3 Ways To Live A Fulfilled Life

“To live will be an awfully big adventure!”

This is true but we have to fully participate in our lives. Most of us are not active participants in our own lives. Instead, it is like we are sleeping through it, just going through the motions. If life is a gift, then we have to treat it as such and live it the best way we can. We have to give it our love and light.

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579 thoughts on “3 Ways To Live A Fulfilled Life

  1. Martin Green says:

    Great video you are very very cool women and what you come up with was not
    a kind of thing I would think doing if had channel like yours but its sound
    good weeell good is only way I can put it but if I think of other word if
    haaas be GREAT!! in big latters and thank you soo much for your comment and
    I am happy you like my video.
    Plus thank you for sending me your video :-}

  2. Andy Wong says:

    You have an awesome sense of inspiration. No life threatening risks. But
    you do things that many people think alot about but usually wld not try but
    u wld advocate doing it for real. I can relate to that. I concur with much
    of your sharing. God bless. n I look forward to more of your vids. You go

  3. Andy Wong says:

    Everything all at once… oh yes! I wld stand by that with sword n shield
    for that statement u made. I was perpetually going thru that. Kindred souls
    I say?? Dun flame me if u dun think so ok. LOL. Ur a highly experienced
    soul. ๐Ÿ™‚ It applies to both genders for most stuff u talk abt. I wish u all
    the best in your outreach to the world in ur life wisdom.

  4. Travis Cosentino says:

    Well you hit it home with a lot of really great wisdom We all get stuck in
    the daily grind of life from time to time. It’s good to sit back from time
    to time and reflect on what’s really important. And also take the time to
    take care of the self. The thing that made perfect sense for me right now
    is moderation. Something I’m not very good at, I’m either all in, or
    totally out. Moderation……..gotta figure that one out ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for
    sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yanik Chicoine says:

    Those are good tips ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I would add: give Love! โ™ฅ
    Do random act of kindness, send love to people everyday, even stranger,
    just find something lovable about them and send a beam of true love (even
    if you dont say it out loud) send love all around and it will make you
    happy + you will receive love too ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

  6. Infinite Rays says:

    Thanks Love! Getting back into nature each day has helped me live a more
    fulfilled life.

  7. Orion Xavier says:

    3:14 Abraham-hicks refers to that as “contrast”. Which I feel is the reason
    we exist as humans. It’s sort of synonymous with “variety” but including
    both negative and positive experiences. Otherwise, we would remain in
    “Heaven”, in eternal contemplation of our perfect being. (Which I was lucky
    enough to experience)

    I think if we don’t step out of our comfort zone, we unconsciously create
    problems or adversity in order to experience “contrast”. For me it usually
    takes the form of self sabotage.

    Patience is probably best experienced by focusing on your presence rather
    than your thoughts. This is what it means to be “present” in the “now”.
    Nature is a great way to experience it.

    I wish I could convey the wonder and energy I felt as a child, through
    “psychic” impressions of people or places. It was like, sensing the essence
    of what people were. Or getting strange emotions from places. Sort of like
    feeling all the emotions of someone’s life without the context of thought
    or visual memory. Just the “psychic” imprint of it in time and space.

    I’ve also had dreams which can only be explained as a past life. Something
    to do with the loss of someone I loved. When I see certain scenes in a
    TV/movie, I’m overwhelmed by sadness and burst into tears. I have to hold
    it back or I feel like I’ll lose my mind. Like seeing someone you love die
    in front of you. The power of it is terrifying..

    But even as strange and interesting all that is, I’m still quite apathetic
    about my own life. Maybe I lived so much before, I just want to rest now
    and feel nothing at all.

    Which makes me think, what if a lot of the quiet and boring people are like
    me and actually have “loved and lost” so much in a previous life, they’re
    just taking it easy now. Lol.

  8. Orion Xavier says:

    I understand “expectations” in life. Jenna Marbles did a video about this
    recently, about our expectations of people. You never know if someone is
    going to be a diamond in the rough, or just a piece of coal. Lol. Acutally
    I take it a step further and say, you can never truly know anyone. *You
    only know what someone means to you.*

  9. Jurassic56 says:

    My philosophy – find something you love and then figure out a way to get
    paid for it, then you’ll never work a day in your life ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Aaron Ramirez says:

    Cool video! Thanks for sending it! โฌ›๏ธโ–ซ๏ธโ–ช๏ธโฌœ๏ธ

  11. ChaoticaExtreme says:

    You brought me here, so listen to what I have to say…

    You are completely opposite to what I think. I exist to help others where I
    can, and putting myself first is often secondary.
    Different people get fulfillment in different ways, and I know what I want.
    I’m as happy as I can possibly be at this time in my life doing what I do.
    Actually, I’m ecstatic to be honest.

