Dealing With Negativity

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Dealing With Negativity

“We focus so much on our differences, and that is creating, I think, a lot of chaos and negativity and bullying in the world. And I think if everybody focused on what we all have in common – which is – we all want to be happy.” Ellen DeGeneres

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26 thoughts on “Dealing With Negativity

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    Alex I'Anson says:

    This advise is kind of troubling me. It’s okay to follow it, if your job
    has been temp work, you’ve only been there for a short amount of time, or
    it’s entrance level work… but especially with things like debt, rent,
    mortgages, contracts, loans… it can be tricky. It’s nice to think that
    the easiest way to get out of something not so pleasant is to leave,
    however, with the society we’ve created and have voluntarily given our
    lives to, we bind ourselves to things… and those things just need to be
    ridden out, or ended on agreed terms. Nevertheless, as with everything in
    life, it comes down the context.

    The way I see it, is that your happiness is like a business, sometimes
    there’s growth, sometimes there’s stagnation, sometimes there’s decline…
    that’s perfectly fine, healthy and normal. Some believe that’s a part of
    being alive, and human (on some levels anyway). As long as your levels
    don’t go below 0 per say, you’re all good.

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    JakesShowcase says:

    I really like this video, it shows that you have the right motivations and
    are not afraid to trust your gut. I really enjoy your serious good advice
    niche where your giving solid life advice with a touch of show-womanship
    flair. Hope the leggings sell and your life coaching catches on. Keep it
    up, cutes. Jake

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    Cherylene says:

    I can really relate to the idea of staying in that situation is damaging
    and we need to focus on changing the situation instead of going numb and
    ignoring it year after year. It’s relevant for me at the moment because
    after getting sick from a work situation, then spending the last two years
    strengthening myself to return full time back at the same place, I’m
    finding after 2 weeks at it, the same elements are there that bought me
    down before.

    So I can see that I need to focus on setting my work situation to were it
    is happy and safe, or make steps for change. I have been slightly thinking
    about the possibility that this is to harmful and steps need to be taken.
    And your right I have to trust in the universe to be positive about the

    I wish you well in your business and much growth in your Life Coaching
    session. I think it is a pretty awesome thing to take up and share your
    positive skills the way you are :)♥

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    PrincessPinkie100 says:

    Dus this Also apply to ppl hateing u and starring at u and ur famialy not
    fully accepting who u are and feeling like ur famialy dosint even like u
    cuz that’s how it is for me all the time

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    s6y9l says:

    Excellent… This is meant only as feedback on the effectiveness of your
    message, not to entice you from your essence into your ego through external
    validation. But you are definitely on the right path for you. I feel
    happiness for you. (-:

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    Laurinda15 says:

    I’m at the stage of my life when I have to find myself a job. My family is
    acting like it’s nothing (‘Just get a job’). But I really wanna do
    something that will make me happy, something I will love to go to everyday,
    and if I’m completely honest I still don’t know what that is.

  7. Avatar
    SoulMan says:

    Hey there,
    Good for you that you not only stood up for and loved yourself enough to
    get out of that job situation that was toxic but also found an even better
    job and a manufacturer. 🙂
    Trusting ourselves and doing what’s right are both beautiful things.

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    Orion Xavier says:

    Well the universe has never been favorable to me. My life is full of “bad
    luck”. Things only improve to get much worse. “1 step forward, 2 steps

    I can relate to your example of Hostile Work Environment. I left a job
    because of that, as the stress was making me sick. Extreme stress over
    prolonged periods impairs the immune system. It also makes you age very

    So if it’s a choice between being blackmailed into being miserable (e.g. at
    work), or choosing an alternative that is possibly worse, I choose the
    latter. So long as it is a path in life of my own choosing, I can accept
    the consequences.

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    mlvlatina says:

    Congratulations on all the wonderful blessings you have received.

    I worked in a hostile work environment for 20 years. I finally had the
    strength to take steps to move away from my job.

    I am 100% broke now, but I can sleep a bit more peacefully. My situation is
    complicated, but I know I would have died if I continued working there.

    Take care Giovanna.

  10. Avatar
    BlueButterfly says:

    Another great video 🙂

    congrats on all of the great things that happened, I’m sure they will
    continue to bless you 😉

    I also love the artwork you did! I would do something of that scale, but i
    already asked my man about a month ago and she no X). But it’s not a big
    deal 🙂 But I really do love it, it’s truly a wonderful work of art 😀

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    Johnny 5 says:

    Try to take the negative jabs as a compliment. I find that haters are often
    jealous, secret admirers riddled with self loathing issues.

    I have enacted some serious purging with previous “friends” and I realized
    that the worst, most toxic friends were the subtle, catty, passive ones. I
    do take pity on them because they were/are very angry and unhappy.

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    christinbichle le says:

    when i deal with it just ignore or talk negative back possible as i can if
    try be aware with negativity that what i do best

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    marvin lowery says:

    Hey girl, first of all I perceive you not to be confused, but an extremely
    ambitious and very attractive female. Secondly, when you mentioned that
    your boss could not even look you straight in the eyes, when he was
    speaking to you, that shows signs of deception because the eyes are the
    windows to the soul. I demand that people look at me straight forward so I
    can get a view on who I’m dealing with. I encourage you to move forward
    with your goals in life. Stay positive and attractive. Bye now.

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    Gabrielle Dubinsky says:

    There is too much negativity in the world, between different races,
    countries, and just differences between people.

    Dear world,

    My best friend is a Muslim, and I am a Jew …………….. It’s that

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