Taking Responsibility For Your Life: A Drug Trafficking Story

Taking Responsibility For Your Life: A Drug Trafficking Story

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Taking responsibility for our actions is one of the most important things we can do in our lives. When we do this, we take our power back. We stop blaming others for our emotional and physical state. No real change and alchemy can take place if we choose to remain victims.

The truth is, we are all going to have people hurt us and let us down; we are going to make mistakes and life is going to throw us some curve balls but it is the last of our power to decide how we are going to react.

In this video, I interview Meili Cady, a convicted felon. At a young age Meili made some bad decisions and ended up in prison for 30 days and house arrest for a year. She talks about how she took responsibility and turned a bad situation into living her dreams. For more info on Meili’s story, see the below links.

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Meili Cady Info:

Rolling Stone Article

House Arrest Girl Blog

17 thoughts on “Taking Responsibility For Your Life: A Drug Trafficking Story

  1. ConfusedGirlLA says:

    How to change your life around by taking responsibility. How becoming a
    felon changed Meili Cady’s life around.

  2. JakesShowcase says:

    Wow, your first guest, and what an real example to take a negative and turn
    it into a positive. While likely unexpected it seems like your friend is
    off to a different and promising career. I love the way you look and smile
    in that camera on a Friday night, you have such a warm presence. The wine
    shows your down to earth nature and here you even make a felony situation
    look good. Jake

  3. Storm Hawk says:

    A friend of mine thought it was a funny idea to point the laser of a laser
    pointer at the cops from my window, 10 minutes later fully armored police
    squad comes trough the door with shields and everything. They thought we
    had an assault rifle and were aiming at them.

  4. Johnny 5 says:

    Before I got kicked off a dating website, a female or catfish informed me
    that if you don’t take responsibility for the issues that you complain
    about, you will never find peace in life.

  5. THE-MED says:

    OMG, I had watch a reenactment of this story on the ID channel awhile back,
    never though I would actually see the girl it happened to. They portrayed
    the girl who set her up as a goody two-shoe rich spoiled girl, I believe
    she’s Asian. Anyway you should have made a longer video with less editing.
    No offense but this video had bad editing. Not a huge deal though.

  6. Orion Xavier says:

    Taking responsibility for your life is the only way to move forward, but it
    is not entirely done by yourself. The world exists through cooperation, not
    solely self determination. You also need to be ready for that
    responsibility. You can’t be forced to accept it, no matter how much your
    survival depends upon it. If you don’t know how to accept that
    responsibility, you won’t be able to successfully live your life; be happy.

    Often in life I’m faced with people and situations that demand that I “do
    whatever it takes” to succeed. That in order to move my life “forward”, to
    better opportunities (for happiness), I must do what I really, really,
    really don’t want to do.

    For example my current situation, being broke and unemployed for about 6
    months. I’ve lived only by the charity of friends and family. It’s true
    that you can’t *wait* for others to help you, to “fix” your life. But it’s
    also true that sometimes we can’t survive without others. Often we’re
    required to do what we really don’t want, in order to survive, in the hope
    that we will have the opportunity to live again. Survival is doing whatever
    it takes to exist, while living is having the *power* to create a reality
    that is in alignment with our desires. And that power is not entirely our
    own, it is found in our cooperation with each other, which defines the very
    nature of success.

  7. Robert Dambeck says:

    I’ve bent and coughed for a prison guard more then I’d like to admit to.
    AVOID it at all costs.

  8. Lorna Idol, Ph.D. says:

    Hello Giovanna,
    I have a new book, Discovering Boundaries: A Private and Personal Exploration that I wrote to share my story and to help others learn to establish healthy and firm personal boundaries. I was wondering if you might be interested in posting an ad on your website for my book? Or, interviewing me on Skype? Or, posting a book trailer of my book?

    The website I posted is the author website for this book, Discovering Boundaries. Here is a little bit about my book:

    Do you ever feel like other people are imposing on you? That other people are effectively bossing you around? That you don’t know what to say or to do to defend yourself, until after an incident is over? Having clear and firm personal boundaries is an effective and healthy way to live life more peacefully and to prevent others from intruding upon our personal spaces.

    Do you knowo f other blogs that might be appropriate for this book?


    • Giovanna says:

      Hi Lorna,

      A skype interview may work. Can you send me a link to your book and a little about you?


  9. TheBitterIntrovert says:

    Seems like the wine was getting to you by the end of the video 😉

    Either way, crazy story.

  10. DENNIS HICKS says:

    Yep, your first thought was the one you should have listened to; that will
    be the voice of higher reasoning that warns us before we screw up. The need
    for money will make people do things they would not do normally. But if you
    get the message from your bad experience; you’ll not be doing that again.
    Never need money bad enough to become someone you don’t want to be. How is
    the acting thing going? Hope well 🙂

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