us to review your video. Well said but you
    will be challenged by what we say about Eckhart Tolle here: and the
    fact that we are educated/instructed into creating an E-Go.

    E-Go is NOT natural, is fake, is artificial, is MAN-made. 🙂 We also
    suggest reading posts like this one “E-Motion” (copied below) which touches on the
    subject of E-Go – In this post can also be found the Love For Life
    Sequential Order which covers the big picture we see/sense.

    All the best to you and your family.
    Arthur & Fiona Cristian
    Love For Life

    Extract from the article E-Motion…

    Arthur & Fiona Cristian
    13th August 2014

    Every image of “The System” that we live our lives out of is e-motion. It
    is all a program, alien, artificial pictures that are programmed into us
    through education, indoctrination, explanation and instruction. A, b, c and
    1, 2, 3 are e-motions, taxes, laws, religions are e-motions and getting up
    and going to work is e-motion. Time is e-motion. None of it is created and
    inspired uniquely by us through direct experience with nature, the

    The e-motion of trauma runs very deep in everyone trapped in “The System”.

    E = ecclesiastical

    Motion = is the Freemasonic/Satanic High-priest-hoods ecclesiastical
    programs we are setting into motion (performing/acting/re-presenting).

    E-Motion is educated/instructed into all slaves of “The System”.

    E-motion is what creates a slave because, while we are responding to
    e-motion, we are being compelled by something unnatural to us that we are
    afraid to resist. All the conquered tribes across earth were slaves to
    e-motion the moment they were conquered by other tribes and forced to adapt
    to the different customs of that tribe that were imposed upon them.

    E-motion is what we are allowing to come between us and prevent us getting
    together powerfully to walk away from “The System”. It is the e-motion that
    keeps us worrying about money, ownership, belief systems, race, culture,
    creed, careers, status and other fake-lifestyles. It is e-motion that
    causes all forms of conflict = chaos, war, unrest, poverty, homelessness,
    malnutrition, injustice, harm, uncertainty, invalidation, doubt, fear,
    greed, selfishness, power and control trips, fantasy, illusion and
    delusion. E-Motions include emptiness, loneliness, directionlessness,
    jealousy, rage, anger, suicide, boredom, ridicule, abuse, arrogance,
    righteousness, etc…….

    Earth is a planet orbiting around the sun and is turning at great speed,
    this is e-motion. Have you experienced this directly, first party to first
    party? Or is it what you have been taught, an image put into your head by
    third parties? Everything bouncing between the ears is e-motion not created
    through direct experience. The priest who dreamed “The System” gave us
    e-motion-all images to live our lives out of to ensure that we continue to
    create “The System”. Nothing of “The System” is about MAN working with the
    inspiration of nature to set all of Man free in present-sense. It is
    impossible to take something not natural, put it into something natural and
    create something naturally powerful.

    This is why most attempts to live without “The System” fail; people come
    with good intentions but bring all the e-motions of “The System” with them
    and while they are operating under the influence of the e-motions, they can
    never create anything outside “The System”. They bring “The System” to
    paradise every time, hence “UTOPIA” = true freedom/paradise always at arms

    E-motion tells them that they are being used when they labour for no money.
    It tells them they are being taken advantage of when they are asked to
    contribute money or land. It tells them not to trust others, not to trust
    that they will be taken care of and that they cannot work with those they
    have disagreements with. E-motion keeps them separated and apart, needing
    “The System” to give them “space” and to keep them from having to confront
    the demons that keep them trapped. E-Motion is all about doubt,
    uncertainty, confusion, chaos and immense destruction to the living.

    Many run away from freedom back to “The System” because freedom is hard
    work and because we are addicted to the images of “The System” supplied to
    us by the ecclesiastical Freemasonic/Satanic world. Those behind “The
    System” have invested enormous amounts of energy working out how best to
    supply us with the images that they want us to be addicted to, just as they
    had to work out how to communicate their images to the Aborigines when they
    first landed on the shores of the land known under the corporation
    act/performance as the Commonwealth Of Australia. They brought with them
    the education system which is all e-motional images put into our heads by
    others who have had the same pictures put into their heads.

