How To Overcome Fear

How To Overcome Fear

“Don’t give in to your fears. If you do, you won’t be able to talk to your heart.”
― Paulo Coelho,

About a year ago, I had a pretty big awakening and realized that fear had been controlling my life. It is so easy to get swept away in fear. As part of the human experience we are all going to have fears. Fear of dying, rejection, body image, war, not getting the job, starting a business, not fitting in, looking people in the eye, commitment in relationships. The list goes on and on.

I decided that I was not going to let fear run my life anymore. Instead I was going to take a leap of faith. I was going to venture into the unknown. We can not allow fear to sabotage our efforts, keep us in a self made prison or stop us from trying something we really want to do.

In this video, I share some ways of being that have helped me overcome fear. I talk about how to trust yourself and take a leap of faith; letting go of what no longer serves you; being in the present moment; facing your fear.

I hope this video helps you on your journey. Please leave your comments. I love to hear what you think!

30 thoughts on “How To Overcome Fear

  1. John Schleich says:

    I have found that the more things that seem impossible we do the less fear.
    Be in an emergency or where only you can save yourself and answers come
    seemingly from nowhere and you get out and survive

  2. Robert Dambeck says:

    Death and taxes …. and somewhere in between all that, I still plan on
    jumping out of a perfectly good airplane ;

  3. Alex I'Anson says:

    Most people’s first response when talking about defeating fear, is to face
    it head on… but this would be quite problematic when it comes to death
    and war.

    For the more mundane, where your logical brain knows you have an almost 0
    chance of dying or even just getting injured (spiders, heights, flying,
    speed, holes, whatever), facing them head on can be the best method,
    however it can cause you to end up spending money on a planned event that
    you’ll most likely only do once, like the bungee jump shown in the video.

    Personally, I find the most pragmatic method of dealing with fear is to
    meditate. You imagine it, remember or internalise the fear, then you
    release it, as if you’ve mentally regurgitated it and it’s now flowing away
    down a river. I follow the steps of a clip of a tv show I used to watch as
    a child… The Last Airbender series. Although watching this clip with no
    real context and with an adult brain can cause real skin crawling
    cringeness… if you pay attention only to the steps, it can be quite
    rewarding. (How To Open Your 7 Chakras – As Explained In a Children’s Show)

    One thing to remember is that fear, pain, anxiety, stress, and all the
    other emotions or responses that are deemed negative, mostly aren’t that
    negative. Firstly, they are a reminder of how wonderfully complex we are as
    humans… and secondly, they give us perspective, caution, respect and even
    awe. Experiencing these feelings in moderation is amazingly healthy, you
    just can’t allow them to control your life.

  4. jacob rivera says:

    I conquered my fear of heights when i went bungee jumping. I almost passed
    out lol:)

  5. Orion Xavier says:

    “*The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is
    before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to
    meet it.*”
    ― Thucydides

    It’s not really about overcoming fear as it is about not being the effect
    of fear. This applies to any negative or undesirable emotion. You’re
    choosing not to be the effect of it, *even though you may still have those
    undesirable thoughts and feelings.*

    This approach differs from what you are suggesting, because it can be done
    in any situation. You just choose not to let it affect you.

    Otherwise, you’re forced in every situation, in that moment, to try and
    deconstruct that fear. The thoughts behind it. This is something that is
    better left when you are alone with your thoughts, and can take the time
    needed to eliminate it.

  6. LimoEric says:

    My fear gets conquered in cycles. Which means I do eventually conquer it
    but it takes me many years to do so. I’m facing my fear to work in L.A. by
    leaving Las Vegas where I have been very successful but I miss the beach
    and love Southern California. Wish me luck in conquering my fear. Great
    vid! I needed it!

  7. Fahad Al-Faris says:

    I suffer from flying phobia…………….. really
    to overcome it FACE IT
    I fly a lot
    in worst cases
    sometimes I swallow a bunch of “valium” 🙂

  8. Jennifer Glass says:

    Great video! Thank you for linking it on my channel! You are doing very
    great work and I’m sure you will inspire sooo many!! I was just expressing
    my fears today about my current living situation, it’s like once you take
    fear out of the equation, then you get to REALLY see what you want to do
    and whatnot, it’s like just do the damn thing already lol and then
    afterwards, you realize it’s not as bad as you thought…

  9. EyeWitness Infinity says:


  10. lifeNstuff13 says:

    Iv heard a guy saying FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, you must be
    checking out the same videos 😛 Thank you for the video.

  11. SETH DARK says:

    Amazing work Sister, it’s true, the present is your moment of power and
    from that moment point you not only can you change the present, but the
    past and future as well. Sorry I had to get a little Multidimensional,

  12. WMWanimations says:

    Very, very interesting video! This is helpful and insightful. I wish your
    channel success.

  13. Promienie Gwiazd says:

    Hi! Thanks for a nice comment 🙂
    I like what you’re saying here. And your bungee-jump is fine too 🙂
    Although i see nothing wrong in fear – just the opposite. Fear is good. If
    you don’t KNOW – you better FEAR … or face the consequences of your
    ignorance. Sooner or later. THEN it may be too late for fear 😉 Personally
    i like fear (phenomenon), but fear nothing. Because i KNOW the
    consequences. Usually. If don’t know – i sit quietly keeping my mouth shut
    … just listening, observing and learning … until i get to know.
    Warm greetings ☼
    P.S. You’re cute. Not any compliment – simply fact 😉

  14. Accidental49 says:

    So she has an Italian look, speaks like a California Vally girl, and has
    wisdom to impart. yup, now i’m confused or is it love, no, no confused.

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  16. Amit Patel says:

    hi beautiful,
    You are so positive, inspirational. I love your vids…keep posting it..

  17. David Jackson says:

    Nothing scary about this, tap into your own mind we are making all this
    happen with collective thoughts we are actually making every event happen
    with how we are perceiving them to be. Jesus Christ, Not Religion, has
    taught this and still is, you just got to be willing to receive. You can
    also use your power to destroy but if you really understand on a deeper
    level you’re only destroying yourself.

  18. Julian Benton says:

    Today I was in nature I saw a big fly this fly didn’t fear nothing so I
    started to test it’s power lol it started attacking me haha.

  19. Wandering Creator says:

    Thanks for sending me your video 🙂 couldn’t agree more, our spirit is SO
    powerful & once fully realized there’s nothing we can’t do !!! 😀 You
    touched upon alot of really good points here, this video will help motivate
    & inspire many people.

    I’m always delighted to see people speaking out & making videos to help
    others <3

    Namaste 🙂

  20. Johnny 5 says:

    Fear? I am afraid that you posses the propensity to convert my floppy disk
    into an extended hard drive.

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