Facing Your Demons

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We all have our demons and the last couple of weeks, I have been dealing with mine! In this video I discuss the demons I have been dealing with and how I’m healing myself.

“The best way out is through.”- Robert Frost

Please leave your comments and share your stories! I want to know what you think 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Facing Your Demons

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    PerceptiveThought says:

    Don’t feel worthless you are valuable to all the ppl you have helped and
    will help..their is value in you being here right now alive and making this
    video.your not always going to be happy your not always going to be
    sad.dynamics of existence

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    FranTheMan78 says:

    I’ve done some inner child/shadow work like this, it seems like typical
    cheesy “new age” stuff, but it’s really quite effective. It helps
    reintegrate fragments of our consciousness that were left behind at certain
    points in time that were traumatic.

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    Orion Xavier says:

    The truth about ourselves is that we’re always changing. You might believe
    now that for whatever reason, you lack value. But the reasons for that
    belief can change in time, with experience.

    There’s this great scene from Joss Whedon’s “Angel”, where Gunn is
    liberated from a demon dimension..

    Gunn: “Do you know what the worst part of that place was? Wasn’t the
    basement. At least there, you knew where you stood. Demon was gonna cut
    your heart out and show it to you. Nah. It was the fake life they gave you
    upstairs. The wife, kids, all the icing on the family cake. But somewhere
    underneath it, there was the nagging certainty that it was all lies, that
    all the smiles and the birthday candles and the homework were just there to
    hide the horror.
    (turns to face Angel)
    *Is that all we’re doing here—just hiding the horror?*”

    I think that’s true about a lot of people. They’re too busy doing the
    things meant to make them feel good about themselves, partying, doing
    drugs, taking selfies, have a lot of sex, buy a lot of nice clothes, etc.,
    that they neglect to confront their issues. That all of those things are
    just there to hide the horror..

    “The Hunger Games” is another great example of this.

    And as for “the wrong things about us are actually right”, well I was born
    an introvert and social phobic. So.. I never attended parties, do drugs, or
    any of the things people do to make them feel good about themselves. I just
    had lots of introspection and critical thinking.

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    Brandon McKee says:

    I appreciate your vulnerability. I don’t know if you remember reaching out
    to me on Instagram and Youtube, but I’m glad I managed to subscribe to your
    channel. Thank you and God bless you!

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    lovelife02 says:

    What if actually what you were feeling were you wish you could do more, it
    does not mean that you are worthless it may mean that you are being too
    hard on yourself and putting too much pressure on yourself, it also may be
    your higher self telling you who you are is not matching up to how you feel
    now, I have had tug of war with my higher self before, if that is the case
    make sure you take time out to enjoy the journey, appreciate what you have
    now, love yourself now and nurture yourself in some way, and realize that
    you are exactly where you are supposed to be in exact timing and thank God
    for being you, celebrate you and thank God for choosing you and giving
    yourself your life, and take time to appreciate all the good things that
    you have and have had along your journey, here is for you xoxo

  6. Avatar
    Michael Hunter says:

    Awwww…I wanted to pull you out of the vid and give you a huge hug! Next
    time I see you be ready for a double super size one…or two! Lol

  7. Avatar
    THE-MED says:

    Even your being sad and crying is effing awesome. You some how did it in a
    way that’s adorable. I wish i we could meet up and be friend, but
    unfortunately you live in Cali and i live in FL.

  8. Avatar
    SoulMan says:

    You are on the right path and the method you’re implementing to deal with
    this will allow you to become a more complete and whole person. Wonderful
    video and thanks for sharing as I know it’s not easy to be vulnerable on
    camera like this.

  9. Avatar
    Claire Carradus says:

    HI! Thank you for leaving a comment on “buy one for me!” your video is
    awesome i have been seeing a Bach Therapist for years now dealing and
    facing with my emotions and rock low self esteem i wondered if i would ever
    not feel so horrid about myself – since facing my demon ive lost 24lbs and
    going strong, Ive learned to accept myself and ive learned that i need to
    take care of myself!! your awesome xx

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    latent1234 says:

    The thing that resonated with me is the feeling of a child begging for love
    and safety.
    I still have this a bit 1,5 week after hearing some bad news. I’m not there
    yet (self-love and feeling of safety) but doing body work and dancing to
    songs and/or singing (or screaming) in the forest that elicit the emotional
    response in my body did (and do) help a lot.

    Right now I’m working with the Confidence Gap book by Russ Harris to
    improve my mental state, alongside working with the body. He says:

    Six steps from rebounding from failure:
    1. Unhook from unhelpful thoughts
    2. Make room for painful feelings
    3. Be kind to yourself, in word and gesture
    4. Acknowledge what worked and appreciate any improvements
    5. Find something useful to help you learn or grow
    6. Take a stand through acting on your values

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    Roy Wijermars says:

    This whole love thing by the way. Psychotheraphy says it is because
    relationship with your parents/ you weren’t loved enough etc. Very

    But I found this view of Dr. Gabor Maté to also be interesting and to have
    some truth:

    So that big loss is not that your mother didn’t love you or even that they
    abused you. Al though it is important what happened to people as children
    it is not sufficient. It doesn’t matter how many times you go through the
    trauma you experienced as a five year old, whether abused mistreated or
    what. Because that wasn’t the big part of it. [..] The fundamental thing
    that happened, the calamity was not that there was no love or support. That
    wasn’t the problem. The greater calamity was caused by the first calamity
    is that you lost the connection to your essence. That is much more
    important than whether your mother or father loved you or not. The big
    thing then is then not focus on what happened externally and how do I get
    it from the outside, but how do I reconnect to myself. [.]] Thought about
    this, thought about this, and written about it. Your book changed my life.
    Maybe I should read it myself. Because thinking about it, and even talking
    about it, and teaching about it, and helping people get there doesn’t help
    me get there. Because you can only get there in here. Through the body. You
    can only get there at the very core of your being. There is nothing else
    that anybody else is going to say that is going to get you there. Anybody
    can only give you clues.

    Also, I did get into an addiction. As you talk about in the video it can
    Why this happens in our generation is mentioned in Viktor Frankl his book
    Men’s Search For Meaning. And for those struggling with addiction, or
    wanting to know more about it, this is a very good video:

  12. Avatar
    Regal Ace says:

    What do your demons look like? Is it a succubus or a poltergeist entity?
    That was an intense thing to go through it seems

  13. Avatar
    Light Love Magic says:

    I feel ya sister! Purge and release! Purge and release! There’s a lot of us
    out here going through these cycles together. Thank God for You Tube! Thank
    you for your vulnerability and devotion to your channel. You are lovely!

  14. Avatar
    Arsalon says:

    I first want to thank you for your courage in showing us your vulnerable side. This kind of video takes a lot of intelligence. Much of this message resonates with me. I know what its like to not feel valuable and to dwell in negative emotions of worthlessness. I spent many years running from my childhood trauma. The story of how you are facing your daemons, sitting with them and looking them in the face is inspiring. Your suggestions for those in dark times are wonderful and I agree being compassionate and loving to oneself is a powerful step towards the developing of a healthy self image.

    Keep up the excellent work Giovanna,

    Arsalon with Aphroditeswish.com

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