    All social commentary and social media is e-motion. It is all designed to
    keep us lost to the e-motion, lost in our reaction to trauma so that we
    never remember who we really are and walk away from “The System”. All roads
    lead to Rome and all system thoughts and images lead to “The System”. Rome
    cannot be built without the slaves and “The System” cannot survive without
    our attention, addiction, compliance, acquiescence and labour.

    We are given a choice of e-motions and a choice of “freedom” but whether we
    follow Obama, David Icke or the Dalai Llama, all we are doing is setting
    into motion the ecclesiastical motions of the images they feed us. None of
    it is real freedom. We cannot use the tools of e-motion to get to freedom.
    The tools of e-motion can only lead us back to enslavement to e-motion. The
    motion of e-motion is reaction to trauma. What we can do is become aware of
    the e-motions that rule us and aware of our reactions to trauma and come
    together, sensing each other’s intentions through the trauma and using what
    we can of “The System to get us out of “The System” as we learn how not to
    let our reactions to trauma rule us. We do what needs to be done anyway.

    Most communities fail because good people with good intentions bring “The
    System” with them. They bring their egos which are the shells of e-motion
    under a “name”. “Hi, I’m Joe,” we say. What we should be saying is, “Hi,
    I’m anger, envy, ownership, Buddhism, car owner, divorced, father of 2,
    don’t trust anyone with my “ownership” of my money, my labour, my
    “personality” belief systems, values and interests. Just call me Joe”.
    While we carry all this e-motion, we are not free. Our freedom comes in
    learning to let go of the multitude of fake e-motions (fake pleasantries,
    niceness-fronts, image/fashion-statements, etc) and allowing them to fade
    away as we occupy our real-lives with healing the damage done to MAN,
    nature and Earth by “The System”.

    E-motion needs rules, regulations, rituals, procedures, conditions and
    contracts. MAN doesn’t because Man is not compelled to perform for another
    MAN, not ruled by e-motion. When we work with the virtues of love, we are
    not controlled by e-motion. We can use “The System” to get out of “The
    System”. Our reactions to trauma include my money, my time, my labour, my
    belief. This distracting fake e-motion leads people to feeling used when
    they work hard in the garden without pay, feeling invalidated when they are
    challenged to examine their belief systems and feeling cheated when they
    are asked to contribute their money to real living community projects.
    E-Motion IS all about SELF-CENTEREDNESS.

    No matter where we turn in “The System”, we are trapped by e-motion. We are
    not given full disclosure as to what is created by the images of these
    e-motions. By focusing on them, we become hosts to these alien, unnatural
    images. Every Man is sacred, just as all of Earth/nature is sacred. When we
    expose children to system images, we are desecrating the sacredness of MAN.
    Confused with fear and in denial of having given up who we really are. Our
    e-motions are self-centredness; centred on a “self” that is false, that is
    our e-go that forms our relationship to money, status, standing, etc. Many
    people come together in marriage through this, which is why so many
    marriages fail.

    The whole collective of e-motion forms/houses the E-Go.

    Go = the e-motion program we set into motion.

    None of our trauma is created uniquely by us. While we continue to work
    with it, we will never leave Rome and without slaves, there is no Rome.

    True feelings come as inspiration that you set into motion as a gift for
    the dream of life. True feelings are your creation which you will never
    “own”. True feelings are set free as a gift of your LIFE to add to and
    expand the living dream of LIFE. Very different than setting trauma into
    e-motion which compels us to act as puppets of that trauma that is “The
    System”. Until we let go of e-motion, we are enslaved forevermore.

