How To Create A Breakthrough

How many of you are stuck in an unwanted pattern? Keep attracting the same type of relationship? Have the same fights with your family? Have the same dieting issues? Well, welcome to the club of being human and being stuck in your pattern. I have been working through this in my own life. Trying to figure out ways to break out of certain patterns that keep turning up. In this video, I discuss some revolutionary ideas that have helped me break free.

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22 thoughts on “How To Create A Breakthrough

  1. Alex Crespo says:

    Hey confused girl in la, check out my brand new video, I think an awesome
    girl like you would love to see it and I loved your other video and please
    subscribe to my channel

  2. Tomek says:

    Just a heads up that the automated comment you posted on one of my videos
    got automatically categorised as spam..

  3. Orion Xavier says:

    It’s funny how a guy will start receiving a lot of attention/attraction
    from girls when they’re in a relationship. Because they’re no longer being
    that familiar “small self”, instead being a “bigger” person through love.

    I think maybe the unwanted patterns you’re referring to are fear based. I
    can’t help but think of that scene from “After Earth”, “..fear is a choice.
    We’re all telling ourselves a story. And that day my story changed.” When
    you say you’re creating a new possibility, you’re choosing to “change the
    story of your life.”

  4. GamerMeister (Django) says:

    Congrats. You got my view. I dont feel great about this exchange. Any ideas?

    P.S. I watched the entire video.

  5. lorechelle71 says:

    congratulations.i being so awesome watched it and will watch a few more as
    this is something i learned years ago by (The Definition of Insanity)
    but hey i am just a Bird.:)

  6. Temporal Mix Productions says:

    Pro-tip: Make sure your volume level isn’t clipping when you record audio.
    That will make fix that horrible sound for you.

  7. Dominic Buckby says:

    you commented on my good night kiwi video and told me to watch this and i
    think it is awesome

  8. Gregor Tappa says:

    I know that its important to move forward in life, but its just as
    important to go back and evaluate horrible habits or self defeating
    patterns that have slowly, subtly been engrained over the years. If a
    person wants to be honest with themselves and take stock over their issues
    and baggage, they will often find more than they once thought, and its a
    major stepping stone to evolve into a better person with an enhanced
    quality of life.

  9. freak r says:

    Hi, I love your confidence in your video, I really like your happy vibe
    too. The message was amazing, I´ll follow your tip 🙂

  10. latent1234 says:

    I know it as ‘pattern interrupt’. Unfortunately I did not learn anything
    new in this video.

    But maybe that is something to celebrate as well. 😛

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