    Take care.

  12. Lodewijk Langeweg says:

    If you think Bunchy Jumping is scary, you have a slight idea of how it is
    to appear in this world as a human being. Every morning when you open your
    eyes you have “Bunchy Jumped” from your heavenly blissful state into what
    compared to it is the pits. A letting yourself drop from heaven into hell.

    You did it to remember how infinitely courageous and altruistic your
    Charity is, that you were willing to do that in order to remember this
    while here on earth, and share this knowledge with others.

    For now all you can do is take this into consideration. What it comes down
    to (in religious mystical terms) is that you are God appearing in human
    disguise. And that this goes for everyone. By taking on the human
    experience you gave your very Life for the human you experience being. And
    so did every one else.

    This is what has been called the “Good News” and the “Second Coming”, and
    few still are aware of this. If you can, just let the idea sink in. Sooner
    or later you’ll find out whether this is true or not.

  13. Christina Alverio says:

    Great video! Your very engaging and fun to watch with some great advice! I
    can relate to getting out of balance to become balanced. I would love to
    know where you got your necklace! Take care! ?

  14. Ron Haskell--ELE of AIR says:

    Listening, I love your drive! LOL I would bounce off the walls around you!
    Would you be willing to let me do a numerology report for you? Write me at
    my email, [email protected] I only work with the Month, Day, and Year
    of birth. No time or full name is required. I think you would love what
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  15. Lunavarion says:

    These are some pretty good ideas. One thing I would add is take
    responsibility for or take charge of your life. This could easily go
    hand-in-hand with your first tip. If you watched my videos (the first one,
    I think), you would have heard my account of how I was unhappy with my life
    in the past. I was unhappy with both my job and my environment. What did I
    do? I decided I needed a change, so I changed my situation. That was a
    major difference.

  16. Godskingdomwithin says:

    It appears you’re asking many questions, and finding answers, which is a
    really a cool place too be! You are taking action on what is revealed to
    you, and you are turning other people onto your successes! We are all in
    this together! The road to who we really are, is a road not traversed by
    enough people, because it takes courage and stepping out of our ” comfort
    zone.” A wise man once said, “narrow is the path that leads to salvation,
    and wide is the road that leads to destruction.” I have been struggling to
    own who I really am all my life, and I am finding myself one day, one
    decision, and one action at a time, through the grace of God! Thanks for

  17. clifford faulk says:

    Commit to Sin not.
    Avoid Wickedness.
    Have a good word of a statement as your motto. Affinity An abilified Light
    of Righteousness.

  18. Erchek Sargo says:

    Thanks for asking for an opinion. I would love to see you without the
    makeup! Take care.

  19. Frank Surya Senior says:

    Cool video, You are Awesome too ))

    For me massive action for yourself – take care of yourself
    Spend time in being happy

  20. Anel phoenix says:

    That video is awesome and the advice that you mentioned is something that
    all of us should remind ourselves all the time. Thank you for sending it ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Mandi Steele says:

    I received a comment on a video from you and decided to watch your video. I
    like and agree with everything you said. I may subscribe and watch the
    other videos you have uploaded. Great vid

  22. espen hรฆhre says:

    1 way to make your video better: Mind the sound, it is clipping. And maybe
    the room reverb is kinda wrong, but it is hard to tell cuz the sound level
    is too loud, so some of the quality of the sound is lost. If you have a
    friend with a steady cam you could walk and talk, but I dont know if it is
    a good idea. I would get the sound perfect first, and then start to think
    about the camera things later. Having a second mic, and mixing the sound
    might also work. Sorry to be an asshole. It seems you got better sound on
    your other videos. Here it is too much hard walls, too much room and too
    much volume. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The rest is all good – I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. TheSPEEZY99 says:

    Hey there, thanks for comimg across one of my videos, and you are right,
    i will comment back look here i am on your video!! ? how did you find me i
    like to know how people come across my videos. Also here is a life tip from
    me to your viewers. In this life you live as a human, you only have one
    main job. And that is to live your life to the best version of you that you
    can possibly be. Anything is possible and you can be anybody you want to be
    good or bad. But what ever you do the conqueninces can be rewarding. Just
    love your brothers and sisters as i humans all around you

  24. yohijua says:

    I think you have the right idea. Once you get real deep into sacred
    literatuee like the upanishass and vipassana meditation and other super
    authentic lineages, it sort of tunes your focus out cosmically, i think you
    are heading that way, thanks for the video ๐Ÿ™‚

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