Female Insecurity

Why do I feel like I’m never enough? Society does a really great job making women believe they are not skinny enough, pretty enough, smart enough, successful enough, happy enough and the list goes on and on. Instead of buying into this and keep this self diminishing cycle going, why don’t we create the possibility of being more than enough exactly the way we are. What if we are already perfect, whole and complete? What then?

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10 thoughts on “Female Insecurity

  1. Regal Ace says:

    Hmm, well you’ve got things covered in the looks department, so I wouldn’t
    worry about that.

  2. alicia tally says:

    Thank you so much for this video!! I can’t tell you how much this helped
    me, You truly are an inspiration! (:

  3. Temporal Mix Productions says:

    Yes, you are perfect exactly how you are. Unless you’re fat. Women need
    to quit being fat.

  4. TheBitterIntrovert says:

    Being a man, I don’t really know why I clicked on this video. You are
    talking to your female audience, but I guess this also works for men too,
    as men are marketed to have money, fancy cars, big dicks and well-toned
    muscular physiques to get women. It’s a shame that society really needs to
    make people feel like shit about themselves to sell products, but the world
    is a twisted, fucked up place!

    From my male perspective on the subject, I agree completely! I don’t care
    if the girl has an average body shape, super-model good looks, has 200
    pairs of designer shoes, handbags or a bedroom full of expensive clothes.
    Give me personality, a caring nature and so on.

    … if there is a couple of physically attractive features, that’s always a
    plus. Haha!

  5. MichaelSerial says:

    We have been subbed to each other for years, and you never age! You just
    get prettier, every year. Yes I have been with some insecure females. I
    love your advice videos!

  6. MichaelSerial says:

    Everything you say in this video, is applicable to both genders. Except for
    the stuff like lip gloss! Lol

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