    Direct sensory experience has never revealed to anyone that Earth is a
    planet, is turning and is going around a sun that is the heart of a solar
    system turning around a galaxy of many galaxies turning around a universe
    of many universes and that we (MAN) are on a journey through this fake
    uni-verse heading from somewhere to anywhere and, that we are tiny aspects
    of this uni-verse at the effect of greater forces than us as in astrology,
    astronomy, “system science”, mathematics, alphabet languages,
    geometry/sacred geometry, occults, esoterics, myths, lores, fables, gods,
    higher powers/beings/levels/dimensions/planes, aliens, ufo’s, heavens,
    hells, man-made religions, laws, corporations, commerce, etc, all of which
    are derived from black-magic and all of which are e-motions designed to
    compel us into giving up who we really are in present-sense to be ruled by
    fantasies, illusions and delusions (The E-Motions). Through direct
    experience, has anyone seen the solar system as pictured in books?


    As our Facebook friend David Black pointed out “The System is a murderer, a
    mass murderer.” And the slaves, under the “spells” of e-motion, are the
    highly trained assassins serving the Freemasonic/Satanic ecclesiastical

    All roads lead to slaves for without slaves there would be no Rome. If you
    give up being a slave you give up EVERYTHING that makes up Rome = “The
    System”. The problem is NOT Rome or Jesuits or Roman Catholics or
    politicians or judges or corporations or the media, etc, the problem is
    with each MAN continuing to act like a slave. A MAN does not whine or
    complain about anything of Rome, only RO-MAN slaves do this. A MAN just
    walks away from Rome never to return, never to look back.

    R = the Asp, the serpent of Ancient Egypt used as a Freemasonic/Satanic
    code to paralyse, asphyxiate, strangle, their victims.

    O = a vicious never ending cycle = under the spell = constant reactions to
    trauma = E-MOTION.

    MAN = co-creators of the dream of life – who we really are.


    E = ecclesiastical

    Go = the ecclesiastical e-motional program/instruction set into motion by
    slaves under the power and control of e-motion.


    The depth of reaction to trauma goes far far far far far far far far deeper
    than most people can presently comprehend. “The System” is trauma based and
    everything of “The System” (the e-motions we set into motion) is reaction
    to trauma. “The System” IS E-MOTION.

    Note: The staged background for the performance of e-motion is always “The
    System”. All e-motions belong to “The System”, they are not part of
    nature/earth. Every image of e-motion comes bundled with “The System”
    causing slaves to forever be stuck in HELL. “Slaves are getting far more
    than what they initially bargained for”. LOLLLLLL – If only they realised.

    These ecclesiastical high-priests of Freemasonry/Satanism are very clever
    and cunning. All E-Motion leads the duped back to “The System” from where
    they never departed. E-motion is a vicious perpetual cycle. The thought
    (e-motion) of freedom is not freedom. The e-motional thought of freedom is
    just the echo of a freedom bouncing to and fro between your ears after
    someone else put that e-motional picture in your head. This idea of freedom
    is an e-motional addiction. THIS IS NOT FREEDOM, instead it is slavery, a
    choice of slavery.

    E-Motion will never lead MAN to paradise in present-sense because e-motion
    will DESTROY all pure and sincere dreams of Kindom/Paradise/Do No Harm

    Unless slaves really wake up to what is really going on they will forever
    remain trapped in “The System” of HELL. There is NO paradise in
    present-sense for slaves because all slaves are trapped in the E-GO of
    e-motion. Freemasons/Satanists manipulate e-motions in slaves to compel
    slaves (their victims reacting to trauma) into accepting and entering “new”
    forms of e-motions which keeps slaves trapped in the darkness of a man-made
    hell to perpetuate a living-nightmare of harm-doing without respite.

