How To Get Out Of A Slump

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How To Get Out Of A Slump

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“It is your resistance to what is that causes suffering.”

The last couple of weeks, I found myself in a slump. I had no motivation for work nor life. I drove myself completely mad trying to understand “WHY?” I was feeling this way. Instead of accepting the present moment as it is, I tried to force my own agenda. I wrote more things on my to do list and tried to push myself to do more. I ended up having intense anxiety and then was unable to do the smallest tasks. Then, of course, I started to feel guilty about not being able to do as much as I wanted. OMG…the breaking point came and now it was time to chill. I learned a lot from this experience. I learned, again, how to accept the present moment for what it is and not what I want it to be.

We have to remember, we are human, not robots! We need time to recharge our batteries and process things. Be good to yourself in these times. Take care of yourself.

In this video, I provide 5 tools that can help you get out of your slump!

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19 thoughts on “How To Get Out Of A Slump

  1. Avatar
    Julian Benton says:

    I was homeless down San Diego also knew I would be cause I didn’t know no
    one down CA lol it was a great experience being down CA.

  2. Avatar
    John Schleich says:

    Last week was crazy for me too, busy and everybody pulling on me. sleep bad
    every day, but I did find an eckert tolle book over the weekend that has
    been amazing for me.
    Didnt know you were an adventure girl 🙂 I need to get outdoors this month
    too, been too long. I somehow new that the slump referred to you when i
    saw the title.

  3. Avatar
    THE-MED says:

    Yea you can thank God for making us so incompetent, exhautable and unable
    to do what we want to the best of our ability when we choose to. God
    intentionally made us flawed because in heaven we are perfect beings and we
    wouldn’t know and fully appreciate our perfection without experiencing
    something other than perfection.

    Anyway i fail in to slump many times but i always try understand what
    causes me to fail into a slump. I know it’s possible to be fully immerse
    into ones goals activity 80% of the time.

    Because everything in life works cyclically, we have to learn the cyclical
    nature of life and learn to work with it accordingly to get the best out of
    our daily lives. You trying to do something out of the right cycle is like
    a farmer trying to plant in the wrong season.

    Also negative things such as food, environment, mind set, etc can weaken
    and suck away your energy which cause you to not have the vigor you ought
    to have in everyone moment.

  4. Avatar
    TNoiro says:

    Ah yes, words of wisdom! I overworked last month and went to the ER. Taking
    it easy now, and not putting pressure on myself to do a lot of things that
    aren’t really necessary lol

  5. Avatar
    GiGi EatsCelebrities says:

    UM OMG I flipping HATED THE AD that came on before your video… It was too
    cute for words and now I am lonely as the F BOMB! – LMFAOOOOOOO!!!

    😉 😉

    Love youuuu!

  6. Avatar
    Greta Quispe says:

    Hi! Thank you for sending me a link to your videos! I really needed to see
    this particular video! Your awesome!! God bless! Best of luck on

  7. Avatar
    rene ibarlucea says:

    Be on the state of compassionate love. Learn about Ananda Bosman 432 hertz.
    Neurorevolution. Is to know that we are already gods.

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