Find Your Happy

Life is too short to be stuck doing something you hate. Waking up on a Monday wishing it was Friday is not a way to live. In this video, I talk to my friend Garth that has a unique approach to life. You can live the life you want! The winner in life is not the person with the most things, it is the person that enjoys it the most.

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10 thoughts on “Find Your Happy

  1. TheBitterIntrovert says:

    I’d love to know what he does to support himself. Right now I’m cursing
    work since I do it 6 days a week and never get to do anything that I want
    besides sleep when I’m off.

    Help me Garth!

  2. Accidental49 says:

    I call BS on this cliche “good life” Tai Lopez wannabe douchebag. Either
    his Parents are of means, he sells drugs, or basically he is straight up
    bullshittimg. He didn’t eleborate in the slightest on how anyone can quit
    there 9-5 job and make enough money to not only survive, but live the
    dream. Fuck off, I’m unsubscribing.

  3. Orion Xavier says:

    2:20 It’s the price of consumerism and planned obsolescence. Although the
    latter can usually be avoided when you buy things online with overwhelming
    positive reviews.

    2:37 I made that decision from age 25-35. I wasn’t going to squander my
    youth in preparation for a financially secure future. When you’re young and
    alive you should be out doing what you really want. Luckily I had the means
    to do so (at least for those 10 years).

    I have a different opinion about full time jobs. I’ve always tried to get
    them, but out here they’re only interested in hiring part-time,
    evening/night shift, at close to min. wage. As a result I’ve had to live in
    poverty for the past 8 years, with only a 7 month period where I was able
    to land a full time job. (The Recession didn’t help!) Although recently I
    got a full time job with much more reasonable hours, which I’m grateful
    for. I used to take food for granted and now it’s such a luxury to be able
    to consistently buy quality food (which is ridiculously expensive!).

  4. Gregor Tappa says:

    Way to go!! Keep partying on Garth!! We are all basically slaves on earth.
    Might as well be doing time by enjoying every moment of your life. If you
    work for the weekends, hate Monday, cant stand your boss, consort with
    colleagues you despise, countdown until retirement, play the lottery in
    hopes of winning to quit your job…………you need to quit your job.

  5. Gregor Tappa says:

    We are all basically slaves. Might as well do what you enjoy and try to
    live as free as possible, while procuring that all mighty funny money
    dollar bill.

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