    Notice all your e-motional attachments – if you are switched on you will
    see/sense a Satanist manipulating you e-motionally (“We Will Lead Every
    Revolution Against Us”). There are thousands of these intel operatives
    e-motionally messing with slaves all across Earth. They are wolves in lambs
    clothing, “good guy” shepherds leading out front in all fields of interest,
    causes and endeavours. “The System” provides the Freemasonic world with all
    the power and control they need to rule over slaves, over fallen-MAN. They
    do not want you to leave “The System”. They do not want you to remember who
    you really are. Regardless of guise, they want to keep you e-motionally
    trapped in “The System”. A MAN is not trapped by e-motion, only slaves are
    e-motionally trapped, are e-motionally locked into “The System”. Only
    slaves fight to protect and maintain the e-motional prison “status” of
    their “own” making.

    Also, all the virtues of love have nothing to do with e-motion as they can
    only be directly experienced with Nature/Earth/living-sensory-Creation/MAN.
    Virtues of love include cooperation, co-creation, empathy, compassion,
    supporting, nurturing, generosity, trust, strength, do no harm directions,
    confronting and exposing lies, fraud & harm, etc, etc.
    E-Motion, E-Go, “spells”, trauma, reaction to trauma, etc, are all
    explained in greater detail as can be found in the many Love For Life
    videos, articles, debates, etc, as listed in the Sequential Order copied

    Also scroll down Arthur’s Facebook wall where you can also find plenty of
    discussions/debates regarding these subjects and others. The article
    “Separating The Wheat From The Chaff” maybe our last article as we have
    come to the end of our 9 years of intense scrutiny based research work. The
    link is listed in the sequential order but is unpublished. We plan to have
    it published before the end of September 2014. Once it is posted we will be
    creating a video series, a documentary, and lots of music projects while
    co-creating and expanding the Kindom (Do No Harm Community) dream we
    live/stand for.

    Have you seen the Food Forest Vege Garden we created? We posted a video
    called “From Bare Dirt To Abundance”: From Bare Dirt To Abundance – A Year
    In The Life Of The Love For Life Food Forest – it can also be found in the
    Remedy section of the Sequential Order. Here is a link where you can read a
    brief background on us and information regarding the Love For Life
    recording studio:


    From one of the Facebook Anastasia groups and in response to this

    Paul wrote:

    Everything you need to be what you are is in the program, you born, you
    grow up, you mate, you grow old and in the end you return to the infinite,
    Every cell in your body is a universe of its own its intelligent and
    complete and its programed to be whatever it is. You programed to be you
    whoever you are and it makes no different to the program what your mind
    thinks you are, the program is not in the thinking mind it’s in the body in
    what we call the DNA. In the beginning you distinctively follow its wisdom
    as a very young child you know what you like and you don’t like and you
    follow your instincts to be happy, enjoy life, body develops and the mind
    matures and begin to use symbols to deliver the message. Its not because we
    intelligent its because we are programed to invent an entire language not
    only communicate with other humans but more importantly with ourselves. We
    learn to use symbols to speak.

    Like birds understand birds and dogs understand dogs, the humans understand
    each other through symbology. If I was on an island and all alone we will
    eventually give everything a name and use that language to deliver a
    message even if it is to itself, why would we do this? Its because we
    programed to invent a language, the symbols for everything. With repetition
    and practice we finally learn to speak, once we learn to speak the humans
    we live with teach us what they know, They program us with knowledge. We
    are domesticated the same way as a dog through a system of reward and
    punishment out of fear of punishment or not receiving a reward we start
    trying to please because bad people don’t receive reward. In human
    domestication all the rules and values of family and society is imposed on
    us, we don’t have the opportunity to choose what to believe, the people we
    live with tell us their opinions what is right what is wrong, all the
    information is downloaded into our head, we are innocent we believe what is
    told to us, we agree and the info is stored in our memory.

    Through the attention info is relayed from outside to inside and visa
    versa. We cannot teach if we don’t have attention and we cannot learn if we
    don’t pay attention. Using the intention they teach us symbology by sound
    then ABC, then we grow up and then we ask question. We master the language
    when we use the symbols to talk to ourselves in our head, this is when we
    learn to think, before that we don’t think, we mimic sounds and using
    symbols to communicate, life is simple before we attach any meaning or
    e-motions to the symbols, once we give meaning we use them to make sense in
    our lives. In school we read and write the language we know and the writing
    language makes it possible to accumulate more knowledge, now the symbols
    that we learn are hooking up our attention all by itself its what we know
    that’s talking to us, its knowledge what we know is talking to us the voice
    is not real because its our creation and we believe without a doubt because
    we give it life with the power of our faith, this is when our opinions
    starts taking over our mind, people tell us how we look especially true as
    children, we see our image of our self-according to what other people say
    we are. Because its not really who we are we start pretending.

    Then we look for perfection.

    Before domestication we don’t care who we are after domestication every
    word in our mind is just a symbol every word has the power of our faith
    because we believe in its meaning, human construct an entire believe
    systems made up of symbols, then we use everything we know which is nothing
    but symbology to justify what we believe 1 st to ourselves then to everyone
    we know, that way we perceive ourselves the way we perceive the entire
    universe. If we aware of this then its easy to understand that every
    mythology /religion/philosophy all the different ways of thinking are
    nothing but agreements with ourselves and other humans, they our creation
    but are they true, everything that exists is true but the symbols used to
    construct what we know are only true because we say so.
    The story is about the creation of an entire language, it works by
    agreement. There is the object of perception. The real truth is life
    creation, it’s the absolute truth because it’s the truth for everyone, our
    interpretation of the truth is our creation and it’s a relative truth
    because its only truth by agreement. Taken from Don Miguel Ruiz – The Fifth
    Agreement which i wanted to share with you. 🙂


    We replied……..

    He has forgotten a baby/child (MAN) already has EVERYTHING of Living
    Creator to be MAN (Living Creator) this includes Living Creators free will
    (uniqueness/originality) to expand everything of MAN uniquely. It all goes
    wrong when we desecrate the sacredness of MAN by indoctrinating a MAN to be
    under the image power of another MAN, to be less than the full potential of
    Living Creator. We, Living Creators (co-creators of the dream of life),
    were never meant to be educated/indoctrinated/instructed/etc about anything
    because when we do this we create clones of a MAN = the full potential of
    who we really are being denied, rejected, ignored, desecrated, severely
    limited, etc.

    It was nature that raised MAN cause this is the ONLY way to protect the
    sacredness/originality/uniqueness of MAN/Living Creators. Just as
    creatures/sensory-life-forms already have everything built in to be
    uniquely what they are, just requiring exercise/practise to expand what is
    already built into them, the same applies with babies/children of Living
    Creator provided the freedom to expand the consciousness of Living Creator

    He is right in that we are intensely programmed from very young and to us,
    the result of that programming is that we no longer know who we really are.
    That change is reflected in our DNA imprinted as the devastation of Earth
    but that is not who we really are. For generations, what we have been
    creating is not who we really are and that is reflected in the almost total
    destruction of who we really are and what we are really part of. Our
    challenge, if we are to return Earth to the paradise it was dreamt to be,
    is to remember who we really are and thus direct our true power as
    co-creators and expanders of the dream of life without doing harm. 🙂 <3

    continued here:

  16. Avatar
    Stig Skovlind says:

    Separate from the ego. Yes. Step into the present moment. Yes! Nice video.
    Thank you for sharing. We certainly need the ongoing reminders of this
    stuff 🙂

  17. Avatar
    Barbara Hofmeister says:

    Congrats for taking your power back and start living in the NOW. Your
    greatest breakthrough was awareness. Becoming aware that your ego tried to
    take over is huge. You are doing great

  18. Avatar
    Speed Racer says:

    on a TV set recently as an extra – people leave water bottles etc all over
    – I helped the PA’s pick some up and even randomly picked a few up on my
    own and threw them out – they appreciated that very much – next day in an
    action scene with the stars of a show luckily – must put ego aside within
    reason – helps a lot

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